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2010 年深圳市初中毕业生学业考试英语全真模拟试卷(七) 说明:1.全卷共 8 页,考试时间 85 分钟,满分 85 分。 2.答题前,请将考场、试室号、座位号、考生号、姓名写在试卷密封线内,不得在 试卷 上作任何标记。 3.第一部分选择题每小题选出答案后,需将答案写在答题指定的括号内,第二部分 非选择题答案写在答题卷题目指定的位置上。 题 号 [来 一 源: 学, 得 科, 分 网] 1—15 评卷人 得 分 四[来源: 学科网 五[来 六[来源:学+ 二[来源: ZXXK][来 源:学 科+网 合 计[来源:学 学_科_网 三 源:学+科 科网 Z+X+X+K][来 科网 ZXXK][来 Z_X_X_K] +网 ZXXK] 源:学科网] 源:Z#xx#k.Com] Z+X+X+K] 一、选择填空(从下面每小题的 A、B、C、D 四个选项中选出可以 16—25 26—50 51—60 61—65 填入空白处的最佳选项。共 15 66—70 小题,每小题 1 分)

)1.—The Smiths were on _____ visit to Venice. —They had a wonderful time, though Mrs. Smith caught ____ bad cold. A.a,a, B.a,a, C.the,a, D.the,the, ( )2.—What can I do for you? —Could you please give me some ______ to help me complete the _________ report? A.advices,five-hundred-word B.advises,five-hundreds-word C.advice,five-hundred-words D.advice,five-hundred-word ( )3.—___ of his parents went to the cinema last night. —Yeah,but ___ of them enjoyed the film. A.All,neither B.Both,neither C.Both,none D.All,none ( )4.—Of the two dictionaries,which did Mike choose? —He chose ______ one. A.the most expensive B.the least expensive C.less expensive D.the less expensive ( )5.—The advertisements on TV are very attractive! —Oh,that’s why the baby is looking _____at the screen and seems to be _______. A.happy,happy B.excitedly,excited C.excite d,excited D.exciting,exciting

)6.—____ of graduates are working in this company. —But only ___ of them are satisfied with their salaries. A.The number;first fifth B.The number;one fiveth C.A number;one fifth D.A number;two fifth )7.—They are so excited to see each other! —Yes,it’s almost ten years ______ they met each other last time. A.before B.after C.when D.since )8.—Look at the old man, he lives______! —He has got a chair to sit _____ but nobody to talk_____. A.lonely,on,/ B.alone,on,to C.lonely,/,/ D.alone,/,with )9.—Where a re you going for the coming vacation? —I______ visiting Australia.But it costs too much money.I ______. A.consider;don’t decide B.am con sidering;haven’t decided C.am going to consider;won’t decide D.considered;didn’t decide )10.—We are not sure when the director _______. —If the director ______,the actors will be disappointed. A.will come,doesn’t come B.comes,will come C.come,doesn’t come D.is coming,will come )11.—Smoking _______ in our office,but you can smoke in that area. —Sorry! A.allows B.is allowed C . doesn’t allow D.isn’t allowed )12.—Thank you for inviting us to your birthday party! —_________. A.I’m glad you all enjoy it B.I didn’t cook so well C.Come here next time D.Don’t mention it )13.—Why are the children are looking forward to ______ postcards from their pen pals? —Because they would like ______ the cards to t heir teachers. A.receiving,to show B.receive,to show C.get,showing D.getting,showing )14.—He hasn’t decided whether to go hiking yet. —If his wife doesn’t go hiking,______ ___. A.so will he B.so he does C . neither does he D.neither will he )15.—_______ will they come back? — In three weeks. A.How long B.How often C.How many D.How soon 分 二、完形填空(10 分)阅读下面短文,从短文所给的 A、B、C、 D 四个选项中选出可以填入空白处的最佳选项。 (共 10 小题,每小题 1 分)


