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Unit 9 Health care教案

Unit9 Health Care
Integrating skills Reading The Little Mould That Could Teaching aims: I. Broaden students’ vocabulary II. Train the students’ integrating skills, especially reading skills and writing skills. III. Learn about Alexander Fleming and his great contribution to the human’s health. Teaching difficult points: I. Make the students describe Fleming and his great discovery ___ Penicillin. II Find out what characteristics helped Alexander Fleming discover Penicillin. Teaching difficult points: I. Make the students understand how the characteristics of a scientist can help him/ her to be successful II. How to connect reading with writing properly. Teaching methods: Skimming method; Teaching aids: A blackboard; Teaching steps: I. Revision and Lead-in The Chinese government has been making great efforts to fight against poverty and improve health care. At the same time, there are a quite few persons who also make great contributions to health care. Do you know what kinds of person they are? They must be doctors, nurses, chemists, and chemical scientists. For example, in 1928, a young Scottish scientist discovered a chemical that was very effective in curing infections. Do you know who he is? What does he call the chemical? If you want to find out the answers to the questions, please read the passage The Little Mould That Could at Page79. A recorder; Some chalks Scanning method; Introductive method

II. Skimming Please skim the passage to find out the topic sentence of each paragraph or sum up the general idea of it in your own words. Para1. The discovery is a story of hard work and a happy accident. Para2. Fleming invented many new ways to treat the wounded in World War I. Para3. Fleming discovered a mould that could kill bacteria by accident. Para4. Despite other scientists’ lack of interest, Fleming kept trying to develop the chemical so that it would be safe and effective. Para5. The importance of Fleming’s discovery wasn’t fully recognized until World War II.. General idea: This passage tells us how penicillin was discovered. The discovery of it not only take hard work but also needs many good characteristics of a scientist, such as devotion to duty, full of confidence and so on. III. Scanning Please scan the passage to answer the questions. 1. What type of writing literary form does it belong to? 2. What do you pay attention to when you read it? This is a narration. When we read a narration, we should six elements of a narration: Who, when, where, what, why and how. 3. Please find out the six elements of the passage. Who: When:

Alexander Fleming in 1928 In his lab, London Penicillin

Where: What:

The Little Mould That Could


a small cut could kill the patient. In the early 1900s: used a chemical treatment in

his clinic In World War I: invented many new ways to treat

the wounded After the war: chemical

began searching for the

One day in 1928:

discovered the chemical by accident in his lab

At that time:

other scientists showed no interest

Until World war II:

The importance of penicillin was fully recognized

In 1945:

Fleming was rewarded Nobel Prize for his great discovery

IV. Discussion and Further Comprehension Please think about what characteristics of a successful scientist are. How are the words and phrases related to each other?
devotion to duty, full of confidence, carefulness, perseverance sacrifice, aggressive, intelligence, sense of responsibility, sympathy observation, interest, willingness

V. Cloze This is the general idea of this passage , at the same time, it also tells us how the words and phrases in the box above are related to each other. Please fill in the blanks with the words and phrases, using their proper forms. The Little Mould That Could For a long time, even small infections would kill patients’ lives. However, a little m changed the terrible condition. The discovery was a story of hard work and

a happy accident. In the early 1900s, a young doctor in London, Alexander Fleming, began using a chemical treatment to treat an incurable disease. During World War I, Fleming was a to invent many new ways of treating the wounded, it’s a pity that he . Because of d , after the war, he had an i

didn’t discover a chemical which he thought could cure i to duty, his s for patients and sense of r

and great w

to search for the chemical. One day, washing the glass

containers used for growing bacteria, he found a mould was growing and that the bacteria around the mould had died and stopped growing. The a was the chemical which he had been looking for. Clearly, Fleming’s i great p and careful o discovery ,

led him to make the significant

discovery—Penicillin. Virtually, the happy accident was based on lots of s . Fleming was awarded Noble Prize for his great discovery in 1945.

