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Module 3

Unit 1 Where did you go?

Saturday 星期六 Sunday 星期日


at the weekend 在周末

I went to the Fanji

ng Mountain at the weekend.

Monday 星期一
Tuesday 星期二 Wednesday 星期三

Thursday 星期四 Friday 星期五

Free talk
1.Where did you go at the weekend?

2. What did you do at the weekend? 3.How did you go there?
4.What did you see there?

? How did you go there at the weekend? ? I went there by bus . ? She went there by car . ? He went there by plane. ? They went there by _________. bike

Listen and chant
Where did you go? How did you go? What did you see? What did you do? Please tell me.

Task1 Listen Listen and find the questions?

What did you do at the weekend ?
We visited lots of places.


lots of places

The British Museum Where did you go ? 博物馆 We went to The British Museum


Big Ben

The London Eye

Where did you go ? We visited Big Ben and the London Eye.

How did you go to these places ? how 如何,怎样

We went by bus.

Task2 Read Read and find the answers.

Listen ,Read and Answer
1.What did Amy do at the weekend?

She visited lots of places.
2. Where did Amy go at the weekend? She went to the British Museum,Big Ben,the LondonEye. 3.How did they go there ? They went there by bus. 4.Did Lingling like the bus ride? Yes,she did.

by bus
bus ride

She liked the bus ride best . I like the bike ride best.

How did you go to these places ?



We took a boat trip along the river . trip along river
It took us one hour and twenty minutes. 分钟 小时

Task3 Act out and Practice

1.What did you do at the weekend? went I swimming/shopping. took You a photo of his father. She played basketball/badminton. They watched TV 2.Where did you go last Sunday? I went to the supermarket. You were at home. She went to the park. They went to the zoo.

Homework 从下列动词选出九个写出它们的过去时。

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