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Can you say something about the Academy Awards? Oscar statues Best Motion Picture Best Director Best Actor Best Actress Winning an Oscar means… 1. Which TV program do you prefer? Why do you like it? 2. Is television popular in China? Why? 1a. Skim the passage to find out its topic sentence and underline it. In general, the problem is not television, but the programs we choose to watch. 1b. Read 1a and complete the table. 录音P33-1a Television Advantage Disadvantage information 1. violence 1. an important way of getting _____________ ______ on TV makes entertainment 2. a good __________ people violent lazy 2. makes people ____ choose/ do with television programs. We should learn to _____________ 1. therefore adv. 因此,所以 2. violence violent n. 暴力,暴行 adj. 暴力的 3. provide sb. with sth. 为某人提供某物 The school provides us with warm classrooms. 4. Many people spend most of their spare time watching it. 5. It provides us with a more lively way to discover the outside world. 6. Instead of doing outdoor activities, they usually ... Discuss the advantages and disadvantages of television in groups. Then report it. Example: A: I think TV is useful. It helps people relax… B: I’m afraid I don’t agree with you. TV makes people lazy… Functions ? It is hard for me to learn to play Chinese chess. ? In my spare time, I prefer watching TV. ? I would rather watch sports shows than those ones. ? You look a little tired today. Are you all right? ? Wow! I’m very inte



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