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unit3 travel journal复习

1.transport 2.prefer 3.persuade 4.graduate 5.finally 6.schedule 7.organize organization 8.journey 9.attitude 10.reliable rely

1.运送; 运输 2. 更喜欢 3. 说服; 劝说 4. 毕业;毕业生 5 最后;终于 6 时间表;进度表 7 组织;成立 8 旅行;旅程 9 态度; 看法 10可靠的; 依靠

of/about doing sth. 梦想做某事 1.dream ________ about 2.be excited ______ 对……兴奋 from 3.graduate ____ 从……毕业 up one’s mind 4.make____ 下定决心 to do sth 劝说某人做某事 5.persuade sb.____ 6.grow____ 长大;成长 up 7.the way of doing/to do sth.作某事的方式 about 8.care_____ 关心……;惦念…… determined 9.a ___________(determine) look 一个坚定的眼神 10._________ 改变主意 change one’s mind 11.give ____ 投降;屈服;让步 in doing 12.keep _______sth . 继续做某事

at an altitude of 13._____ 14.______ first at 15.______ ever since

在海拔……的高度 起初;开始

自那以后 sense 16. make ________ 有意义 17. there is no such + 名词 (不加冠词) in 18._____ one’s daily life 在某人日常生活中 experience 19.an interesting _____________ 一次有趣的经历 20.take_ a ____bike trip 骑自行车旅行 to do 21.get a chance _______(do) sth. 有机会做某事
22.make bends through… 23._____ the college 在大学里 at 蜿蜒穿过……

24.get sb.interseted in使某人对……感兴趣 25. take a breath 呼吸 26.be fond of 喜欢…… 27.so…that 如此……以致于…… 28.as usual 像往常一样 29.make camp 宿营;野营 30.change…for 把……替换成……; 31.put up 搭起;张贴 32.at midnight 在半夜 33.at this point 在这个地方 34.can’t wait to do sth. 迫不及待做某事 35.get asleep 睡着了

36. for company 做伴;一起 37.look around 环顾四周 38.travel journal 旅游日记 39.practice reading aloud 练习大声朗读 40.have a good time 玩得开心 41.have a good trip 旅途愉快 42.take care 当心;小心 43.say hello to sb. 向某人问好 44.have fun 玩得高兴

1.充分利用 2. 对(某人)有利 3. 度假 4. 住在河边

take (full) advantage of/ make (full) use of _________________

to sb’s advantage _________________
be/go on holiday _________________ live beside a river _________________

对(某人)不利 5. to sb’s disadvantage ___________
6. look at the map

看地图 ___________

7. prefer to do sth. rather than do sth. ______________________ 宁愿做??而不愿做?? 8. have/give an advantage over ______________________ (使某人)在??方面有优势

prefer to do sth. 喜欢做某事 prefer sth. to sth. 喜欢……胜过…… prefer doing sth. to doing sth. 喜欢做……胜过做…… prefer to do sth. rather than do sth. 宁愿做……而不愿做……

1. 2. 1. 2.

to walk with you/ walking with you I prefer __________________( 和你一起散步). watching TV She prefers listening to music to _____________ (看电视). to die 死) rather than give in 屈服). He preferred _____( ______( to go with us We preferred our monitor __________________ (和我们一起去).

2.persuade vt. 劝说,说服

1. persuade sb. to do sth. = persuade sb. into doing sth. 说服某人做某事 2. persuade sb not to do sth = persuade sb out of doing sth 说服某人不做某事 3. try to persuade sb. to do sth. =advise sb. to do sth. 尽力劝说某人做某事(但未必说服)

to study English very hard into studying English very hard 1.She persuaded me ___________________ (努力学英语). not to smoke out of smoking 2.Mother persuaded my father_________________ (不抽烟). to change her mind 3.I tried to persuade her_____________ (改变主意), but she didn’t do in that way.

3. insist vt. & vi. 坚持; 坚决要求;
坚持认为 ? insist on/upon sth. /doing sth. 坚持做…… ? insist + that 从句,表达“坚决主张”时, 所跟 的宾语从句使用虚拟语气(should)do; 表达 “坚持一种说法,看法或事实”时,宾语从句 使用陈述语气。

1. We insisted that father_____________________ (should) give up smoking (戒烟) going to Beijing by air 2. She insisted on / upon_____________________ (乘飞机去北京). hadn’t stolen 没偷) the car. 3. He insisted that he ____________( was 4. The doctor insisted that the boy _______(be)

be operated seriously ill and that the boy ____________(operate) on at once.

add up 5. She insisted that we _______(add up)the score at once. apologize(apologize)to me, 6. I insisted that he ________ was but he insisted he _______(be)right and refused to apologize(道歉).


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