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Unit 5 China and the World Topic 3 Now it is a symbol of England. Section D Introduce the famous buildings you know or you have learned in this unit. Read through Sections A-C and fill in the blanks in Grammar. Grammar 1. Not only Tom but also I ______ (have/has) a car. 2. Neither he nor she ____(are/is) an engineer. 3. Probably either you or I ____(are/am) wrong. 4. Both he and Jack _____(is/are) fired. both…and…连接主语时,谓语动词要用复数 形式; ? neither… nor…, not only…but also…和 either…or…连接主语时,谓语动词则要遵循 就近一致原则。 ? Translate the sentences in Functions into Chinese. Functions That’s a good description. 那是很形象的描述。 ? I really hope I can visit some of these places some day. 我真的希望有朝一日我能去参观这些地方。 ? I think we have learned a lot from the famous people around the world. 我认为我们已经从这些世界名人身上学到了很多。 ? adj.埃及的,埃及人的 n.金字塔 the Egyptian Pyramids The King, Khufu, built the Great Pyramid as his tomb. n.坟墓;冢 It took 100 000 people over 20 years to complete it. v.完成 The biggest stone weighs as much as 15 tons. n.吨 v.安装 Each stone was fixed so well, though the ancient workers didn’t have any modern tools. n.工具 1a Look at the picture and talk about it with your partner. Then read the passage and choose the best title for it. A. The Great Pyramid B. The Seven Wonders C. The Largest Pyramid 1b Read 1a again and complete the table. 录音P23-1a The Great Pyramid Country Use Length Height Mystery Building time Material Number of workers Elapsed time how the ancient Egyptians built it without moder



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