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(~ZӢČձ) Ӣ~Z
printing press press guillotine

ӡˢC ӡˢpӡˢC мC

sheet fed press web press offset printing

ƽӡˢC ݆DӡˢC ɫӡˢ

process colour magenta yellow orange

ԭɫ Ʒt/t Sɫ ɫ

special colours cyan black green

ɫ {ɫ ɫ Gɫ

thickness sheet


opacity cutting gripper work and tumble over print lithography flat sheet-fed sheetwise(sheetwork) unprinted page/leaf plate wrinkles underrun work&turn colour proof self-ends scumming S.P.H.(sheet per hour) LPI(line per inch) scratching plate making odd size smear cyan slur original out of register long grain ghosting sharp smudge UV varnishing wastage set off colour separation PIX

͸ м ڷ/݆D ӡ/Bӡ ƽӡˢX ƽ ƽӡˢ ӡ ӡİy ӡ Է/݆D ɫ r ŪK/(ӡ) ÿСrӡ ÿӢ羀 λ/ϻ ư ֶ/ƽߴ ͝n/ŪK { Ӱ ԭ ӡ׼ Ly Ӱ ճK/c ̻ p ^/ճK ӷɫ(ɫ/늷) D

register mark/registration mark ʮλ/׼ӛ̖

size ream M.F.(machine finish) halftone tints whiteness after-press pre-press printed sheet impression run S/S(same size) multi-colour tone shade

ߴ ӹ ɫ{ ƽW ׶ ӡ ӡǰ(origination) ӡ ӡ/ӡ/ӡ ӡ ͬߴ ɫ ɫ{ ɫxpɫ

GSM=grams per square metre /ƽ roll printing ink panel metallic imposition make-up(montage) negative film reprint raw material register/registration typesetting tint illustrations grain direction film screen PH value

ī /k/ ٵ ƴ ƴ/ ؓƬ/Ƭ ӡ ԭ ׼/λ/Ҏλ { D z|py W }


(~ZӢČձ) Ӣ~Z
image hickey misting(spitting)

Ӱ īʺ Rī {/{ pɫ{ p^

solid fluorescent photocopy zine zine plate scuffing

/M ɹ Ӱӡ \ \ (ӡ)

duotone doulbling

stamping imitation gold varninshing spot varnish(gloss/matt) heat-sealed coating waterproof(gloss/matt) high closs varnish UV varnishing

C ½ ӡ(/) ˮ(/) ع ^UV

water -based varnishing lamination laminating gold stamping blocking silver stamping calendering heat-seal calender varnish

^ˮ(^ˮԹ) ^z(PPz) ^z/zĤ C CpCɫpģ Cy ĥ ĥ

carton corrugated paper

/ͨ 㼈/Ӽ

B-flute E-flute

Ӽ/ֿӼ E-Ӽ

packaging die-cutting machine PVC window blind blocking embossing die die-cutter die-cut mould embossing V-shape die-cutting scoring maximum revise right reading schedule scoring spoilage mounting hot stamping/foil stamping

b ģ/ơ C ͸zƬ / ģ ơC/ģЙC ơ /y ơVλ ơp Уӆ/ x ˇ^ ơ۾ p/UƷ Cɫ

silk screen pvc sheet corner gluing(4 corners) lock-bottom/auto-lock muli-joints gluing stapling manual gluing width length height fluorescent colour filter format job number lettershop library bound page page number uncut pages gold blocking/gold stamping

zӡPVCzƬ ճ(Ľ) ۵/Ԅӿ۵ g ᔺ ճ L lɹ VɫƬ ʽ ̖̾ ˷]ķ/

퓔 퓴a δ֮ C

cross grain with the grain(correst grain) mechanical paper sheet-fed newsprint glossy art paper

혼y y/혼y ۼ ƽo ׈󼈩p„ ۼ

makeready sheet duplex board art board high bulk paper matt art paper single-coated paper

