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Unit1 Part B

Let’s talk

What activities do you know?
clean my room
…… …… Play basketball go shopping have a music class do exercises play football


Listen and circle.

Why are you shopping today?


My mum worked last night.

Good girl!

I TV and I often often watch ... and play ping-pong ... with with .... my father.

I usually wash my clothes. I usually .... Sometimes Sometimes I I cook .... dinner.

That sounds like a lot of fun(乐趣). That sounds good.

like + 名词 That sounds


/ That sounds ______ That sounds ______ / That sounds ______ like / That sounds ______ like That sounds ______ like That sounds ______ / That sounds ______

nice. good. a great idea. delicious. my sister. a sad story. wonderful.

I often watch TV and play ping-pong with my father.

I usually wash my clothes. Sometimes I cook dinner.

No need. I am helpful.

Read and fill in the blanks
1. On the weekend, Sarah usually washes her clothes . 2. Sarah often watches TV and plays ping-pong with her father.

3. Sometimes Sarah cooks dinner.

? 达标检测 ? 一、选择恰当的单词填空,并读一读。 C ? 1. It’s 7:00 p.m. Let’s eat _____. ? A. breakfast B. lunch C. dinner ? 2. — What do you do on the weekend? B ? — I like music. I often _____ on the weekend. ? A. play football B. play the pipa C. play sports C ? 3. I often ___ my homework ___ 7:00 p.m. ? A. do; in B. does; at C. do; at A ? 4. That’s ____ late! ? A. too B. to C. many B ? 5. I always ____class at 8 o’clock. ? A. get B. start C. do

? 二、选择合适的选项,补全对话。 ? Tom: 1.__________ B ? Jay: I often watch TV and play football. C ? Tom: 2.__________ ? Jay: Yes. What about you? ? Tom: 3.__________ D A ? Jay: 4.__________Let’s play ping-pong together next weekend. ? Tom: OK! ? A: Great! ? B: What do you often do on the weekend? ? C: Do you like playing ping-pong? ? D: Me, too.

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