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高三英语课件:Unit9 Reading

Revision of Unit 9 Reading


to prevent/stop the spread of the disease meet the challenge 迎接挑战 meet the most fundamental /basic needs 免费的治疗
免费的治疗 满足最基本的需要

free treatment


as our country develops With the development of our country


When problems arise , we must work together to try to solve them . 不懈的努力 constant efforts
上学 失业

attend school lose one’s job be out of job

The new skills will help them with their re-employment 浏览 dip into sth
净化污水 purify dirty water


Who is he?

Alexander Fleming

What did he call the chemical?


The Little Mould That Could

1. It was not until ________ that the importance of Fleming’s discovery was fully recognized. A. World War Ⅰ C. 1928 B. World War Ⅱ D. 1929


2. When did Fleming receive the Nobel Prize with the two other scientists? A. In 1914 C. In 1929

D B. In 1928

D. In 1945

3. From paragraph 4 we can see that Fleming was all the following except ______.


A. confident B. strong-willed C. hard-working D. kind and warm-hearted

Task 2 find the answers to the questions.

1.Why was health care often dangerous and risky? 2. What did a German chemist develop? 3. What did Fleming see when he was washing the jars and lids? 4. Why did Fleming keep trying to develop the chemical? 5. When was the importance of Fleming’s discovery fully recognized?

Task 3.Translate and appreciate the following sentences paying attention to the underlined part.
1.Treatments were neither scientific nor effective, and many patients suffered deadly infections as a result of operation. 2… ..but it was not until after the war that he made his most important discovery. 3. This medical was able to fight mild infection, but it was not strong enough to cure serious infections.


adj.致病的 致病的 adv.死一般的, 死一般的, 死一般的 极度地, 极度地,非常地

e.g. Passive smoking can be deadly too. 被动吸烟也可能致命。 被动吸烟也可能致命。 I’m deadly serious.This isn’t a game! 我是很认真的,这可不是游戏。 我是很认真的,这可不是游戏。

[注]deadly不是 注 不是dead的副词。 的副词。 不是 的副词

在口语中, 意为“ 在口语中,deadly意为“乏味 意为 枯燥的” 的”,“枯燥的”。 The story is pretty deadly. 同义词 fatal 致命的,致死的 致命的, a fatal accident /illness 致命的事故/疾病 致命的事故 疾病

It was not until after the war that he made his most important discovery. (P80) 此句包含了一个强调句型, 此句包含了一个强调句型,其结构 +被强调部分 被强调部分+ 为 “It is / was +被强调部分+ that / who +句子的其他部分”。 +句子的其他部分 句子的其他部分” 这里需要注意的是当强调not... 这里需要注意的是当强调 until结构时,须将 结构时, 结构时 须将not

until一并放在强调部分,后面 一并放在强调部分, 一并放在强调部分 接肯定句式。 接肯定句式。
e.g. It was not until yesterday that I got your letter.

It was not until at that time that I realized what trouble he was in.

4.Fleming continued his search until a fortunate incident led him to a new discovery of even greater significance. 5.One day in 1928,Fleming was clearing up the lab after coming home from a holiday. 6. Despite their lack of 尽管他们对此不感兴趣 interest ,Fleming kept trying to develop the chemical so that it would be safe and effective.

even more greatly significant

? significance n.
? 1.) 重要性 重要 重要性, 重要[U] ? The suggestions they put forward at the meeting were of little significance. ? 2.) 意义, 含义; 意思[U][S] 意义, 含义; 意思[U][S] ? He did not understand the significance of my wink. ? 他没有领会我眨眼的意思。 他没有领会我眨眼的意思。

? of (great) +n=adj.

? ? ? ? ? ?

of (no) use useful (useless) of help helpful of importance significant important significance of value valuable of interest interesting…….. The wine is of high quality. The two girls are of the same age/height/weight/ (size, width, depth, shape…..).

? clear up ? 打扫或 清除干净 ? Who is going to clear up this room? ? 清除(某地或某活动中的)犯罪及 清除(某地或某活动中的) 不道德行为,清理, 不道德行为,清理,整顿 ? The new mayor is determined to clear up the city.

7..He found out which family of moulds it belonged to and decided to call the chemical penicillin.

8.It was not until World War II that the importance of Fleming’s discovery was fully recognized. 9. When asked about the discovery, Fleming said: “One sometimes finds what one is not looking for.”

Important Phrases:

P1 1.治疗疾病 治疗疾病 2.造成感染 造成感染 3.死于感染 3.死于感染

cure diseases cause an infection die from infections

Important Phrases:


1死于感染 die from infections 死于感染 2治疗伤员 treat the wounded 治疗伤员

Important Phrases:

P3 1.导致他有新发现 导致他有新发现 2.清理实验室 清理实验室 3停止生长

lead him to his new discovery clean up the lab
stop growing

Important Phrases:

P4 1.属于 属于 2 尽管不感兴趣

belong to despite their lack of interest

Important Phrases: P5 World War II 1第二次世界大战 第二次世界大战 be fully recognized 2被充分承认 被充分承认 3同疾病作斗争 fight diseases 同疾病作斗争 4获得诺贝尔奖 获得诺贝尔奖 receive the Nobel Prize 5和…一起 和 一起 6询问某人 询问某人… 询问某人

together with ask sb. about sth.


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