У漈 ۻ ݷe/غ ۼ ۼ


(~ZӢČձ) Ӣ~Z
recycled paper binding board web-fed card board/board

켈 Ұp弈 Ͳo Ҽ

C1S=coated one side woodfree coated paper/art paper C2S=coated two sides

η ּp ~漈/ۼ p

gross weight net weight substance packaging box kraft paper kraft wrap pallet lid air freinght courier freight delivery note

ë Q / b/ʺ ţƤ ^ w \ f \M ؛

chipboard display box glue flap windowing section/signature plastic label gift box FOB CIF export

ּ к zˮ ճ/N N ˺ Y xr r

three-knife trimmer casing in jacketting bulk brochure leaflet F&G(folded and gathered) confirmed sample opacity content/text mix grain split ends trim cover drawn on covering top edge manual document diary book block/block volume half title page Recto Verso arlin square back side stitching

浶 Ϛ(ϕ) o ؛ С Сۏ/Ώ/ ۺŵδbӆĕ ѺĘӱ ͸ ûϼy r /R /Ϸ ^ փ ļ ӛ ë/о 퓻׌ ߅ĕ(һ퓴adžΔ) ߅ĕ(һ퓴ap) y/Ƥ ƽ/ ƽ

slip case artwork margin vacuum packing index indexing maissing leaf sketch information gluing trade mark/logo creasing/scoring
ISBN=international standard book number

߅λ հb /򟟵ʿ ȱ ݈D/D ӍϢ Ϳz ̘ ơ۾/ۺ H׼̖a ̏p (2PP) r ŕp ͨzb ͨzb 욤() ͸ԭ ճΏ/ճ ΏV/ lճ/ճԵ z

collating leaf pasting end gathering notch bound NB (notch bound) case-making transparency tipping in poster newspaper insert tacky ribbon marker


(~ZӢČձ) Ӣ~Z
smoothness paper back perforation copy/copies dummy lining catalog bound volume tail edge shrink wrapping self-cover sewing limp bound blister card folding singer sewn side sewn imprint upright ends oblong portrait cover cut flush thumb index ring binder limited edition folio accordion/concertina fold inset thumb edge fore edge head margin W/F(woodfree) backbone/spine joint/hinge

ƽ ƽb ſ/ᘾ ט(aǰĘӱ) ƤN/ѱ Ŀ䛃 ӆ _ տs(Ĥ)b Է pp zb /Ʒۿ 퓩pە ܇о ܇Ⱦ ֱʽ ǰrp( L_/M ֱ 漰ĵ߅һR ָʽ 퓃 ر/ӡ 퓴a Lʽ N /ǰо ^ /

silk-screen trimming sticker end-papering direct mailing rounding and backing plastic comb binding advance copies binding staples figure bunting hard bound
case bound/hard bound/cloth bound

zW N Nr ]fֱN A zAbӆ •ӱ/^ bӆ bӆFz D/D 첼 b b RN ӱ l(oɫ{) (oɫ{) zb/ozb Mʽ/M M ^ ӡ/o /No /r hȦ bӆ [ʽwire-o s־ pȦb/WIRE-Ob TRӆ _//¼zb/obӆ opשp©p Fƽӆ r/(

signaturing sample sewing line copy line drawing adhesive binding landscape horizontal
H/T band(head and tail bands/headband)

nipping smashing building in loop spiral binding concealed wire-o magazine wire-o binding saddle stitching perfect binding jacket wire-stitching flyleaf

reception workshop vender customer/client

(֘T) ͑

customer service deparment conference room sample room sales department

͑ղ h k(չ[) II

Brazil Japan Japanese

ձ ձ

U.S.A U.K. Holland/The Netherlands

Ӣ m


(~ZӢČձ) Ӣ~Z
Indonesia Indonesian Finland Finnish South Korea

ӡ ӡ m m n

Austria Austrian Sweden Swedish Korean

W W n


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