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Unit 4

Reading (Period 1)

In Nov.22nd, an earthquake happened in Japan which caused a tsunami along the seashore.


br />An earthquake happened in Tangshan in 1976. How much do you know about it? Let’s watch a video: http://v.ifeng.com/documentary/history/201111/1c d5ae38-b5ea-4845-b4da-63c090c758e7.shtml


The title “A night the earth didn’t sleep” means______ C A. The earth was wide awake all night long. B. People on the earth couldn’t fall asleep that night. C. The earth shook like crazy and wouldn’t stop that night, causing great damage to people. D. Animals on the earth would not sleep that night.

When did the earthquake happen?
At about 3:00 am, July 28th, 1976.

How many people were killed or injured during the quake? More than 400,000. In what order did the writer write the passage? A. in order of importance B. in order of place C. in order of time D. in order of position before the earthquake during the earthquake 6 after the earthquake

? Find out the topic sentence of each paragraph.

? Then divide the text into three parts.


2 3 4

Topic sentence
Strange things were happening in Signs before the earthquake the countryside of northeast Hebei.
Everything began to shake. It seemed as if Damage the world was at an end. during the

earthquake Everywhere they looked nearly everything was destroyed.

Rescue after earthquake All hope was not the lost.


What were the strange things happened before the earthquake?


Part1 Signs before the earthquake.
The water in wells The well walls Smelly gas Chickens & pigs Mice Fish In the sky The water pipes People Rose & fell
Deep cracks in them Came out of the cracks Too nervous to eat Ran out, look for places Jumped out, ponds, bowls Bright lights Cracked & burst

were asleep as usual

Please listen to Part 2 and then answer the following questions.

What time did the earthquake happen? Where did the earthquake begin? How long did the earthquake last?

At about ___________ 3:42 am

11 kilometers ___________ directly below the city

15 _______ seconds.

How large was the earthquake?
? It was felt in Beijing, which is more than two hundred kilometers away. ? One third of the nation felt it.


How many people were influenced by the earthquake? ? Two thirds of them died or were injured during the earthquake. ? Thousands of families were killed. ? Many children were left without parents. The suffering of the people was extreme.

at an end It seemed as if the world was ________.


What things were in ruins?
Houses, roads and canals Steam Hard hills Bricks Dams and bridges railway tracks water, food, and electricity Cut by huge cracks Burst from holes Become river of dirt Covered the ground Fell Became useless steel Hard to get

More damages caused by the quake. cow never gave milk again dead filled with sand


Rescue workers/doctors



All hope was not lost.
Who went into the city? rescue workers, army, soldiers, doctors, nurses……


What did the soldiers and rescue workers do for the city? 1 help thousands of people 2 dig out the people who were trapped 3 bury the dead 4 save the coal miners 5 build shelters for survivors 6 transport the water

“Slowly, the city began to breathe again” What does that mean? People began to rescue the survivors, the city began to function again.



____ happened in Tang Shan. For a few days, water in the wells ____. From the ____ of wells ____ came out. Mice, chicken, pigs and even fish became ____. At 3:00a.m, everything began to ____.It seemed as if the world was _____. ______ of the nation ____ it. ______ cut across the city. The city lay _____. Two-thirds of the people _____ or _______. But all hope _____. _____ came to help those _____. Slowly, the city began to _____.

Read the text again and fill in the blanks:

Strange things happened in Tang Shan. ____________ For a few days, water in the wells rose and fell cracks _____________. From the _________ gas of wells smelly ______ came out. Mice, chicken, nervous At pigs and even fish became ______. shake 3:00a.m, everything began to _____.It At an end seemed as if the world was _______. One-third of the nation _____ felt it. __________ A huge crack ___________cut across the city. The in ruins city lay ________. Two-thirds of the died or ___________. were injured But all people _____ was not lost _______ Soldiers came to hope __________. survivors Slowly, the city help those ________. 21 breathe again began to ______________.

Tangshan’s new look


Tangshan’s new look
Now the city of Tangshan has become a modern city with a large number of new tall buildings. This is because the people of Tangshan worked hard to rebuild their hometown.

Group work

If you were a survivor(幸存者) from the Tangshan Earthquake, what would you like to say to a survivor from the Kaikoura Earthquake in New Zealand?


1. Retell the story according to the text. strange things damage rescue ——————|—————|—————|———→ before… during… after…

2.Finish Exercise 1 on page 27.

1. brick n. 砖 n. 水坝 2. dam 3. blow…away 吹走… 4. useless adj. 无用的 5. shock vt. 震惊 6. rescue vt. 救援


1. rise and fall 升起又落下 2. crack n. 裂缝 vi. 裂开 3. too nervous to eat 紧张得吃不下 4. burst vi. 爆发 5. at an end 终结,结束 6. as if 仿佛 7. in ruins 成为废墟 8. extreme adj. 极度的,极端的 9. injure vi. 受伤


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