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外研社小学英语 五年级上册复习 短语 句型

? 短语: ? 1. in London 在伦 2. be back from 从……回来 3. come back 回来 4. last Sunday 上星期天 5. live in住在 6. look at 看 7. ice cream 冰激凌 ? 8. come with 与……一起来 9. hurry up 赶快10. wait for 等待 11. by bus 乘坐公交车12.chinese friends 中国朋友13.

? ? ? ?

句型: 一. 疑问词(放在句首) when什么时候 where在哪里 who谁 what什么 how怎样,如何 二. (用什么提问,用什么回答)(疑问句直接回答)
– Did you walk to school? (你步行去学校么?)Yes, I did. No, I didn’t – .Did they go home by bike?(他们骑自行车去学校么?) Yes, they did. No, they didn’t. – When did you come back with Sam?(你和sam什么时候回来?)

? ? ? ? ? ?

I came back with Sam yesterday.(昨天我和sam回来的。) 4. I dropped my ice cream. 三、with 加某人放在后面。如:I went to school with Sam.(我同sam去学校) 四、过去式:come-came go-went meet-met buy-bought drop-dropped Run-ran see-saw walk-walked send(邮寄)-sent eat-ate live-lived Have-had do-did

第二模块 短语
? 1. shopping list 购物单 2. how many多少(可数 名词复数)4. half a kilo 半公斤 ? how much 多少(不可数名词) 6. one kilo of noodles 一公斤面条 ? make a list 做一个清单 7、go to the supermarket 去超市 8、the first thing 第一项 9、five bottles 五瓶 10、here you are给你 11.what's next?下一项是什么?12.all right 好吧

1. how many +可数名词+do you want? 你想要多少……呢? 对可数名词的数量提问。 例:How many bananas do you want? 2. how much +不可数名词+ do you want? 对不可数名词的数量进行提问 例:How much milk do you want?(常见的不可数名词:milk juice water meat rice bread cake cheese ) ? 3. do you like ……? 你喜欢……吗?例:Do you like cheese? ? Yes, I do.No, I don’t. ? ? ? ? ? ?

短语 1. at the weekend 在周末 2. lots of 许多3. the British Museum 大英博物馆 ? 4. Big Ben 大本钟 5. the London Eye 伦敦眼 6. like ……best 最喜欢 10. at ten o’clock 在10点 11. take photos of 拍照12. by bus 乘坐公共汽车 ? 13. the Great Wall 长城 14、in the morning在早上 ? ?

? 句型 ? 1. what did you do at the weekend? 你周末 干什么了?We visited lots of places ? 2. where did you go? We went to the British Museum ? Where 对地点提问,回答用表示地点的词 回答。

? ? ?

第四模块一. 单词 . 人称代词的各种形式

? 主语 形容词性物主代词 (用于句首) (用在名词前面)

名词性物主代词 (用于句末)

宾格 (用于动词、介词后)

? ? ? ? ? ?

I you he she they we

my your his her their our

mine me your you his him hers her theirs them ours us

? 二. 短语 ? 1. what’s the matter? 发生什么事了?2. on the line 在绳上 ? 3、Don't argue不要争吵

? 三. 语法点 ? 1. Whose bag is this? ? 这是谁的书包?Whose :谁的,后面直接跟名 词,询问时谁的东西。 ? 2. lingling’s cap玲玲的帽子。人名’s +名词: 名 词所有格,表示是谁的东西。 ? 例: Tom的书 Tom’s book Sam的包 Sam’s bag ? A:sam took my T-shirt。He wants to wear it。 ? B:but it isn’t hers。it’s mine ? A:Is this Sam’s bag ? B: Yes it’s his

? 第五模块 短语 ? give out 分发2.give to 给3.in the class 在班级里4.have got 有 ? put……in 把……放进去6.in the blue box 在蓝色的盒子7.be careful 小 心8.too many book 太多的书9.enough pencils 足够的铅笔 10.every child 每个孩子 11.learn chinese学习汉语 12.twenty pencils20枝 铅笔13.in the bag在书包里 14.put on 穿上 ? 句型:1. There are +数量+名词 表示名词有多少个 ? 例: 有四个苹果There are four apples ? 2.There are enough +名词。表示有足够多的东西来分配 ? 例:有4个苹果,有三个学生 ? There are four apples. There are three students. There are enough. ? There are too many books on the desk.桌子上有太多的书。 ? 4.There are too many +名词+地点。表示在……有太多的……。 ? 例: 书包里有太多书。 There are too many books in the bag.

