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2016下半年四川教师公招面试备考之说课:Unit2 Olympics 语法课说课稿

2016 下半年四川教师公招考试资讯: 2016 下半年四川教师公招资格复审公告汇总 2016 下半年四川教师公招面试公告汇总 2016 四川教师公招面试辅导资料

2016 下半年四川教师公招面试备考之说课:Unit2 Olympics 语法课 说课稿
Good afternoon, My dear judges!I am the third co

mpetitor. My topic is about the future passive voice. It’s my pleasure to stand here sharing my teaching plan with you. My plan is composed of several parts. First of all, I’ll talk about analysis of teaching material. Part 1 Teaching Material: My lesson is from New Senior English for China Book_2 Unit2 Grammar part. The main topic is two kinds of Olympic games, while the grammar is The future Passive Voice. By studying this class, Students will understand the grammar items clearly and use them to in daily life. Secondly, I’d like to state the analysis of students. Part 2 Students Students of this period have learned English for a long time, hence they acquire basic grammar knowledge. However, they think grammar learning is abstract and difficult, then I will take special activities to help them. According to the new curriculum standard, I set aims as follows . Part 3 Teaching Aim 1.Knowledge objects (语言目标:语音,词汇,语法,功能,话题) The Ss can master the usage of the future passive voice 2.Ability objects (技能目标:听,说,读,写) SS can apply the grammars into their daily life. 3.Emotional objects (情感目标:兴趣,自信,合作,爱国,国际视野) SS will be more interesting in grammar learning Part 4 the Key and Difficult Points

Next, I put forward the key points and difficult points. The key point is to master the usage of direct restrictive and non restrictive attributive clause. The difficult point is how to use grammars correctly. Part 5 Teaching and Studying methods In this class, I will use inductive method and cooperative method. Part 6 Teaching Procedure Now let’s come into the most important part -Teaching procedure. It consists of five steps. Step1. Warming up The first step is warming up. Boys and girls, in last class, we learned about Olympic Games. Now let’s see a poster about a sport event. When will the sailing race be held? Any volunteer? Tony, please. Wonderful. He said at 11:30 every Tuesday. Do you agree? Good, sailing races will be held at 11:30.We have learned another sentence before. Sailing races was held at 11:30.In grammar, it’s past tense passive voice. Is there any differences? Today we will learn about the future passive voice. Through this free talk, I can attract SS’ attentions and interest in grammar learning, it can lay a foundation for the next step. Step2. Presentation After warming up, SS will find out the different places among these. I will ask a SS to underline the difference. Then I will explain the literal meaning of future passive voice. SS will have a clear understanding of the grammar points. Next, I will give them more examples to deepen their comprehension. For example, Children will are not allowed to take part. Food will be served at noon. This step can help SS have a basic understanding of the grammar structure and improve their learning skills. Step3. Practice Next, let’s come to the practice step. I will ask SS to set rules for the Olympic Games using the future passive voice. For example, rule 1 No smoking will be allowed

here. The will discuss it with partners. 3 minutes later, I will ask some students to read the rules .Other ss can evaluate their performance. The activity designed here is to consolidate grammar learning . Step 4.Production Task1.Introduce friends After this step, I will ask students to design a poster to advertise their favorite sport event, such as swimming, running, or shooting. They will finish it in group works. For example: Swimming race will be held at 9:00 on Tuesday. Food will be served at noon.5 minutes later, some groups will have a presentation. During that time, other students will be judges to find out some mistakes and give them points. My purpose here is to help SS apply the grammar points in daily life. Step5. Summary and Homework After the task, I will ask students to conclude what we have learned today, then I will set homework. SS will finish the grammar exercises .and write a poster to advertise the sports meeting in their school. They will share their ideas in the next English class. Homework is necessary to consolidate their knowledge and improve their oral speaking. Part7 Blackboard design At last, I will talk about blackboard design. The Future Passive Voice


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