Karl Marx set us a shining example in learning foreign languages.First he used

a foreign language 16 a weapon in the struggle of life.He would learn as many languages as he could in order to 17 the revolutionary work.Second,once he began to learn a foreign language,he kept 18 working hard at it and improving it until he could use it 19 .Third,the way Max learned a foreign language is perfect and scientific. 20 a good training in pronunciation,basic grammar and some of the idioms from the textbooks,he paid great 21 to learning the language from the use of it.Facts have proved that a foreign language can be 22 only when a person learns it without translating word by word into his 23 language and uses it,forgetting all about his own. Now we are learning English and I’m sure that all of us will be encouraged to 24 Marx’s advice on how to learn a foreign language and 25 even greater progress in learning English. ( )16.A.like B.as C.the same as D.for ( )17.A.make B.do C.doing D . do out ( )18.A.up B.at C.on D.to ( )19.A.for free B.freely C.free D.freedom ( )20.A.Beside B.Besides C.Except D.But ( )21.A.notice B.attention C.mind D. money ( )22.A.heard B.spoken C.mastered D.understood ( )23.A.home B.nation C.native D.national ( )24.A.make B.take C.do D.carry ( )25.A.make B.to have C.take D.do 三、阅读理解(25 分)阅读下面短文,从下面每小题的 A、B、 得 分 C、D 四个选项中选出可以填入空白处的最佳选项, (共 评卷人 25 小题,每小题 1 分) A The Kind Waitress Every evening at six o'clock an old man goes to a restaurant near his house.He eats dinner. After dinner, drinks coffee and talks to the people at the restaurant. he The old man's name is Bill.Bill eats at the restaurant every evening because he is lonely.His wife died,and he has no children. Every evening the same waitress brings Bill his dinner.Her name is Cara.She is 17 years old. Cara is kind to Bill.She knows he is lonely,so she talks to him.If Bill is late for dinner,she calls him on the telephone."Are you OK?" she asks him. One evening Bill doesn't come to the restaurant.Cara calls him,but he doesn't answer the phone.Cara calls the police."Please go to Bill's house",Cara tells the police. Later the police call Cara at the restaurant."Bill died in his sleep," the

police tell her.Bill was 82 years old. A week later,a man comes to the restaurant."I have something for Cara," the man says.The man gives Cara a check for $500,000.The money is from Bill. "This money is for me? From Bill?" Cara asks the man. "Yes," the man answers. "But..why?" Cara asks the man. . "Bill liked you," the man says."You were kind to him." ( )26.Bill went to the restaurant every day because _______________. A.the food was very good B.he didn't like to cook C.he had got a busy job D.he lived alone ( )27.Cara talked to Bill because ____________. A.she knew Bill is rich B.she knew Bill was lonely C.she liked to talk to people D.she had to serve the client ( )28.Cara would ______ if Bill didn't arrive at the restaurant on time. A.tell her boss B.call Bill C.go to Bill's flat D.do nothing ( )29.What did Bill do when he was at the restaurant? A.Talking to other people B.Having dinner C.Drinking coffee D.All of the above ( )30.Bill gave his money to Cara because _______________. A.she needed the money B.she was his daughter C.she was kind to him D.she asked him for money B A chicken lays an egg.You feel sleepy.And a tree loses its leaves.All of these things,and many more,happen in a certain way,at a certain time each day or each year. They take place because of something called an internal clock. word internal The means "inside of",and the internal clock is inside a certain part of every plant and animal.For example,there is an internal clock in the head of a chicken. The internal clock receives a signal or message from the world around it.Some of these signals include light,heat,darkness and cold.When the internal clock gets the signal,the body of the plant or animal produces a chemical that causes the living thing to do different actions. For example, daylight signals the chicken's internal clock to make a chemical.Then this chemical causes the chicken to lay eggs. People are learning a lot about internal clocks.Farmers have even lea rned how to fool a chicken's internal clock so that the chicken lays more eggs! ( )31.A signal is ______________. A.a chemical B.a message C.internal D.inside ( ) 32 . The clock described in the story is called internal because it ___________. A.means "inside of" B.is inside every plant or animal C.never stops running D.produces a signal ( )33.Which of the following can be the signal to a tree? A.The sky is clear. B . Farmers have their

harvest. C.Leaves fall down the tree. D. day gets cooler and the cooler ( ) In the chain of events below, 34. what is missing? Daylight acts as a signal. A chicken's internal clock receives the signal.—?—The chicken lays an egg. A.The chicken moves its body. B.The chicken is fooled by the farmer. C.The chicken makes a chemical. D.The chicken sees the daylight. ( ) 35 . What do you think farmers do to make chickens lay more eggs? They_________. A.make the chickens do different actions B.keep the chickens in a cooler place C.feed the chickens a special chemical D.turn on lights in the chicken house at night C Strange things happen to time when you travel because the earth is divided into twenty-four zones, one hour apart. You can have days with more or fewer than twenty-four hours,and weeks with more or fewer than seven days. If you make a five-day trip across the Atlantic Ocean,your ship enters a different time zone every day . As you enter each zone , the time changes one hour.Traveling west,you set your clock back,traveling east,you set it ahead.Each day of your trip has either twenty-five or twenty-three hours. If you travel by ship across the Pacific Ocean,you cross the International Date Line(国际日期变更线) .By agreement,this is the point where a new day begins.When you cross the line , you change your calendar one full day , backward or forward.Traveling east today becomes yesterday.Traveling west,it is tomorrow. ( )36.Strange things happen to time when you travel because ______. A.no day really has twenty-four hours B.no one knows where time zones begin C.the earth is divided into twenty-four time zones D.in some places one day always has twenty-five hours ( )37.The difference in time between zones is ______. A.one hour B.more than seven days C.seven days D.twenty-four hours ( )38.If you travel across the Atlantic Ocean,going east,you set your clock ______. A.one hour ahead in each time zone B . one hour ahead for the whole trip C.one full day back for each time zone D.one hour back in each time zone ( )39.Fro m this passage,it seems true that the Atlantic ______. A.is in one time zones B . is divided into

