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Unit 8 Chinese New Year(Period 4)

? What are you going to do at Chinese New Year? ? Who are you going to visit? ? What are you going to eat? ? What food are you going to make? ? W

hat places are you going to visit? ? What are you going to do on Chinese New Year eve?

eat dumplings fireworks buy a lot of things

red packets have dinner firecrackers and Happy Chinese New Year excited

? Dear Anna: excited about Chinese ? It was nice to get your email.I'm _____ New Year too. buy a lot of things ? My family is going to __________tomorrow.On Chinese New Year Eve, we are going to have dinner ___________with our grandparents.After dinner, we firecrackers and fireworks are going to light some __________. Then, we are going to watch TV together. dumplings ? We are going to eat ______ at 12 o'clock.After that, my sister and I are going to say "Happy Chinese New Year" to my parents and grandparents. They are packets going to give us red _________.

eat dumplings red packets have dinner firecrackers and fireworks Happy Chinese New Year buy a lot of things excited

? On Chinese New Year's Day, we are going to see my uncle and aunt and say Happy Chinese New Year "__________" to them. ? We are going to have a lot of fun. ? Love, ? Su Hai

Paragraph 1 be excited about Paragraph 2 buy a lot of things have dinner with light some firecrackers and fireworks Paragraph 3 eat dumplings say ...to.... give us red packets Paragraph 4 On Chinese New Year's Day

? I have a close friend from America. She is now studying in Nanjing University. She is doing some projects about Chinese New Year. But she doesn’t know much about Chinese New Year. She is very worried. Can you send an email to her to tell her something about Chinese New Year?

? It is nice to get your letter. ? I am writing to you to tell you ... ? I am very glad to ... ? Many thanks for your kind letter.
? Good luck! ? Best wishes! ? Send my love to your... ? I'm looking forward to your letter soon. ? Please give my love to your family. ? I hope to hear from you soon.

Ticking time I can talk about Chinese New Year

Let’s talk!
My Chinese New Year…
Our family ususlly … We often watch/visit/have…

What are you going to do after this class? Ss: I am going to… We are going to…

Let’s learn more!

字母“oo”读音歌 “oo”发[u:]最常见,非重音中要短念。字母“k”前不能长,“好脚站木羊毛”短。 “血”与“水灾”真特殊,“oo”读[Λ]细分辨。“oo”加“r”读作[ ],“poor”读[ ]好可怜。 注:“好脚站木”即:good,foot,stood,wood 第二句也可以是:“d、k之前oo短,“foot”、“food”恰相反。 1.长音:bloom,boot,cool,foot,moon,root,school,soon,too,troop,room,zoo 2.弱读短:classroom,schoolroom,workroom,bedroom,boyhood 3.k前短:book,brook,cook,look,shook,took 4.[ ]:door,floor


1. Write down sth about Chinese New Year . Such as food,clothes or your activities. 2. Find out more words that pronounce /u/or /u:/, and write them down.

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