Answers to Cloze: mould, interest, sacrifice VI. Practice 1. Original sentence: Treatments were neither scientific nor effective,….. Neither… nor… 连接两个并列的成分 1). 他们两个既不是朋友又不是兄弟。 2). 他既不会读又不会写。 3). 他不喜欢学习也不喜欢工作。 4). 他们工作既不是为名,也不是为个人所得。 5). 我们和他都不想去。 2. as a result of 由于……结果 as a result result in result from 结果,因此 致使;导致 因…..引起;起因于 aggressive, willingness, infections, accidental, devotion, sympathy, responsibility, observation.



1). 由于他的艰苦劳动,他获得了奖学金。 2). 她昨天生病了,因此,她没有去学校。 3). 疾病常常是因贫穷引起的。 4). 我确信政府阻止爱滋病的努力会取得的成功的。 3. Original sentence: It was not until World War II that the importance of Fleming’s discovery was fully recognized.

陈述句结构: is /was + 被强调部分+ that/who+句子的剩余部分. It 强调句型:一般疑问句:Is/Was + 被强调部分 + that/who + 句子的剩余部 分? 特殊疑问句:疑问词(What/ Where/…)+is/was+ that/who+句子的 剩余部分?

高考链接: 1). It wasn’t until a month later _____ I received the manager’s reply.(2005 全国) A. where B. how C. what D. that

2). I have always been honest and straightforward, and it doesn’t matter ____ that I’m talking to. A. who is it B. who it is C. it is who D. it is whom

4. When Fleming returned from the war, he began searching for the chemical which he believed could treat infections. 高考链接: 1). The shopkeeper did not want to sell for ____ he thought was not enough. A. where B. how C. what D. which (2005 山东)

2) Do you have any idea ____ is actually going on in the classroom? (2005 青岛模拟) A. that B. what C. as D. which

3).They also hoped to find a new continent _____ they thought existed in the Indian or Pacific Ocean. A. which B. where C. what (2006 上海) D. whether

Answers to Practice: 1. 1). They are neither friends nor brothers. 2). He neither reads nor writes. 3). He likes neither learning nor working. 4). They work neither for fame nor for personal gain. 5). Neither we nor he wants to go there./ Neither he nor we want to go there. 2. 1). She won the scholarship as a result of hard work.

2). She was ill yesterday. As a result, he didn’t go to school. 3). Illness often results from poverty. 4). I’m sure the government’s efforts to stop the spread of AIDS will result in success. 3. 1). D 4 VII. Writing 1) C 2) B 2) B 3)A

Now imagine that you are Alexander Fleming. You have just discovered penicillin and you are very excited about the new chemical. Write a letter to a famous medical journal to tell about your discovery. Tell them what you have discovered and what it can be used for. You may use the information in the box to write a letter. Penicillin
Is a natural mould that is easy to grow and use Will make hospitals safer Can cure infections Kill bacteria Can be used to treat diseases

Sample writing: Up to now, people are still suffering from the incurable infections. However, such these days ends because a natural mould has been discovered, that is penicillin.

The discovery was a matter of luck really. One day, when I was washing the glass containers for growing bacteria, I found a mould was growing in one of jars and the bacteria around the mould had died and stopped growing. I realized it was the chemical which could treat infections, and I called it penicillin. After that, I made experiments to make it work better. Penicillin has many strengths. First of all, it is a natural mould that is easy to grow. What’s more, it can cure infections by killing bacteria, so it can be used to treat diseases. If we put penicillin to use, our hospitals will be safer and our treatments more effective, reducing the pain of patients in hospitals. The people all over the world will benefit from it greatly I hope you can help introduce penicillin to the public. As the chemical is more widely used, patients will get a better treatment, people will live more happily. Our world will be more harmonious. VIII. Homework 1. Please write a short passage to describe the discovery of penicillin in

Fleming’s voice. 2. Please read the passage Angels In White at Page213 and finish the exercises to match with it.


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Unit9 Health Care
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