? 第六模块 短语 ? 1.in the football team 在足球队2.play well 打得好 3.run fast 跑得快 4 catch the ball well接球接得好 5.control the ball 控球6.jump high 跳得高7.be good at 擅长干…… 8. in china 在中国9. a fantastic goalkeeper 一个出色的守门员 ? 句型1. Can you run fast? 你能跑得快吗?Yes, I can. No, I can’t. ? 2. You can catch the ball well.(你能接球接得 很好。) ? You can control the ball well。(你能控球控得很 好。) ? 3. You can play football well。(你能踢足球踢 得很好。)

? 第七模块短语 ? 1.a programme about 关于……的节目2.be useful 有用的 3.sit down 坐下 4.hot dogs 热狗 5.these firemen 这些 消防员6.sausage香肠 ? 句型can’t 表示不能干某事。 ? This man is blind. He can’t see. This dog helps him. ? This girl is deaf. She can’t hear. This dog helps her. ? These firemen can’t find people. These dogs help them. ? 4.This little girl can’t walk。Her father helps her。 ? 5.Thisold man can’t sit down。A young girl helps him。 ? 6.These chick can’t eat。Their mother helps them。 ? 7.This little girl can’t swim。Her monther helps her

? 第八模块 短语 ? 1.would like to do 想要干……2.what time 问事情 什么时间点发生3.at nine o’clock 在九点4.half past seven 七点半5. do exercises 做运动6.in the playground 在操场上7.skipping rope 跳绳 8.get up 起床9.sam and amy’s school sam 和amy的学校10.in England 在英国11.do morning exercises 做早操12.go into the classroom 进入教室

? 句型1.时间的表达 在几点几分用at ? (1).整点时间 数字+o’clock 例 7点 seven o’clock 在七点 at seven o’clock ? 8点 eight o’clock 在8点 at eight o’clock ? (2)半点表达 half past +数字 ? 例: 7点半 half past seven 在7点半 at half past seven ? 8点半 half past eight 在8点半 at half past eight ? 2.A: What time does school start?学校几点开 始?B:My school starts at nine o’clock ? 3.AWhat time do you get up?B:I get up at half past seven。

? 第九模块短语 ? 1. what’s the matter? 发生什么事了? 2. miss china 想 念中国3. play chess 下象棋 ? 4. of course not 当然5. think about 思考,考虑6. on the farm 在农场上7. all day 整天 8. go out 出去 9. go out to play 出去玩耍10. noodle soup 面条汤 ? 句型:Are you feeling ……? 你觉得……吗?Yes, I am No, I’m not. ? 表示一种情绪状态。表示情绪状态的词有:sad 难过 : bored 无聊 angry 生气: happy 高兴: tired 劳累: hungry 饥饿

? 第十模块短语: ? 1. in the road 在路上2. be dangerous 危险 3. cross the road 穿过马路4. hold my hand 握住我 的手5. say hello to 给……说你好 6. in a hurry =hurry up 赶紧,匆忙7. take the right child 带走 正确的孩子8. do homework 做家庭作业9. ride bicycle 骑自行车10. play the flute 吹笛子11. eat fruit 吃水果

? 句型1. You should +动词原形 你应该做……事。 ? 表示从道理上来说应该做某事。 ? 例: (1)You should look, then cross the road. (2)You should take the right child。 ? (3)You should say hello to my friend。(4) You should hold my hand。 ? 2. You shouldn’t +动词原形 你不应该干…… 事。 ? 例:(1) You shouldn’t run in the road. 你不 应该在马路上跑 ? (2)You shouldn’t walk in the road

? 外研版五年级英语上册复习资料 一、常见特 殊疑问句(由疑问词when、what、who、where、whose、how等


? 1.When did you come back? We came back last Sunday. ? 2.What did you do at the weekend? I visited lots of places. ? 3.Where did you go last Sunday ? We went to the British Museum. ? 4.How many bananas/oranges do you want? Six,please. ? 5.How much cheese do you want ? Half a kilo. ? 7.What time do you get up ? I get up at half past seven. ? 8.What time does school start? My school starts at 9 o’clock.