twenty-four zones C.is divided into five time zones D.is in four time zones ( )40.The International Date Line is the name for ______. A.the beginning of any new time zone B.any point where time changes by one hour C.the point where a new day begins D.the end of any new time zone D Whenever the sun dropped and the blue sky came up,my father and I used to climb the mountain near my house.Walking together,my father and I used to have a lot of conversations through which I learned lessons from his experiences.He always told me,“You should have goals like climbing the mountain.”Without the mountain-climbing that we both enjoyed,we couldn’t have enough time to spend together because my father was very busy. really got a lot from mountain-climbing. I It gave me time to talk with my father and to be in deep thought as well as develop my patience. Once we climbed a very high mountain.It was so challenging for me because I was only ten years old.During the first few hours of climbing,I enjoyed the flowers and trees as well as the birds’ singing,but as time passed,I got a pain in both of my legs.I wanted to quit climbing.In fact, I hated it at that mountain,but my father said to me,“You can always see a beautiful sky at the top of the mountain, but you can’t see it before you reach the top.Only there at the top,can you see all of the nice things,just like in life.” At that time,I was too young to understand his words.But later after that, I got knew hope and confidence.I found myself standing at the top of the sky, which was as clear as crystal. ( )41.The passage tells us that mountain-climbing was _____for Father and Son. A.hard B.enjoyable C.painful D.comfortable ( )42.The word “quit” in the passage means “______”. A.carry on B.put off C.give up D.pick up ( )43.Which of the following is the closest in meaning to the father’s words in the second paragraph? A.You will get all you need at the top of the mountain. B.The sky is always as clear as crystal. C.You can find life is full of nice things. D.Never give up half-way. ( )44.We can infer from the last paragraph that ______. A.the writer was very successful in his life. B.the writer never reached the top of the mountain. C.though the writer was young, he could understand his father. D.the writer used to sto p half-way when he climbed the mountain. ( )45.The best title for the passage is “______”.

A.Reaching the Top of the Mountain B.Standing at the Top of the Mountain C.Conversations between Father and Son D.How to Get to the Top of the Mountain E “I sometimes get up at three or four in the morning and I surf the net.” “I often check my e-mail forty times a day.” “I often spend more than three hours during one time on the net.” “I spend more time in chat rooms than with my ‘real-1ife’ friends.” Do you know any people like these? They are part of a new addiction(瘾)called Internet addiction.Internet addicts spend at least thirty to forty hours online every week.The use of the Internet can be an addiction like drug use.People lose control of the time they spend on the Internet. For example,one college student was missing for several days.His friends were worried,and they called the police.The police found the student in the computer lab:he was surfing the net for several days straight. Studies show that about 6 to 10% of Internet users become addicted.And people worry about the teens because the Internet is changing the playing field for some of them.They spend more time in cyberspace than in the real world of friends and family. Is “surfing the net” a hobby or an addiction for you? You may have a problem if you have these symptoms(症状): ●You do not go to important family activities or you do not do school work because you like to spend hours on the Internet. ●You can’t wait for your next online time. ●You plan to spend a short time online,but then you spend several hours. ●You go out with your friends less and less. ( )46.What does the beginn ing of the passage tell us? A.How to become an Internet addict. B.What an Internet addict usually does. C.Where to find an Internet addict. D.Why to write this passage. ( )47.How does the writer describe the addicts’ use of Internet? A.It is something like keeping drugs. B.It is a way of producing drugs. C.It is like taking drugs. D.It is terrible to imagine. ( )48.Why do people worry about the teens? A.The teens are wasting too much money. B.They used to work on the Internet. C.The playing field of the teens will disappear. D.More and more of the teens wil1 become addicted to the Internet. ( )49.The example in the passage shows that _______. A.Internet problems are more serious among college students B.Internet addicts usually stay in the computer lab without sleep C.Some of the Internet users have already been seriously addicted D.The police often help to find those Internet addicts.

