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Unit 3

Learning Aims
1.能正确默写本单元重点单词,短语 以及句子;
2.复习巩固本单元所学句型; 3.能正确完成相关练习题。

Review the words and the phrases we have learnt.

be talented in … 在… 方面有天赋 the same as … 和… 相同

make sb do sth 使/让某人做某事 singing competition 唱歌比赛

bring out 使显现,使表现出
as long as 只要

a good listener 一个好的倾听者
be good at…方面做得好 擅长,在

in fact 事实上,实际上
be different 与… 不同 from

be similar to 与… 相像的
care about 关心,在乎

good→ better → best

bad →


→ worst


many → more → most → less

不规则变化, 要多加注意哦!

well→ better →
much→ more→ far→ farther→

best most farthest

badly→ worse→ worst

1.slowly-more slowly-most slowly

2.tired – more tired – most tired
3.often-more often- most often

4.pleased – more pleased – most pleased
5.serious-more serious-most serious

6.famous-more famous-most famous

1. A比B更…, 比较级+than You are shorter than Tom. 2. 两者中较…的:the+比较级+of the two。 He is the fatter of the two. 3. 越来越…:比较级+and+比较级 The earth is getting warmer and warmer. 4. 越…,就越…: the+比较级(主谓),the+比较级(主谓) The more we get together, the happier we’ll be.

5. 两者间进行选择,“哪一个更…”: Which/Who is +比较级,A or B? Which is more popular, cola or ice cream? 6. 比较级前可用程度副词修饰。 两多(much, a lot) 两少(a little, a bit) 两甚至(even, still) 还有一个远(far)去了 I can’t reach my hat in that tree, who can help me? I can. Because I’m much taller than you.

Follow ups(随堂练习)
1、---Mr. Zhou, all of the students in our group, who lives ____? ---I think Li Lei does. A. fat B. father C. farthest 2、The Changjiang River is ____ than any other river in China. A. shorter B. longer C. shortest D. longest 3、Bob never dose his homework ____ Mary. He makes lots of mistakes. A. so careful B. as carefully as C. carefully as D. as careful as 4、____ she is, ____ she feels. A. The more busy, the more happy B. The busy, the happy C. Busier, happier D. The busier, the happier

5、The weather is getting w____ orse a__ nd w____ orse .(越来越糟糕)

1.Which do you like ______(well),apples or oranges? better 2.Who is ______(old),Jim or Tom ? older 3.Jack is running _____ . faster and ______(fast) faster more 4.Our country is becoming ______and more beautiful (beautiful). ___________ 5.He is ________(tall) of the the two boys. the taller

单项选择 1. -Let’s buy some cards for our teachers on Teachers’ Day. -Why not make some by hand? It’s much___. A. interesting B. more interesting C. the most interesting 2. -What a hot day! -The weather report says it will be even ___ tomorrow. A. cooler B. hot C. hotter

3.-Remember this, John. ___ careful you are, ____ mistakes you will take. -Thanks, Miss Rose. A. The more; the less B. The more; the fewer C. The less; the fewer 4.This blue bike is too expensive. Could you show me a ____ one? A. cheap B. cheaper C. better 5.It is ____ to teach a kid the way to solve a problem than tell him the solution directly(直 接地). A. helpful B. more helpful C. the most helpful

? 6.This reading is not ____ that one. A. as easier as B. so easy than C. as easy as ? 7.Who is _____, Ann or Mary? A. thinnest B. thin C. thinner ? 8.The girl is becoming ______. A. more beautiful and more beautiful B. much beautiful C. more and more beautiful ? 9.Ann is _____ of the two. A. taller B. tallest C. the taller

10. It has the ________ clothing store in town. A. goodest B. gooddest C. best D. better 11. This clothing store is ____ than that one. A. bad B. worse C. the worst D. worst 12. This book is ____ of all. A. cheapest B. cheap C. cheaper D. the cheapest
13. This is one of ____ films of this year. A. more exciting B. exciting C. the most exciting D. most exciting. 14. This watch is ____ than that one. A. much expensive B. expensiver C. more expensiver D. much more expensive

Find out the mistakes in the sentences below. 1. All of us felt happily happy at her birthday party. 2. I am much more older than Harry. yours. 3. Her coat is newer than you. that 4. The weather in Beijing is colder than in ∧ Xiamen.

tallest 5. Sue is one of the tall girls in her class.
 ̄ ̄


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