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——源代码 ——源代码

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The film review of Source Code

It is a kind of science fiction movie,which gets through the grief process with an comparatively subtle happy ending.When it comes from the light and the scene,the strange plot is expressed brazenly by the director. Capitan Colter Stevens ,a soldier waking up in Commuter Train in Chicago,found himself in another person's body. He knew his task,that find a dynamite and the offender in the train in 8 mins after dieing from explosion.If he can't ,go back to move in cycles. Finally he found the chief culprit ,at that time he wanted to get in bizarre world to rescue whole people in the train,but in the principle of Source Code,the reality can not be changed.Luckily, out of sympathy for him ,Goodwin said yes and put the button. I don't want to say more about the content of the movie,but the essence of the story must retain in your mind.What do you feel about just living in your thought ?You devote yourself to your nation without complete death.When everything clear appeared in front of your face,would you like to deliver another world,certainly, you have to bear the tolerance again and again ,over and over? Which side do you like to choose,nation pride or individual life and death . I am not a soldier, i can hardly touch the deeply spirit of humanity and the people. But Source Code is a perfect movie I think .There is no wellknowed actors ,no special actions,no sharp battles,but when you alone ,stay with your lover,or maybe together with your friends,it is valuable to see,I promise. Hope you all love it!


电影《源代码观后感美国的电影一直为各国人民所称道, 其中不乏 《心灵捕手》 、 《苏菲的世界》 、 《火柴人》 、 《雨人》 、 《盗梦空间》等经典影片,...
电影《源代码观后感_人文社科_专业资料。电影《源代码观后感 Colter 从睡梦中...2014年12月大学英语四级经典参考范文78份文档 不小心又胖了 胖女人必看 健康减...
关于电影“源代码”的疑问 不管怎样,和国产电影相比,"源代码"是一部不错的电影,每每看过一次国产大片,很少有 此兴致写观后感,因为国产电影给人很少的想象空间;而...
源代码读后感_社会学_人文社科_专业资料。《源代码观后感看完电影《源代码》后,我们几个人都感叹不已,围绕着该如何解释剧情展开了激烈 的讨论,各有各的说法,...

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