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Learning Aims
1.To learn something about Human Development Report. 2.To improve the ability of reading & speaking. 3. To call on Ss to help others and cherish our life.

人类发展报告 human development index 人类发展指数

human development report

effort 努力 encourage 鼓励 measure/examine 测定、评估 reduce 减少 increace 增加

Developing and Developed Countries

In developing countries, people have low income, most of them live in poverty. Many people can not afford to go to school. Many diseases can not be cured.

There is not enough food. Many people suffer from hunger and diseases.

Developing countries


Developed countries

We should pay more attention to developing countries.

A meeting about human development

Human Development Report (HDR)

The Human Development Report (HDR)

Finish the main idea
The Human Development Report shows that we are making some progress but that we need to make greater efforts.


? Titles ? the first and last sentences of paragraphs

Match key words with eachparagraph
Para.1 Para.2

Human Development Index
The Human Development Report


Progress & challenges

Para.5 Para.3

Development Goals

Read para2 and finish the table

Human development Index
Top of the list
Number 7 Number13
The other top five countries

Norway the US
the UK

Iceland Sweden Australia the Netherlands



Middle of the list

African countries, Sierra Leone

Bottom of the list

Read para3, try to find and remenber the goals

Reduce poverty and hunger M ake sure that all children have
education up to the age of 11

diseases; I mprove the environment of poor people E ncourage developed countries to give more help to other countries

F ight AIDS and other

Careful reading3:Read para4 ,try to find the information related to the numbers.

China increased life expectancy by 13 years 150 million people have moved out of poverty 80% children go to primary school


Every day 799 million people in developing countries are hungry 115 million children are not being educated 1 billion people don’t drink safe water

How does the author develop this paragraph_______? A A. By giving examples and listing numbers B. By comparing C. By giving definition D. In the order of time

C Which type the passage belongs to?___
A. narration记叙 B. description描写

C. exposition说明 D. argumentation议论

passage structure

The human development report (para1)
Progress & Callenges(para4)

The human development index (para2)

development goals (para3)

What do developed countries need to do? They need to give more financial help.

In the year 2000, 147 world leaders agreed to work reduce together to _______poverty by 2015 or earlier. From this agreement came the ______ ______ _______. Human Development Report The index measures a country’s achievements __________ in expectancy education three ways:Life__________, ________ and income ______.The bottom ten countries are all African ______ countries. One of reduce poverty and the most important goals is to _______ hunger.
progress The report shows that we are making some________, efforts Although but we need to _____ make greater______. developed countries give some financial _______ help, they need to give much more.

How to help them?

As a student, how to help the children in poor areas of China? problems suggestions 1. 2. 3. ...

few school things; few clothes; low grade; limited knowledge; feeling lonely ; ...

Let's do something to help children in the poor areas . As students, we can give away our pocket money, school things, our clothes or toys. We can also donate some books to them in order to open up their eyes to the outside world. We may raise money for charity by collecting used bottles, waste paper or by doing part-time jobs, such as handing out advertisements, selling newspapers and so on. Making pen pals with them will be a better way to help them deal with problems in their study. The more we do, the better our world would be!

? When you enjoy your meal, remember lots of people are hungry; ? When you study, remember lots of children can not; ? When you enjoy yourself, remember lots of people suffer from diseases; ? So let’s give our hand and help them. Then the world will become a better one.

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