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Describe a TV quiz show

Describe a TV quiz show

Well, it seems that many TV channels like to present some quiz shows to the public, such as “the lucky 52” in CCTV2, “happy dictionary” in CCTV 3, and “great competition of intelligence” in CCTV 1. But here, I’d like to talk about a quiz show from Shenzhen TV channel, which is named as “who is cleverer”.

This quiz show brings the adults back to the primary school class, helps them recall those happy memories in the childhood, recollects those forgotten knowledge. It aims to attract audience of primary school students, as well as adults.

In this quiz show, a group of primary school students and a team of adults are competing on the same stage, for those seemingly familiar and seemingly simple questions from primary school subjects. It is fun to see the embarrassment of those adult competitors unable to answer those easy questions, and it is also fun to see those primary students showing off their knowledge in front of their adult competitors. Altogether, there are 10 questions for each competitor, and those adults who can answer right all the 10 questions may have a chance to get the prize: 50 thousand YMB , but if he fail, he has to say to the audience, “ wow, I am not so clever as a primary school student” and then he is replaced by another adults.

Wow, it ’s so funny that after so many years education, almost no adults could win the game and get the prize. And it ’s so interesting that this quiz show can bring so many parents and children in front of their TV sets to enjoy their get-together. I like the feeling of watching this kind of TV programs.

tv programme i seldom watch tv, because i have a computer and most of my free time is spent in front of the computer browsing the websites and chatting with my friends. anyhow, i do have a favourite tv program and it ’s called “happy dictionary”. it's a quiz show. in this program a wide range of prizes is given to the winners. the host of this program is my favourite her name is “wang xiao ya”. she is an incredible host. in the beginning of the program they will introduce the 5 participants and then they will be asked a question, the person who answers the question correctly and quickly will be given an opportunity to take the quiz, the quiz is divided in to three or four stages, i can’t remember this exactly right now, anyway in each stage you will get a prize. the prizes are decided by participants, e.g. a computer, laptop, digital video camera, a free package holiday, you know things like that. there are there questions in each stage, and the way the host asks these questions make them more difficult. for example after you have given an answer she will ask you are you sure or not, and the person starts getting confused and changes his right answer to a wrong one, its funny and interesting, i really enjoy this part. the participants can get help from others for answering the questions but its limited there are only three ways and if you have used one then you cannot use it again these three ways are calling a friend by phone, asking the audience and letting the compuuter erase one of the wrong answer. the entire questions are multiple choices. this program is an hour long and is usually broadcasted at 9:00 pm. the other reason why i like this program is that there is no violence and it can enhances my general knowledge. i dislike watching news, because they always give you depression and tension. so i want to stick to an old english proverb “no news is good news”, so if i don’t watch them or listen to them i have no news about what’s happening in this mean and crazy world. i think that’s it


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