? ? ? ? ?

9.What can you do?I can sing well. 10.Whose bag is this ?It’s Lingling’s bag. 11.How did you go? I went by bike. 12.What do you want ? I want a skirt. 13.What are you going to do? We’re going to have lunch together. ? 14.What’s the matter?Nothing. ? 15.What are we going to take on our picnic?Let’s make a list. ? 16.What are you thinking about? It’s a secret’

? 二、常见一般疑问句及其回答(用yes或no来回答) ? 1.Are you feeling sad?Yes,I am./No,I’m not. ? 2.Did they buy ice cream? Yes,they did./No,they didn’t. ? 3.Can we have a dog,please? No,we can’t. ? 4.Did you wash Lingling’s T-shirt?Did Lingling like it ? ? Did he go to London? Yes,he did./No,he didn’t. ? 5Do you like cheese? 6.Do you miss China? ? 7.Do you skip in the playground? Do you walk to school? Do you skip in the playground? ? 8.Do you want to play chess? 9.Do you feel tired?

? 10.Do you want to be in our football team? 11.Do you live in London ,too?yes,Ido.No I don’t. ? 12.Can you catch the ball well?Yes,I can. ? 13.Are you good at table tennis?Yes,I am./No,I’m not. ? 14.Is this Sam’s T-shirt? Yes,it is./No,it isn’t. ? 15.Are there enough chair? Yes,there are./No,there are ? 16.Is he feeling sad? ? 17.Can she control the ball well? No,she can’t. ? 18.Can I be a goalkeeper?Yes,you can./No,you can’t.

? ? ? ? ?
? ?

1.She plays football very well.2.He plays football very badly. 3.He jumps very high. 4.She runs very fast. 5.Lingling wants to go to school with Amy. 6.They took photos of the mountains. 7.Then we went to the classroom. 8.Today I helped my grandfather. 9.I dropped my ice cream. 10.Yesterday I went to the park with sam and Amy. 11.I went to the zoo by bus. 12.Sam took my T-shirt. 13.Then we went by bus. 14.We bought ice creams. 14.I went to the park. 15.I saw lots of places. 16.I went home by bus. 17.I bought twenty-five pencils yesterday.

? ? ? ?

? 四、There be 句型 ? 1.There are too many books on the desk.2.There are too many apples in the bag. ? 3. There is not enough time. There is only one hat. ? 4.There are enough pencils. 5.There are not enough cars. ? 6.There are too many people. 7.There are ten pencils in the blue box.

? 五、人称代词宾格:him/her/me/them/it 名词性物主代词: mine/hers/his/yours ? 1.This man is blind.He can’t see.This dog helps him. ? 2.This girl is deaf.She can’t hear.This dog helps her. ? 3.These firemen can’t find people. These dogs help them. ? 4.This little girl can’t swim. Her mother helps her . ? 5.This is my hat.It is mine. 6.This is your T-shirt.It is yours. ? 7.That is his big coat .It is his. 8.This is her sweater.It is hers.

? 六、Should、shouldn’t、can、can’t、could、couldn’t之后
? 1、You should look,then cross the road. You should eat fruit/apples. ? You should take the right child.You should say hello to my friends. ? You should hold my hand,too. ? 2.You shouldn’t walk in the road. You shouldn’t jump on the bed. ? 3.I can do it very well. She was three then.She couldn’t swim. ? 4、When I was two years old. I could laugh. I couldn’t run. ?


? 七、表达内心感受: happy/sad/tired/bored/angry/hungry/thirsty ? Can I have some water?I’m thirsty. 2. I’ve got a present.I’m happy. ? 3.I lost my favourite toy. I’m sad. 4. I want to eat a hamburger.I’m very hungry. ? 5.Can we play chess?I’m bored. 6.I played basketball.I’m so tired. ? 7.Today I won a chess game.Now I feel happy. ? 8.Yesterday I lost my bag.I can’t find it. I feel sad. ? 9.I can smell some nice noodle soup. I feel hungry. ? 10.It’s raining and I can’t go out to play.I feel bored. ?


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