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PEP英语三年级unit4A Unit2 My Schoolbag P6

LESSON PLAN PEP 4A Unit2 My Schoolbag


Unit 2 My Schoolbag

Duration Story time


Teaching material:Part B Read and write

Analysis of teaching material: This lesson is the third period of Part B in Unit 2 My Schoolbag from PEP4 A. It talks about three four skilled words and four four skilled letters as well as a interesting story. From this lesson, the Ss can listen, speak, read and write pencil-case, ruler, book, Oo, Pp, Qq, and Rr and can listen and speak those words with these four letters. They can also act out the story. Besides the story, this lesson is a little boring to the Ss. So it’s very important for T to create various games and context to attract and stimulate the Ss. Analysis of learning condition: This is the second unit of this term and Ss have already learned part of the letters and they also have begun to learn how to write words. Therefore, it won’t very difficult for the Ss to accept these abstract things. The students in Grade 4 are both mentally and physically active. They are eager to show and express themselves and gain the praise from the teacher. In addition, they like playing games. And they have learned English for one year already, so it will not be difficult to understand teacher’s instructions and do the action. Teaching aims: 1. Language knowledge and skills 1)The Ss are able to listen, speak ,read and write book,ruler,pencil-case, Oo, Pp, Qq, Rr 2)The Ss are able to listen, speak OK,open,pencil-case,squirrel, queue,quiet,rabbit, ruler,rice, pen and pencil. 3) The Ss are able to act out the story after the class. 4) The Ss know the basic pronunciation of Oo, Pp and Rr and can apply the rules to those unfamiliar words. 2. Learning strategy Through individual learning and cooperative working, the students are able to participate, experience and compete in the activities. They can also learn through pictures and games to help memorize the language knowledge . 3. Affect 1) Through the story, the Ss are taught to put away their schoolbag before they go to bed. Main points: 1) Helping Ss master the writing of book,ruler,pencil-case, Oo, Pp, Qq, Rr. 2) Helping Ss grasp the pronunciation of OK, open, pencil-case, squirrel, queue, quiet, rabbit, ruler,rice, pen and pencil. 3) Helping Ss understand the story and act it out. Difficult points: 1) The writing of I book,ruler,pencil-case 2) The pronunciation of squirrel, quiet 3) The understanding and the acting of the story Teaching aids: CAI ︱ word cards︱letter cards


Ss--students G---group

+1--gain one score

LESSON PLAN PEP 4A Unit2 My Schoolbag

Homework: 1) Copy pencil-case, book, ruler, Oo, Pp, Qq, Rr. 2) Three people a group, act out the story. Blackboard design Unit 2 My Schoolbag



coke, open, OK


pen, pencil, pemcil-case

Qq Rr Teaching procedure: Procedure Step1 warming-up and revision (4mins) T’s activity

squirrel, queue, quiet rabbit, ruler, rice

Ss’ activity

Intention 1. The ABC song and the game can attract Ss’ interests and get them ready for the coming lesson.

1 warming up(2mins) T: Let’s enjoy the ABC song. (play the video) T: Let’s sing together (play the video) 2 revision(2mins) T: Yes, we can say from A to Z, Now let’s play a game. (analyze the rules)(show an example) clear? T: (take out a letter card and put it on the head)(the other letters will be treated like the same ) 1 book T: (write down “b”) What’s this? T: Right! Follow me, b b b/b/ /b/ /b/ T: (write down “k”) What’s this? T: Good! Follow me, k k k /k/ /k/ /k/ T: (plus “oo” between “b” and “k”) Who can read it? T: Follow me, book, book, b-o-o-k, book T: (pick up one S) How many books do you have? T: What are they? T: What’s your favorite book? 2 letter “Pp” and the words with it (1) pencil-case T: My favorite book is English book.
+1--gain one score

Ss: listen Ss: sing the song

Ss: Clear! Ss: play the game

step2 presentation and practice(20 mins)

Ss: It’s b. Ss: b b b/b/ /b/ /b/ Ss: It’s k. Ss: k k k /k/ /k/ /k/ S(1-n): book Ss: book, book, b-o-o-k, book S: I have ______. S:____________. S: My favorite book is ___.

1. Phonics is very useful and important for the beginners to learn how to pronounce the words. 2. Practice is essential to build up sound foundation for the following study.


Ss--students G---group

LESSON PLAN PEP 4A Unit2 My Schoolbag

Where is my book? (pretend to look for the book) T: Oh! It’s here. Thank you! (shake the bag) What’s in it? Can you guess? T: (take out the pencil-case) It’s a pencil-case! Who is right? T: You are so clever! Follow me, pencil-case, pencil-case. T: How to spell it? T: Good. Pen /pen/ cil /sl/ case /keis/(divide it into three syllables) pencil-case. Follow me, pen-cil-case, pencil-case(gesture) T: Boys. T: Girls. (2) pen and pencil T: Do you have a pencil-case? T: I have a pencil-case, too. (open the pencil-case) What’s in it? T: (take out the pen and pencil) Right! A pen and a pencil. How to spell “pen”? T: What about “pencil” (3) find out the rule T: There is a rule among these words. Who can find it? You try. T: Very good. P P P /p/ //p/ /p/ (read to write) T: Follow me, a pen and a pencil in the pencil-case.(put the pen and the pencil in the pencil-case) 3 letter “ Rr” and the words with it (1) ruler There is a pen and a pencil in the pencil-case. And there is a ruler in it, too. Follow me, ruler, ruler. T: U U /u:/ (read to write) T: er /?/ (read to write) T: ru-ler(read to write) T: I have a ruler. Do you have a ruler? (2) rabbit T: This is my ruler. This ruler is for my friend. My friend is small. It has long ears
T--teacher Ss--students G---group +1--gain one score

Ss: It’s in your bag! S(1-n): ________. 3. Games can help Ss focus on the learning process and memorize the words better. 4. Consolidation in time is necessary to learn a language well.

