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First Aid

Unit 5
First aid

! Warning
There were 760, 327 traffic accidents in China last year, resulting in106, 367 deaths. 71.16% of the deaths were due to the lack of timely fir

st aid.

First aid is important for the victims and necessary for us to learn about.

First aid
First aid is a __________ temporary form of help given ill or gets injured to someone who suddenly falls ______ __________ illness before a doctor can be found. Often the ______ injury is not_______, serious but there are other or ______ first aid quickly can save times when giving ______________ lives _____.

Brainstorming: What words can you think of when you talk about accidents and first aid? drown a sprained ankle a broken arm a snake bite bleed choke burn/catch fire cut a bloody nose


What happened in each picture? What kind of first aid should you give?

a snake bite

1. Lay the person down and keep him still. 2. Do not wash the venom (毒液) off the skin. 3. Apply pressure to the bitten part with your hands.


Put a bandage on the wound and apply pressure to reduce the bleeding.

a sprained ankle

First, have the patient sit down and raise the foot.
Second, put a bandage around the foot and ankle.

Third, put an ice pack on the ankle to reduce
the swelling.


Make him/her spit by patting him/her on the back. Don’t slap (拳击) his back, which may make things worse.

? Don’t eat too fast and don’t
forget to chew your food.

? Don’t talk or laugh while
having food in the mouth.

a broken arm

Do not move the patient. ? Keep the arm still using a bandage. ? Get medical help immediately.

a bloody nose

sit down and bend his head forward and pinch (捏) his nose


Nowadays there are a lot of accidents in our daily life. What would you do in such situations? What knowledge should we have?

First aid quiz
1. If a person loses one third of his/her blood, he/she may die. A. True B. False A

2. In a car accident, we should try to get the wounded out of the car first. A. True B. False B

3. If one stops his/her breath about 4 – 5

minutes, his/her brain will be damaged.
A. A True disease. A. True B False B. B. False 4. Scratches from a family pet can’t carry

5. The best way to treat a hurt ankle is A to _____. A. Put an ice pack on your ankle. B. Put a heating pad around your ankle. C. Keep on walking and jumping.

6. If you get a nosebleed, gently let your
head back to stop the bleeding.

A. True B False B.
(It may lead the blood into the throat and easily cause choking.)

7. To treat a choke, you should make him/

her spit by patting him/her on the back. A. B. False A True 8. If someone is having a heart attack, you should first: A Call 120 A. B. Perform CPR (心肺复苏)

9. If a person was shocked by electricity, what should you do? A. Pull him away with your hand. B B. Cut off the electricity and pull the line away from the person.

10. If a child has pulled boiling water onto herself and has bad burns, what should you do?

A. A Wash skin under running water for several minutes. B. Place butter on the burn. C. Cover it with a wet bandage

11. In a medical emergency what telephone number would you call? A. 110 C. 120 C B. 114 D. 119

Important numbers

120 119 110

Emergency medical service Fire department Police department

Some more situations

1. Check to see if he is breathing. 2. Try to start his breathing.

Press a hand on his chest many times. Use the mouth-to-mouth method. Lay him on his back, close his nose with your fingers and breathe into his mouth. Repeat this as often as necessary.

Some more situations ? Call for a doctor or an ambulance. ? Never pull her out of the car. ? Find enough people to lift the car safely and take her to hospital at once.

Look at both sides when crossing the street.

Go to the hospital at once. Never pull it out of the cut.

For not serious cuts, wash the area of cut, dry it and cover it with a bandage or a piece of dry and clean cloth.

? Never play with knives or other

sharp objects.
? Always be careful with your tools,

especially knives.

Why is first aid important?

The prompt care sometimes draws the line between life and death.

The prompt attention
draws the line between a full or partial recovery.

To preserve life

To relieve pain

main aims of first aid

To protect the casualty from further harm

Important words
1. aid
作动词 帮助; 援助

He aided me in business.
I aided her to continue her study.

At Christmas, many organizations
aid the poor.

作名词 帮助; 援助 (不可数) Teachers give their lessons with the aid of computers. He raised money in aid of the sick. 2. temporary 暂时的, 临时的 temporary relief from pain 短暂的解痛 temporary work/solution 临时工作/解决办法

3. fall ill 生病 fall + adj. fall asleep 睡着了 ____________ fall awake 清醒了 _____________ fall silent 安静下来 _____________ His son suddenly ____ fell ___ ill last week. 上周他儿子突然生病了。

5. bleed 流血 bleed—bled—bled My heart bleeds for those poor children. His nose is bleeding. / He is bleeding at the nose. bloody adj.

1. The first kind of help you give someone who has had an accident. _________ first aid 2. A piece of clean material that you put on bandage a wound. __________ 3. When someone has something caught in their throat, we say that they are _________. 4. A line of light from the sun of other ray radiation. ________

5. If an injury hurts a lot we say that it is painful _________.

6. A characteristic of a second degree burn,
blister ball-like bleb. ________ pressure 7. You can slow bleeding by applying _________ to the wounds

8. The special car that takes someone to ambulance hospital. __________

*Write what you should do and should not do when accidents happen. *Prepare for the role play.

Thank you!

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