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Unit 1 School life

School life in the UK


Reading strategy


What is your dream

school life like?

Beautiful school campus with modern school facilities.

Providing selective courses (drop some of the subjects that you do not prefer). A great variety of school activities involved. More free style is welcomed with fewer rules and regulations.

Higher requirement of students academic ability, relatively higher burden. Being at ease with teachers. Offering more chances of connecting society, concentrating on the form of life abilities. Sincere friends and classmates whenever you can turn to.

Read the Reading strategy on page 3 and answer two questions below: 1. Why do we skim a text? How do we do it? 2. Why do we scan a text? How do we do it?

How to get a general idea? Read the text “ School life in the UK” quickly and answer the following questions. 1.What did Wei Hua think of her life in UK? She thought it was a very enjoyable and exciting experience.

2. What subjects did Wei Hua study in the past year? English, History, English literature, Computer Science, Maths, Science, P.E., Art, Cooking and French. 3. Which British city did Wei Hua go to?


Topics mentioned in the text:

√ √ students □teachers □ √ √ subjects □ friends □ √ √ grades □ homework □ □ festivals □ timetable □ activities □ host family √ √ □ food □ hobbies √ √ □ school rules □school hours √ □school assembly √ □Art class

We skim a text when we want to get a general idea of what it is about. We focus on the title, the first and last sentences of each paragraph.

Read the sentences below and decide which ones are true and which ones are false according to the article you have just read.
1. Wei Hua’s favorite teacher was Mr. Heywood. Miss Burke


2. Most British classes have fewer than T 3. Wei Hua had more homework in her school in China. T F 4. It was very expensive for Wei Hua to free thirty students.

communicate with her parents.

5. In the UK, students can choose to stop studying some any subject. F 6. The cake made by Wei Hua did not taste good. F

to get certain information
We scan the text when we want to find certain information in a text quickly. We focus on: key words and phrases dates, numbers.

1. According to the headmaster, what

should the students spend much time on?
They should devote themselves to study. 2. Why was it a struggle for Wei Hua to remember the names of her classmates? Because there were different students in some classes.

3. Why did Wei Hua find her homework difficult at first?

Because all the homework was in English. 4. Who gave Wei Hua a lot of support in her studies? The teachers gave her much encouragement.

5. How did Wei Hua manage to improve her English? She used English everyday and spent an hour each day reading English books in the library. 6. What do the British like eating at the end of dinner? Dessert.

Read the text again and choose the best answers to the questions below.

1. Which of the statements is true? A. What the headmaster told them sounded

like what she used to hear in China.
B. She used to get up at 8 am. in China.

C. She was such a good cook that she
liked cooking British food.

D. She didn’t like History or Art, so she
chose cooking.

2. What is the main idea of the passage? A. Her English improved a lot as she used English every day. B. School life in the UK is busy and bitter. C. She had a wonderful experience in a British school. D. She was happy with the British school hours.

3. Which of the following has the closest meaning to “I could send e-mails to my family and friends back home for free”? A. I could e-mail my family and friends back home without paying money. B. I could e-mail my family and friends back home freely. C. I could e-mail my family and friends in my free time. D. I could be free to e-mail my family and friends back home.

4. The writer’s purpose of writing the passage is to ______. A. tell us that she doesn’t like school life in Britain B. excite more students to study abroad C. improve her English D. introduce her exciting and happy school life in Britain

5. The writer felt lucky because _______. A. she could get up an hour later than usual B. the headmaster told them to earn respect by working hard and achieving high grades C. she had been given a golden opportunity to study in Britain and met helpful and friendly teachers and students D. she improved her English

General ideas
Parts Paragraphs Part 1 Para. 1 Part 2 Paras. 2-7 Part 3 Para. 8 Main idea
Wei Hua’s feeling about staying in a British high school for one years Different aspects of school life in the UK Wei Hua’s hope

D Find these new words in the article and match the words with the correct definitions.



enjoyable giving pleasure earn devote get something because you have done something good give most of your time and

energy to something


usual or common way that tests your ability

challenging difficult in an interesting


more than usual

satisfaction the good feeling you have
when you get what you want

E Complete the letter to Wei Hua. Answers : experienced fond 1.___________ 2.___________ Literature 3.___________ 4.___________ dessert struggle respect 5.___________ 6.___________ encouragement 7.________________

Work in pairs.
1. Should students study more languages? 2. What subjects would you like to take if you could choose? Why?

Nowadays, more and more young students are going abroad to study. What effects will the new school life have on them?

1. widen their view 2. improve their English 3. learn to be independent and cooperate with others 4. learn about foreign customs and culture 5. let the foreigners learn about China and attract them to invest in China 6. learn advanced technology

1. cost of money and cause a heavy burden to their parents 2. feel homesick 3. form bad habits 4. stay in a foreign country and refuse to come back

Read the text carefully again and try to find out the language points.

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