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Traditional Chinese Painting


Western Painting

7班 何琳

Chinese painting
Emphasizes 'empty' and 'no',performs for 'virtual', in other words,it centers on heart. 强调“空无”,表现为虚,换句话说就是唯心主义 Advocates freehand brushwork,pursues likeness 提倡写意,追求神似

Chinese painting
There is a poetry in a painting and a painting in a poetry. And the ancient Chinese artists always emphasized that:“The painting, the pole" (画 者,文之极也)。The preface and postscript can express or deepen artistic conception of paintings, also can express artists' philosophy and aesthetic conceptions. Philosophy 哲学 easthetic美学的 artistic conception 意境

Western painting
stresses “does” and “has”, performs for “real”, pursues resemble,in contrary ,it centers on entity. 讲究“确”“有”表现为 “实” 追求形似,也就是唯物主义

Western painting
Western paintings actively use all scientific means to achieve “imitaing" nature artistic effects. Both western classical paintings and the early impressionist painting are the use of scientific methods of observation and the ways of expression to reproduce the objective world. imitating 模仿 artistic effects 艺术效果 impressionist 印象派作家 reproduce 再现

Chinese Painting Main object: landscape 山水画 Color: Focus: black and white freehand写意

Western Painting figure 人物 variety reality

Traditional Chinese painting style focus on artistic concept, abstract(抽象)(wash painting).But westen painting is realistic painting(oil painting).

Chinese painting gives priority(优先权) to nature scenery. But western painting gives priority to religion, figure and so on.

Chinese painting’s color using is usually onefold (单一的), Western painting ‘s color using is abundant(丰富的) and bright-colored.

Chinese Painting
composition Line

Western Painting rich complicated

simple simple

As everyone knows,Chinese painting uses Chinese ink and western artists use watercolor、 greasepaint (油彩) to accomplish their painting.

Chinese will paint the subject (body) in detail while western painting’s all are painted in detail.

Chinese painting always combine Painting with calligraphy(书法). And western painting is just painting.



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