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Can you come to my party?
南江县实验中学 Mr Xiang


1. take a trip 去旅行=travel 2. the opening of ? ??的开幕式/落成典礼 3. last fall 去年秋天4. go bike riding去骑车 5. look forward to 盼望;期待 6. turn down= refuse 拒绝 Without telling 7. study/prepare for the exam备考 8. at the end of this month 这个月末 9. reply in writing书面回复 10. not ? until 直到???才 11. go to the concert去听音乐会 12. too much homework太多作业 13. have a surprise party for sb.为某人举办一个惊 喜派对14.Would like to do sth. 15. thank you/thanks for (doing) sth因?而感谢 16.Maybe another time=maybe next time 17.Hang out with同??闲逛 how to do that

重点语法 1. what引导的感叹句结构: What+a/an+adj.+可数名词单数(+主语+谓语)! What+adj.+名词复数/不可数名词(+主语+谓语)!2. 询问 星期几、日期 What day is it today? 今天星期几? What’s the date today?今天几号? What’s today? 今天是几号,星期几? --It’s Monday the 14th. 情态动词can ①表示能力,一般指体力、技能等方面的能力,如: Can you play the piano? ②表示请求,允许,意为“可以”,不如May 正式。如Can you come to my party? 学会礼貌地给予答复— 肯定回答:Sure, I’d love / like to;/That sounds good! ;That would be nice, thanks! 否定回答: Sorry, I can’t./I’d love to, but I’m afraid I have no time.


lot many see drink take


plan busy tak e in









with so hear both

1.Can you come to my party? —_____________ A. No, I don’t B. Sure , that’s right C. Sure ,I’d love to D. Quiet well 2. Mum, do I need to bring an umbrella with me?I’m afraid you_________. It’s raining hard. A. will have to B. need C. can D. needn’t 3.He with his mother_____ shopping every Sunday. A. is going B. go C. goes D. is going to 4.This T-shirt is too big .Can you show me _____ one ? A、the other B、other C、another D、others 5.It’s a small party .(改为感叹句) ____ ____small party! 6.May 12th is Tom’s birthday .He us ____ to his birthday party. A、invites B、makes C、tells D、pleases 7.Can you look____ the child ,her mother is ill . A、after B、at C、for D、on 8.She won’t go to sleep___her mother comes back. A .if B. till C.until D. when

假如你的好友邀请你去参加生日聚会,但因为你下周的日 程已经排满,不能前往。请根据提示给她回信婉言谢绝, 并表达你的谢意。

Hi Ann, Thank you for your invition . I am sorry I can't come to your birthday party this week. I am really busy. On Monday, I am going to the movies with my friends. On Tuesday, I am going to visit my aunt. On Wednesday, I have to help my mother. On Thursday, I am going to my sister's birthday party. On Friday, I am going to Ning Bo on vacation with my parents. Please call me after the vacation. Candy


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