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《Unit 11 Cooking with Mocky》教学设计2-优质公开课-北师大一起5下精品

Unit 11 Cooking with Mocky 教学设计 2 一、教学目标: 技能目标: 1.能理解本课的故事,回答老师的提问,并能自己针对课文提问。 2.能够理解本课出现的表示步骤的单词,并且能运用这些单词简单的描述一下本课所学的故 事。 知识目标: 1.词汇:能够初步听、说认读以下单词 recipe flour milk sugar butter egg blow break add 能够使用以下单词 first second then after that finally 2.句型:First, …Second, …Then, …After that, …Finally, … 3.语法:能够较为熟练的运用一般过去时态。 情感态度目标: 能通过 Ken 等做蛋糕的故事让学生了解做蛋糕的步骤,丰富学生的生活常识,让他们在生 活中乐于观察,勤于动手,并且激发他们的生活热情。 二、教学过程 greeting 1.warm up (free talk) T: Today is sunny, I want to go to a park, and eat some delicious foods. Boys and girls, what about you? What do you want to do? S: I want to …. S: I want to have a birthday cake. T: Oh, really? When is your birthday? S’: Today is my birthday. T: What a pity. We didn’t prepare a gift for you, but we can make a cake for you. Look, this is a recipe. To follow this recipe we can make a cake. Elicit the word recipe. 2.set the scene (1)Let a child to read the recipe. And first, show the children that what we need today, show the flour, butter, milk, egg, sugar. (2)Let the child to read the recipe. T: Now, read the first step for me, please. The teacher write down the first step on the board. S: Put three kilograms of flour into a bowl. Use the flour and a bowl let the children to understand these two words. (3)Use the same procedure to elicit the other words: add, butter, milk, sugar, egg, break and other steps. (4)T: 12eggs and 2 kilograms of sugar? That’s a lot! Let the child to show us the recipe. T: Oh, that’s not the recipe. You are kidding! (5)S


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