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Unit 1 Topic 1 Section C and D 小测

Unit 1 Topic 1 Section C and D 小测 Class: ____ No. :________ I、词组翻译:
1、骑自行车 __________________________ 3、每周日 __________________________ 2、爬山 __________________________ 4、擅长于做某事 __________________________

Name: ________

5、某人花…时间/金钱做某事 __________________________ 6、There be 的一般将来时结构是 __________________________ 7、跳高 __________________________ 9、校运会 __________________________ 8、跳远 __________________________ 10、参加(活动,比赛等)__________________________

11、加入 (组织、党派等)__________________________ 12、在某人的帮助下 ___________ the help of 14、多久一次 __________________________ 16、保持健康 __________________________ 18、对…有益 __________________________ 20、到达,抵达 __________________________ 22、前往,奔赴 __________________________ 24、观看篮球比赛 __________ a basketball game II、用所给动词的适当形式填空: 1. Ding Jincheng is good at _______________ ( fly ) a kite. 2. Liuyu spends an hour _______________ ( wash ) her face every morning. 3. Watching English movies is a good way _______________ ( learn)English. 4. Ann likes sports very much. She goes _____________ ( cycle ) twice a week. 5. They _____________ ( leave ) for New York yesterday. 6. Our class is going mountain climbing this weekend. Every student is III、单项选择题: ( ( ( ( )1. Yang Yan ___________ the English speech and won the first place. A. joined B. took part in C. joined in D. Both B and C ) 2. There _____________ an English party next weekend. A. is B. is going to be C. is going to have ) 3. —_______ do you play baseball? —Twice a week. A. How long B. When C. How often ) 4. Sam spends two hours _______ his homework every day. A. to do B. doing C. do (excite). 13、遍及全世界 __________________________ 15、多长时间 __________________________ 17、做某事的好方法 19、对…有害 __________________________ 21、同……比赛 __________________________ 23、可惜的是 __________________________


( (

) 5. —Which team are you going to play _______ the day after tomorrow? —A team from No. 7 Junior High School. I hope we will win. A. against B. with C. for ) 6. Mr. Xiang is the best teacher in our school. He is good _______ teaching. A. for B. to C. at ) 7. Xu Xia and her teammates _______ the USA next week. A.are leaving for B. leave for C. leave






________________________________________________________________ VI、看图写话:10%

1. there be , sports meet, next week

2. they, leave for, tomorrow

3. Kaifeng, twice a week

4. good way, keep healthy

5. take part in


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