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新概念 B6 班 任课老师________ 作业评分________ 新概念英语第二册


Lesson7 Too late
重点单词及词组 侦探 机场 期待 飞机起落的场地 重点语法 1. 过去进行时 2. 动词词组 贵重的 警戒 包裹 钻石 珍贵的 石子 偷 主要的 沙子

1. 熟悉“本课重难点” 2.复写文章,听磁带 3 遍,并背诵 LESSON7 。 3.. 复习 LESSON1--6 课的单词、短语及关键句型

本课作业 一、单选过招
( )1.-Long time no see!You look well. -______.You look fine,too. A.Thanks B.Great C.Oh,no D.Not at all ( )2.-I’m going to Beijing tomorrow.My plane leaves at 8:30 tomorrow morning. -_______ A. Is that so? B. How wonderful! C. Have a good trip. D. Well, goodbye. ( )3.When he gets here tomorrow morning, I will pick him up____ the airport. A. at B. in C. on D. by ( )4.You cannot ____much of him. He will always let you down. A. except B. wait C. except for D. wait for ( )5.He gave this watch to me as a gift on my birthday. It’s very _____to me. A. valuable B. expensive C. precious D. cheap ( )6.The thief ____the diamonds from the shop. A. stole B. stealed C. rob D. robbed ( )7.At first I was not too sure about the answer to the question of the first importance. However,____, I worked it out at last with her help. A.to my joy B.to my disappointment C. in a word D. in other words ( )8.The air in Beijing is getting much___now than a few years ago. A.clean B.cleaner C.cleanest D.the cleanest ( )9.Four of Robert’s children were at the party,including___,Luke. A.the oldest B.an oldest one C.the old D.an old one ( )10.I arrived late;I___the road to be so icy. A.wouldn’t expect B.haven’t expected C.hadn’t expected D.wasn’t expecting


二 完形填空 (奥林匹克) Last week a group of students in No. 14 Middle School visited the museum in the centre of the town. Many 1____ things were on show there. Some of the things were hundreds of years old. Ann pointed at one of the things on show and asked 2_____ it was. Meimei told her it was a King’s hat. Lucy was surprised and asked 3_____ it was a real king’s hat. Meimei told her it wasn’t 4_____. She said that it was used in plays. Jim and Li Lei 5_____ an old teapot there. It was 6____ another pot and it was used for keeping tea hot . It was filled 7_____ water before thermoses were not yet 8______. Later, Lucy pointed at a strange thing with three legs and a strange top. It was made of 9_____. Wei Hua said it was used for 10 _____. Seeing this, the girls began to feel thirsty and they all moved on to another room for a good drink together from a modern thermos. ( ) 1. A. old B. new C. small D. big ( ) 2. A. how B. where C. which D. what ( ) 3. A. with B. if C. what D. when ( ) 4. A. cheap B. dear C. nice D. real ( ) 5. A. bought B. got C. saw D. met ( ) 6. A. inside B. near C. beside D. behind ( ) 7. A. at B. on C. in D. with ( ) 8. A. found B. invented C. sold D. end ( ) 9. A. metal B. glass C. paper D. leaf ( ) 10. A. drinking B. eating C. looking D. watching 三 根据首字母填空 1. There were two security g______ on duty outside the building. 2. We have our m_______ meal at lunch time. 3. The floor are made of s_______. 4. She was stopped at the C_______ and questioned. 5. The children were playing with s_______. 6. Much to his s_______, she gave him her phone mumber. 7. Every chance is p_______. Don’t squander(放走) any one away. 8. I didn’t e_______ him to stay so long. 9. I think we’ve all learned a v_______ lesson today. 10. The beautiful d______ ring and gone. 四 翻译: 1. 昨天晚上八点到十一点你在做什么? ( be doing) 2. 这本书远没有我想象的那么难懂。 (expect) 3. 我哥哥骑自行车的时候从车上摔下来,受伤了。 (be riding)

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