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Review Unit 1
学习目标: 1.熟记本单元常用常考短语 2.一般过去时 3.掌握复合不定代词用法

? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? 1.去度假 go on vacation 2.呆在家里 stay at home 3.去爬山 go to the mountains 4.去海滩 go to the beach 5.参观博物馆 visit the museum 6.去参加夏令营 go to summer camp 7.出去 go out quite a few 8.相当多 9.为……而学习 study for 10.大部分时间 most of time

? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ?

taste good 11.尝起来好吃 12.玩的高兴 have fun; have a great time; enjoy oneself 13.当然 of course 14.给……的感觉 feel like 15.在过去 in the past 16.四处走走 walk around 17.太多 too many/much 18.因为;由于 because of 19.喝茶 drink tea 20.继续 go on

? 21.尽力做某事 try to do sth ? 22.尝试做某事 try doing ? 23.想要 want to do sth; would like to do sth;
feel like doing sth

? ? ? ? ?

24.一些重要的事情 something important 25.停止做某事 stop doing sth. 26.决定做某事 decide to do sth. 27.看起来 seem to 28.出来 come up/out

1.taste good 3.seem 2.feel like 4.try to do

5.stop doing

1.There was some water in the cup.
否定句: There wasn’t any water in the cup. 一般疑问句: Was there any water in the cup? 肯定回答: Yes, there was. 否定回答: No, there wasn’t.

2.Lucy did her homework last night.

否定句: Lucy didn’t do her homework last night. 一般疑问句: Did Lucy do her homework last night? 肯定回答: Yes, she did. 否定回答: No, she didn’t.

3.I got up at six this morning.

否定句: I didn’t get up at six this morning. 一般疑问句: 肯定回答: Did you get up at six this morning? 否定回答:

Yes,I did. No, I didn’t.

? ? ? ? ? 用所给词的适当形式填空。 1.She ____(have) an exciting party last night. had didn’t visit 2.She________(not visit) her aunt last weekend. did do 3.---What ___you___(do) last Saturday afternoon. ---He _______(watch) TV and ____(read) an read watched interesting book. practice Did ? 4.---___he ______(practice) the guitar yesterday? ? ---No, he didn’t. 5.---When ___you_____(write) this song? did write wrote ? ---I _____(write) it last year.

something, anything, everything, nothing, anyone
anything interesting on your vacation? 1.Did you do_______ Everything 2._________in Sanya was really interesting. 3.Did you go to the movies with ______ anyone last night. something for my parents, but nothing 4.I bought ________ _____ for myself. 5.Why didn’t you buy _______ anything special for yourself. 6.I ate _________delicious at home last Tuesday. something


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