Ss: ___________. Ss: pencil-case, pencil-case. Ss: p-e-n-c-i-l-c-a-s-e Ss: pen-cil-case, pencil-case(gesture) Boys: pencil-case Girls: pencil-case Ss: I have a pencil-case. Ss: A pen and a pencil Ss: p-e-n. (write it down) Ss: p-e-n-c-i-l (write it down) S: ________. Ss: P P P /p/ /p/ /p/ Ss: a pen and a pencil in the pencil-case

Ss: ruler, ruler. Ss: U U /u:/ Ss: er /?/ Ss: ru-ler Ss: Yes. I have a ruler.

Ss: Rabbit.

LESSON PLAN PEP 4A Unit2 My Schoolbag

and a shout tail. (gesture) Who is my friend? T: Yes, it’s a rabbit. (present a rabbit) R R R /r/ /r/ /r/ (read to write) T: rabbit(read to write) T: rabbit (3)rice T: The rabbit is hungry. (present “ I’m hungry”) Let’s ask him: rabbit, rabbit, what do you like? OK? T&Ss: Rabbit, rabbit, what do you like? T: (present rice) He likes rice! R R R /r/ /r/ /r/(read to write) T: rice. (read to write) T: you try. T: R R R /r/ /r/ /r/(read to write) T: Follow me, the rabbit has a ruler, he likes eating rice.(present the sentence ) T: Again.

Ss: R R R /r/ /r/ /r Ss: rabbit Ss: rabbit

Ss: OK! T&Ss: Rabbit, rabbit, what do you like? Ss: R R R /r/ /r/ /r/ Ss: rice. S(1-n): rice. Ss: R R R /r/ /r/ /r/ Ss: the rabbit has a ruler, he likes eating rice. Ss: the rabbit has a ruler, he likes eating rice.

4 letter “Oo” and the words begin with it (1) coke T: The rabbit likes rice. Do you like rice? T: I like rice. It makes me strong(gesture) But now I’m thirsty. Guess what do I like? T: (present coke) I like coke! It’s cool. Follow me, O O /??/ (read to write) T: coke(read to write) T: I like coke. T: OK. Let’s open the coke and drink it, OK? (2) open T: open, open (read to write) (3)O and OK T: O O /??/ (read to write) T: OK? OK! (read to write) T: I say you do and say, OK? T: open your pencil-case
T--teacher Ss--students G---group +1--gain one score

Ss: Yes, I do. / No, I don’t. S(1-n): _______. Ss: O O /??/ Ss: coke Ss: I like coke. Ss: OK!(act it out) Ss: open, open Ss: O O /??/ Ss: OK? OK! Ss: OK! Ss: do and say.

LESSON PLAN PEP 4A Unit2 My Schoolbag

(open your book, open the coke are the same) 5 letter “Qq” and the words withit (1) Q T: (write down “O”) What’s this? T: (plus “、”)What about now? T: Right. It’s Q. (read to write) Q Q T: Can you say some words with “q”? (2)squirrel T: Good. Look! (present a squirrel) It’s a _____(guide Ss to say the word) T: You’re right. It’s a squirrel. Squi /skwi/ rrel /r?l/ (read to write) Follow me, squirrel, squirrel. T: Boys T: Girls T: You two (3) queue T: Look! These squirrels stand in a line. (present ) It’s a ______(guide Ss to say)(read to write)Follow me. queue, queue. T: You try. T: queue, queue. (4)quiet T: These squirrels stand in a line. They are very____(guide Ss to say)(read to write) Follow me, ie /ai? / T: quiet T: You try T: quiet, quiet 6 listen and repeat T: Now be quiet! Turn to page 21, listen and repeat.(play the tape) 7 game T: Now let’s play a game. (analyze the rules). Clear? T: Who wants to try? T; OK, you three please.

Ss: It’s O. Ss: It’s Q. Ss: Q Q. S(1-n): ________.

Ss: squirrel

Ss: squirrel, squirrel.

Boys: squirrel. Girls: squirrel. S(1-n): squirrel.

Ss: queue Ss: queue, queue. S(1-n): queue. Ss: queue, queue.

Ss: quiet. Ss: ie /ai? / Ss: quiet S(1-n): quiet Ss: quiet, quiet. Ss: Listen repeat. and

Ss: Clear! Ss: play the game (about 4 groups)


Ss--students G---group

+1--gain one score

LESSON PLAN PEP 4A Unit2 My Schoolbag

step3 story time (15mins)

T: (present Zoom)Who is he?(Zoom’s mother and teacher are the same) T: A story happens among them. Now listen, and answer “What’s in Zoom’ schoolbag? (present the question) (play the tape) T: What’s in Zoom’s schoolbag? You try. T: Listen again. Let’s check who is right. (play the tape)(while listen, check the answer and analyze the difficult points) T: OK. Now I’m Zoom’s teacher. Boys are Zoom, girls are his mother. Ready? 1 copy pencil-case, book, ruler, Oo, Pp, Qq, Rr. 2 three people a group, act out the story.

.Ss:He’s Zoom/Zoom’s Mom/Zoom’s teacher. Ss: Listen S(1-n): __________. Ss: repeat sentence by sentence (take notes when necessary) Ss: do role play.

1.Pair wok can examine whether Ss have mastered the language knowledge and skills. It's significant for the following teaching and learning.

Step4 homework(1 min)

1. Home work in the written form is easier for Ss to remember than that in the oral form.


Ss--students G---group

+1--gain one score


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