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We’ll graduate from Beijing International School this weekend ! Our colorful school life We had class together. We had dinner in the dinning hall. We took part in the singing competition. We played basketball after class. 1. What will they do to get ready for the graduation ceremony? They will prepare some gifts. 2. What does Michael think of the final examination? He thinks it is a piece of cake. 3. Will they give speeches at the ceremony? Perhaps. 1b Listen to 1a and fill in the blanks. 录音P43-1a weekend the boys and girls will graduate. This _______, They are talking about what they have to do. 1. They certainly have to _____ pass the final examination. 2. They probably have to give _______ speeches at the graduation ceremony. 3. They will remember their _______ friendship forever. 1a Listen, look and say. 视频P43-1a 1. I’ll say I have learned not only how to study, but how to be a man. 我要说的是我不仅学会了如何学习,而且学会了如何做人。 这里的not only...but...是 not only...but also…的省略形式。 2. Thinking back on the past three years, I have learned that if I want to succeed, I must study hard. 回想起过去的三年,我领悟到要想成功,就必须努力学习。 think back on 意为“回想起,追忆”, 相当于 think back to。 3. Nothing is impossible if you set your mind to it. 世上无难事,只怕有心人。/有志者,事竟成。 possible 可能 impossible 不可能 4. around the corner 意为“很近,在附近,即将 发生,来临”。 2 Talk with your partner about what you will do before leaving school by following the example. take photos with one another prepare gifts for teachers and classmates have a clas


e.g. 9 A: Maria, how can you get to your school? B: Well, I ...仁爱科普英语七下U6T3SA... 暂无评价 12页 ¥1.00 初三仁爱英语第一轮总...

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