)50.What is the writer trying to tell us at the end of the passage? A.Don’t be addicted to the Internet. B.Go to family activities more often. C.Do things as you ha ve planned. D.Stay with your parents as often as possible. 得 分 四、补全对话(10 分)

评卷人 (A)选择下列词汇完成下面的对话,其中一项为多余选项。
A.vacation B.seems C.awesome D.delicious E.definitely

K:Hi,Barb. B:Hi,Katie. K:So how was your 51 in New York? B:It was 52 . K:Did you have any pizza? New York pizza is famous. B:Yes,I did.I ate pizza every day.It was 53 !And the restaurants were cheap,too! K:Wow! What was your favorite thing about New York? B:Oh,Central Park— 54 .It was so beautiful. K:It 55 that you liked New York a lot. B:I did. 51._________ 52._________ 53._________ 54._________ 55._________ (B)从方框中选择合适的句子补全对话,其中两项为多余选项。
A.Did you quarrel with your parents? C.Now I feel very sad. E.Your parents are very glad. G.I don’t agree with you. B.But your parents are just worried about you. D.What should I do now? F.What’s the matter?

A:You look unhappy today. 56 . B:Yesterday when I came home,I found my parents looking through my schoolbag.I got very angry.Shouldn’t I keep my own secrets? A:Of course you can keep your private ideas and secret things. 57 . B:No,but I shouted to them.They didn’t say a word.They just kept silent. 58 . A:In fact,your parents shouldn’t look through your schoolbag.They should respect your privacy. 59 .They want to make sure you aren’t in any trouble, and they want to understand your life and study better in this way.Maybe you hurt your parents. B:I agree. 60 .

A:Say sorry to them.Try talking to them more.Let them know what your are doing, so that they won’t worry about you so much. B:OK.I’ll do as you told me. 56._________ 57._________ 58._________ 59._________ 60._________

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英语试卷 第 7 页(共 8 页) 五、解释句子(10 分)

61.The busier we are,the happier we feel. _____________________________________________________________________ 62.It seemed that they prepared well. _____________________________________________________________________ 63.Jack preferred watching sports games to listening to national news. _____________________________________________________________________ 64.All my classmates didn't finish the composition. _____________________________________________________________________ 65.How did you deal with the old clothes? _____________________________________________________________________ 得 分 评卷人 (A)请你根据某学校的一个广播通知,填写下面的海报。 (5%) May I have your attention,please? I have an announcement to make. Since the resource is so precious that everyone should try to save it all the time.Our school has invited an expert Mr. Blake to give us a talk about how important the electricity is and how to save it.It will start at 4:30 on Friday afternoon in our school lecture hall.Students in Grade Nine are required to attend the talk.Please be there on time.That’s all.Thank you.
An Important Talk Topic:How to save(66)___________. Time: (67)___________on Friday afternoon. Place:School(68)___________. Speaker: (69)___________. (70)___________students must be present.

六、书面表达(共 A、B 两篇,必须都做。计分 15 分)

(B) 你是莲花中学环保小卫士, 请给同学们讲讲“电”的重要性并呼吁全校师生节约用电。 题目 自拟。包括要点:1.人们能用电做什么?2.如果不安全用电,电会给人们带来什么 伤害? 3.如何节约用电?4.字数 80 -100。(10%) _______________________________________________________________________________ _______________________________________________________________________________

2010 年深圳市初中毕业生学业考试 英语全真模拟试卷(七) 一、选择题: (共 15 小题,每小题 1 分) 题 号 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 13 14 15 选 项 A D B D B C D B B A D A A D D 二、完形填空: (共 10 小题,每小题 1 分) 题 号 16 17 18 19 20 21 22 23 24 25 选 项 B B C B B B C C B A 三、阅读理解: (共 25 小题,每小题 1 分) 题号 26 27 28 29 30 31 32 33 34 35 36 37 38 选项 D B B D C B B C C D C A A 题号 39 40 41 42 43 44 45 46 47 48 49 50 选项 C C B C D A A B C D C A 四、补全对话: (10 分) 题 号 51 52 53 54 55 56 57 58 59 60 选 项 A C D E B F A C B D 五、解释句子: (10 分) 61.If we are busier,we will feel happier. 62.They seemed to prepare well. 63.Jack would rather watch sports games than listen to national news. 64.Some of my class mates finished the composition,but the others didn’t. 65.What did you do with the old clothes? 六、书面表达: (15 分)略 66. electricity 67. 4:30 68. lecture hall 69. Mr.Blake 70. Grade Nine Dear students, I’m a little guard for environmental protection from Lianhua Middle School.Today I’ll tell you something about the importance of electricity and how to save electricity. If there’s no electricity,people can’t watch TV,people can’t listen to the tape recorder,people can’t cook meals.If there’s no electricity,people can’t use washing machines or air conditioners.If there’s no electricity,we students can’t study in the evening. Electricity is important, it is also dangerous if people don’t pay attention but when using it. Sometimes people die from the electric shock.Pay more attention to the switches,make sure they are safe. Saving electricity is also protecting the environment.Don’t keep lights and air conditioners on when people leave the room. Don’t keep air conditioners at a low temperature.Turn off TV when nobody is watching it.Use washing machines when there are a lot of clothes to wash. Come on,everybody has responsibility to save electricity!


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