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2017 年六年级上册英语期末测试卷(湘少版)
姓名:____________班级____________得分______________ 一、听录音,选出听到句子中出现的单词。(6 分) ( )1、A.blouse B.bean C.bring D.bright ( )2、A. feel B.field C. fever D.film ( )3、A.sent B.send C.seed D.save ( )4、A.make B.wave C.weak D.wait ( )5、A. play B.present C.picnic D.plan ( )6、A.clear B.clay C.clean D.candy 二、听录音,选出听到的句子。(10 分) ( )7.A.I like the mooncakes with red beans. B.I like the mooncakes with nuts. ( )8.A.He can jump high. B.He can jump higher than Peter. ( )9.A.We should keep the river clean. B.We should keep the house clean. ( )10.A.She buy a lot of things for Christmas. B.She buy a lot of food for Christmas. ( )11.A.There are many fruits in the shop. B.There are many candies in the shop. 三、听录音,选择正确的答语。(10 分) ( )16.A.It’s 5 yuan. B.They are 5 yuan. C.There are 5 books. ( )17.A.I am going to sing a song. B.I am going to go to the park. C.He is going to go to the park. ( )18.A.She is wrong. B.She has a fever. C.She is reading. ( )19.A.He can play football. B.He does sports. C.He likes football.

)20.A. OK.

B .You’re welcome.

C.That’s OK.

笔试部分(70 分)
一、 根据中文提示,选出最佳选项将下列单词补充完整。(6 分) ( )26、conc_ _t(音乐会) A. ur B.er C. ar ( )27、f_ _ecast(预报) A. ir B.ro C. or ( )28、gr_ _ting(问候) A. ee B.ea C. ia ( )29、h_ lid_y(假期) A. o ; a B.a ; a C. u ; a ( )30、em_ _l(电子邮件) A. ei B.ai C. ea ( )31、hea_ _che(头痛) A. de B.dk C.da 二、单项选择,从所给的答案中选出最恰当的一个。(10 分) ( )32、She go to school yesterday. A.didn’t B.doesn’t C.isn’t ( )33、He usually at 7:00 a.m. A.get up B.gets up C.getting up ( ( ( ( ( ( ( ( )34、It will be sunny A.and B.or cool. C.with

)35、I want chocolate. A.a B.a bar C.a bar of )36、Katie returns________home at 5:00 p.m. A.to B.for C.\ )37、Peter’s father bought _______a computer for ________birthday. A.him,he B.he,his C.him,his )38、My singing is louder than __________. A.you B.your C.yours )39、 They go _________ to buy present. A.shop B. shopping C. shops )40、 You’re growing ____________,but you’re not very strong. A.quick B. quickly C. quicks )41、Mary is not as _________as Anne.


B. stronger

C. strongest

( ( (

) 59、想知道对方年龄,应该问____________________ A.How old are you? B.How are you? C.How do you do? ) 60、“我们需要水”的表达方式是____________________ A.We have water. B.We use water. C.We need water. ) 61、祝福别人”圣诞快乐”,你可以说____________________ A.Happy New year! B.Merry Christmas! C.Thank you!

三、读下列句子,找出其相应的答语(填选项)。(4 分) ( )42.How much is a box of mooncakes? A.That’s a good idea. ( )43.What are you doing? B.It’s 30 yuan. ( )44.Shall we go to a cinema? C.Yes,you can. ( )45.Can I read a book? D.I am reading. 四、按要求完成下列各题。(8 分) 46.write(过去式)_____________ 47.have(单三形式)_____________ 48.let’s(完全形式)______________ 49.one(序数词)_____________ 50.short(最高级)_______________ 51.Tom(所有格)_____________ 52. tall(比较级)____________ 53.big(比较级)________________ 53. 五、连词成句,注意字母大小写。(10 分) 52.wrong you What’s with (.) _______________________________________________________________ 53.bigger third It’s than one the (.) _______________________________________________________________ 54.clean fresh We should the air and keep (.) _______________________________________________________________ 55.one Which you do like (?) _______________________________________________________________ 56.are we swim going When to (?) _______________________________________________________________ 六、 情景交际,选择最佳答案。(10 分) ( ) 57、见到客人站着,你应该说____________________ A.Sit down ,please. B.How are you? C.I’m fine,too. ( ) 58、当你想告诉别人你喜欢你的电脑时,你可以说_________________ A.I like your computer. B.I like my computer. C.You like your computer.

七、英汉互译(11 分) 1、泡茶 2、分发___________3、购物 4、对....有好处___________5、下棋_____________6、用英语______________ 7、散步____________8、have a picnic 9、have a look 10、购物中心 11、keep air clean and fresh 八、阅读短文,选出最佳选项。(10 分) Emma has two dogs.One is very big and the other is very small.She likes them very much.One day,Jane,a friend of hers,came to see her.She saw two holes in the door,a larger one and a small one.She said to Emma,“My dear friend,why are there two holes in your door?” “Let the dogs in and out.”Emma answered. “But why are there two holes?Isn’t one hole enough?”Her friend asked. “How can the big dog go through the small hole? ”Emma said. ( )66.Emma has_______dogs. A.one B.two C.there ( )67.---Does Emma like her two dogs? ---______________ A.Yes,she does. B.No,she doesn’t. C.We don’t know. ( )68.There are two holes___________. A.on the bed B.in the door C.on the chair ()69.---Can the small dog go though the big hole? ---___________ A.Yes,it can. B.No, it can’t. C.Yes, it can’t. ( )70.---Who is foolish? ---________________________.


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