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高三英语课件:高三unit8 reading


What is like a bridge That brings together you and me ? What is like an entrance From which we can enter another world ? What is like a train Which can take us to a brigh

t future ?

What is your difficulty in learning English?

Unit 8
Learning a foreign language: Twice As Hard?

Learning a foreign language:

Twice As Hard?
Is learning a foreign language twice as hard as learning our mother tongue?

Skim the text:
Task one: Tell the main idea of the text and of each paragraph

What’s the main idea of this article?
A. Learning a foreign language is twice as hard as learning our mother tongue. B. Learning a foreign language is more important than learning our mother tongue. C. Learning a foreign language is twice as easy if we develop our study skills.

D. In fact, the number of people learning a foreign language has increased with years.

Main idea

Para. 1
Para. 2 Para. 3 Para. 4 Para. 5

Learning a language is more than just memorising words, phrases and structures

Different opinions among experts
differences between learning MT and FL the basic characteristics of successful learners. Why do some students achieve success in language learning? Ways to become successful learners

Para. 6

Two language acquisition theories
Theory 1 We’re born with a language specific part of the brain so that we have a special ability to learn language. Theory 2 We learn language just the same as we learn other skills, that is, we have a general ability to learn language.

Para. 2

difference between learning MT and FL

Mother tongue
Means of learning place opportuniti es Time spent efficiency (效率) acquire by communicating ________
everywhere many all your waking hours

Foreign language
learn through
formal instructions
usually in school few a few hours in a week

less efficient

can be of greater/high _______

Para. 3


What are the characteristics of successful language learners ?
Interested in understanding their own thinking. Curious about the world Willing to take chances Confident in their ability.

Use different ways of learning
Plan and evaluate their studies


How can some students do better in language acquisition?

Willing to take risks and place Themselves in new learning situations. Less anxious and more relaxed

True or false
1. We are still not sure how we learn all the sounds , words , grammar rules and structures. T 2. Language experts agree on that we can learn languages in life, for everyone learns to use a language and has mastered the basics by the age of five. T 3. Because there are few chances to communicate with other speakers of the language, some students think learning a foreign language is difficult. T 4. In fact, the author doesn’t think we spend less time on English study than on Chinese study. F

5. Textbooks, teachers, classmates and study method make us more efficient. T 6. In the writer’s eyes, learning a foreign language is very easy, compared to learning one’s mother tongue. F

7. If we want to succeed in learning a foreign language, we must be qualified with some characteristics, such as curiosity, a strong appetite for the world, confidence and so on. T


Scan the text and try to find the detailed information in the passage.

1.Most children have mastered their mother tongue .

A.at the age of five B. by the age of eight C. before they are five

D. since they were five

2. In fact, we learn English much faster than we may have thought because ________.

A.A lot of people are born with a special
ability to learn a foreign language.

B.English learning always takes place in class.
C.Communicating with people often takes too much time. D.We can get a lot of help and the learning is more efficient.

3. The text tells us that successful language
learners ______. A.spend as many hours studying English as they do their mother tongue. B.always have different plans for their learning C.want very much to become translators and interpreters. D.are usually very impatient in learning a language.

4. Successful language learners do share the following characteristics except A.the ability to memorize the words B. an interest in understanding their own thinking C. willingness to take chances D. confidence in their ability .

5. From the text we can see _______. A.The stronger the motivation is, the more quickly a person will learn a foreign language. B.Interest, curiosity, willingness and confidence are more important than anything else. C.We’ll find it easier to learn English if we can learn something from successful language learners. D.Both B and C.

Evaluate your studies
interest confidence being active planning feeling relaxed/secure learning habits and skills 1. Of the factors, which seems the most difficult for you to achieve, what are the problems and discuss ways to improve it? 2. Of the factors, which factor contributes most to your successful English learning, how does it influence your learning (reasons why it is important), discuss ways to help those who don’t.

? Write tips on learning English in one aspect such as vocabulary, reading, writing, speaking, or listening.

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