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高二 B 部必修五基础知识过关测试题
(时间:35 分钟 分数:100 分)

一.单词(每小题 1 分,共 50 分) 1.一致的 adj.2.王室的,皇家的 adj. 3.辉煌的,壮丽的 adj. 5.最初的,原始的 adj. 4.想象中的,假想的,虚构的 adj. 6. 收藏品,珍藏 n.

7.有吸引力的 adj. 8.方

便,便利 n. 9.冲突 n. 10.澄清,阐明 vt. 11.积极的 adj. 12.热情的,热心的 adj. 13.拒绝,不接受 vt.14.科学的 adj. 15.内科医生 n.16.向......挑战 vt. 17.受害者 n. 18.询问 n. 19.严重地,剧烈地 adv. 20.货币 n. 21.制服 n. 22.肿胀的 adj. 23.可能 n. 24.使激动 vt. 25.出版 vt. 26.评估,评定 vt. 27.申请(书)n. 28.压力,挤压 n. 29.勇气,勇敢 n. 30.症状,征兆 n. 31.难以忍受的 adj. 32.复杂的 adj. 33.临时的,暂时的 adj. 37.彻底的,详尽的 adj. 34.最重要的,不可或缺的 adj. 38.(进退两难的)困境,窘境 n. 35.赞成,同意 n. 36.精确地,正确地 adv. 39.怀疑的 adj. 40.故意地 adv. 41.助手 n. 42.递交,呈递 vt. 43.专业人员 n. 44.难忘的,永远记得的 adj. 45.原料,材料 n. 46.代表,典型人物 n. 47.动机 n. 48.效率高的,有能力的 adj. 49.模仿,仿造 vt. 50.印象深刻的 adj. 二.短语(每小题 1 分,共 30 分) 1.对......挑剔 2.提出 3.得出结论 4.专心于 5.怀疑某人(做过)某事 7. 在建设中 9.做......没有意义 13.容忍做某事 6.因......应受责备 8.有助于,促使,导致 10.省去,遗漏,不考虑 14.移动,溜进

11.难以形容 12.拿起,选修,占用 15.对......渴望、贪婪 16.因......指责、控告......

17.比......高级 18.榨出,挤出 19.在适当的位置,适当;准备就绪 23.因......对某人感激 25.接收,接管 20.找到(hand) 21.把......应用到......22.有影响,起(重要)作用 24.知道,了解,具有......的知识 26.给某人留下......的印象

27.挣脱,脱离 28.明白,理解 29.对......负责 30.除......之外,此外 三.单句语法填空(每小题 1 分,共 10 分) 1.His _________(curious) made him wonder about clouds. 2.You should take more ______(exercise). Don’t always sit at the desk busy doing your _____(exercise). 3. The journalists who have seated ______ for half an hour are eager to have a chance to raise a question to Premier Wen Jiabao. 4. There were a lot of people standing at the door and the small girl couldn’t get __________. 5.The girl danced ______ the music of Paul Mallriat’s band. 6.I’ve come to the point ____ I can’t stand him. 7.In summer it is much ___ in Wuhan than in Beijing. (hot) 8.It is known to all that ____ you exercise regularly, you won’t keep good health. 9.Bob said he was going to join our club but he didn't. He ______ (change) his mind. 10. I have not moved into the new house yet,because the rooms _____(paint ). 四.单句改错(每小题 1 分,共 10 分) 1.I was surprised to see that great changes had been taken place in the countryside. 2.Third, we should find ways to reuse the water using in washing, especially bath water for which is quite a lot, and that will save much water. 3.Speak slowly and try to make yourself understand. 4.Do you know anything about the accident happened in the village yesterday? 5.In England as early as the twelve century, young people enjoyed playing football. 6.“Help yourselves with the fish. It’s very delicious.” mother said to the guests. 7.We’ll never forget the days when we spent together happily in the middle school. 8.A house built of bricks lasts longer than the one that is made of woods. 9.He hanged his coat by the window. 10.The ship hardly left the port when the storm came.


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