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选择适当答句(三年级) 一 1. Do you want noodles? 2. Are you going to watch TV? 3. what can you do? 4. How many books are there? 5. Has Sara got a lovely cat? A. I can run fast. B. There is one. C. No, she hasn’t. D. Yes. I do. E No, I’m not. 二 1.which is your toy ball? 2. What are you going to be? 3. Are you going to go to Hong KOng? 4. Has LIngling got a headache? 5. What are you going to do? A I’m going to be a teacher. B This is my toy ball. C No, she hasn’t. D No, I’m not. E I’m going to run a race.、 、 三 1. Do you like Chinese fast food? 2. What can you do ? 3. Which pencil is Lingling ’s? 4. Has he got a big noise? 5. What are you dong? A I can jump far. B The red one. C Yes. D Flying a kite. E No, I don’t. 四 1.Do you use chopsticks in the UK? 2.Is this your mum’s umbrella? 3. Whatare these? 4.What are you going to do? 5.Can I come in? A Yes, please. B They are birds C No, we don’t

D Yes, it is. E I’m going to read a book. M1: 1.use you Do chopsticks England __________________________________ 2. use fork a knife and __________________________________ 3. English are They for people ___________________________________ 4.easy for Chinese It’s __________________________________

in We hard

? . .


5 、 are What you eating ? _______________________________________ 6.and hamburgers I’m eating chips. _______________________________________ M2 7.making We’re cake a. _______________________________________ 8 Mum make a Let’s cake for and Dad. _______________________________________ 9.be Please quiet! _______________________________________ 10.to Please go your room. _______________________________________ 11.her Amy ’s flute playing . _______________________________________ 12.Sam ’s the playing drums. _______________________________________ 13.Go and a cake make instead. _______________________________________ 14. watching I’m TV. _______________________________________ M3 15dragon They are boats. ___________________________________________ 16People on the row lake. ________________________________ 17These are very ducks naughty. ______________________________________ 18Look at ducks over those there._____________________________________ 19are , the, in, the, rain, playing, ducks, ____________________________________

M4 20.run Can you fast? ____________________________________ 21.can’t You run fast. _______________________________________ 22.I jump can ’t far. _______________________________________ 23.can,you ,see ,What,? . ______________________________________ 24.bird This can fly. _______________________________________ 25.But bird can’t this fly. _______________________________________ M5 26.Can an ice have I cream? _______________________________________ 27.have Can a I drink ,please? _______________________________________ 28.I can go shop to for the ice cream. _______________________________________ 29.Come Can I in? _______________________________________ 30.can You read books all the now. _______________________________________ M6 31.got I ’ve new shorts. _______________________________________ 32.got new football a I’ve. _______________________________________ 33.canI wash them ! _______________________________________ 34.play Can I you with ? _______________________________________ 35.has he go new a shirt _______________________________________ 36.got She has a dress new . _______________________________________ M7 37.got Have you headache a? _______________________________________ 38.you Have got stomach a ache? _______________________________________ 39.Have a got test you today? _______________________________________ 40.We on have tests Fridays. _______________________________________

41.clever You are a boy. _______________________________________ 42.She ’s a got cold. _______________________________________ 43.got Sara has cough a ,too? _______________________________________ M8 44.are not they toys Lingling ’s . _______________________________________ 45.can’t you toys bring school to _______________________________________ 46.This is book Sam’s . _______________________________________ 47.and is that ball Daming ’s. _______________________________________ 48.is your this umbrella grandma’s ? 49is which umbrella your ? _______________________________________ M9 50.are What going you to do ? _______________________________________ 51.going to I’m do long jump. _______________________________________ 52.Amy do is going to the jump high. _______________________________________ 53.I’m to run a going race. _______________________________________ 54.I can run very fast. _______________________________________ 55.be It’ s going to Sports Day Friday on . _______________________________________ 56are What going you to be ? ______________________________________________ 57.going to I’m driver a be _______________________________________ 58a He’s driver._________________________________ 59and Come help,doctor! _______________________________________ M10 60.Are to going you Hong Kong? ____________________________________ 61.I’m going swim sea in to the . _______________________________________ 62.What are going to you see? _______________________________________ 63.see I’m going to The Monkey King.

_______________________________________ 64.on What are do you going to Saturday? _______________________________________ 65.I’m to going a see film.


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