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完形填空 专题二 第1课时 练习



Cloze 1 体裁:记叙文 话题:成长的故事 词数:274 时间:15′

(2016· 全国卷Ⅲ)When I was 13 my only purpose was to become the star on our football team.That meant__1__Miller King,who was the best __2__at our school. Football season started in September and all summer long I worked out.I carried my football everywhere for __3__. Just before September, Miller was struck by a car and lost his right arm.I went to see him after he came back from__4__.He looked very__5__,but he didn’t cry. That season,I__6__all of Miller’s records while he__7__the home games from the bench.We went 10-1 and I was named most valuable player,__8__I often had crazy dreams in which I was to blame for Miller’s __9__. One afternoon,I was crossing the field to go home and saw Miller __10__going over a fence—which wasn’t__11__to climb if you had both arms.I’m sure I was the last person in the world he wanted to accept __12__ from.But even that challenge he accepted.I__13__ him move slowly over the fence.When we were finally __14__ on the other side,he said to me,“You know,I didn’t tell you this during the season, but you did__15__.Thank you for filling in for__16__.” His words freed me from my bad __17__.I thought to myself,how even without an arm he was more of a leader.Damaged but not defeated,he was__18__ahead of me.I was right to have __19__ him.From that day on,I grew __20__ and a little more real. 【语篇解读】 本文是一篇记叙文,主要讲述了作者想成为校足球队的明星,经 过帮助受伤的 Miller King,使自己真正得到了成长。 1.A.cheering for C.relying on 答案 B.beating out D.staying with

B [考查动词短语辨析及语境理解。根据下一句,因为他是足球队中

最好的球员,所以要想成为明星就要打败他。故选 B。]

2.A.coach 答案




D [考查名词辨析及语境理解。 根据语境此处应是足球队员。 故选 D。 ] B.show C.comfort D.pleasure

3.A.practice 答案

A [考查名词辨析及语境理解。因为赛季开始了,所以作者为了实现

目标到处练习。故选 A。] 4.A.school 答案 C B.vacation C.hospital D.training

[考查名词辨析及语境理解。因为 Miller 被车撞了,所以当他从医

院回来的时候,作者去看他,故选 C。] 5.A.pale 答案 B.calm C.relaxed D.ashamed

A [考查形容词辨析及语境理解。 因为从医院刚回来, 身体还未康复,

所以脸色苍白。故选 A。] 6.A.held 答案 B.broke C.set D.tried

B [考查动词辨析及语境理解。根据后句内容判断作者打破了记录,

故用 break。故选 B。] 7.A.reported C.organized 答案 B.judged D.watched

D [考查动词辨析及语境理解。此时 Miller 只能在家里观看比赛。故

选 D。] 8.A.and 答案 C B.then C.but D.thus


和后一句作者常做梦受谴责,这两句话之间是转折关系。故选 C。] 9.A.decision C.accident 答案 10.A.stuck 答案 C B.mistake D.sacrifice [根据上文可知,此处应是 Miller 受伤的事故。故选 C。] B.hurt C.tried D.lost

A [考查动词辨析及语境理解。 此处应是 Miller 坚持过栅栏。 故选 A。 ] B.hard C.fun D.fit

11.A.steady 答案

B [考查形容词辨析及语境理解。对正常人来,越过栅栏应该不是一

件困难的事。故选 B。] 12.A.praise B.advice

C.assistance 答案 C


[考查名词辨析及语境理解。 因为 Miller 和作者两个人之间的竞争,

所以他并不想得到作者的帮助。故选 C。] 13.A.let 答案 B.helped C.had D.noticed

B [考查动词辨析及语境理解。根据上一句 But even that challenge he

accepted.可知,Miller 接受了帮助。故选 B。] 14.A.dropped C.trapped 答案 B.ready D.safe

D [考查形容词、动词辨析及语境理解。根据语境,此处指当他们安

全越过栅栏的时候。故选 D。] 15.A.fine C.quickly 答案 B.wrong D.normally

A [考查副词辨析及语境理解。根据语境,此处指作者在比赛中做得

很好。故选 A。] 16.A.us 答案 C B.yourself C.me D.them


选 C。] 17.A.memories C.attitudes 答案 B.ideas D.dreams

D [考查名词辨析及语境理解。根据上文可知,Miller 把作者从最初

的那个不好的梦想中解脱了出来。故选 D。] 18.A.still 答案 B.also C.yet D.just

A [考查副词辨析及语境理解。作者虽然打破了 Miller 创造的纪录,

但在作者心中,他仍领先于作者。故选 A。] 19.A.challenged C.invited 答案 B.cured D.admired

D [考查动词辨析及语境理解。 此处指作者一直钦佩 Miller。 故选 D。 ] B.bigger D.cooler

20.A.healthier C.cleverer


B [考查形容词辨析及语境理解。经过帮助受伤的 Miller King,使自

己真正得到了成长。故选 B。] Cloze 2 体裁:记叙文 话题:人生经历 词数:296 时间:17′

(2015· 全国卷Ⅰ)My kids and I were heading into the supermarket over the weekend.On the way, we spotted a man holding a piece of paper that said, “__1__ my job.Family to Feed.” At this store,a __2__ like this is not normal.My 10-year-old noticed him and made a __3__ on how bad it must be to have to stand __4__ in the cold wind. In the store,I asked each of my kids to __5__ something they thought our “friend” there would __6__.They got apples,a sandwich and a bottle of juice.Then my 17-year-old suggested giving him a __7__.I thought about it.We were __8__ on cash ourselves , but...well , sometimes __9__ from our need instead of our abundance is __10__ what we need to do!All the kids __11__ something they could do away with for the week. When we handed him the bag of __12__,he lit up and thanked us with __13__ eyes.When I handed him the gift card,saying he could use it for __14__ his family might need,he burst into tears. This has been a wonderful __15__ for our family.For days the kids have been looking for others we can __16__!Things would have played out so __17__ if I had simply said,“No,we really don’t have __18__ to give more.” Stepping out not only helped a brother in __19__,it also gave my kids the __20__ taste of helping others.It’ll go a long way with them. 【语篇解读】 这是一篇记叙文,作者讲述了发生在自己身边的一件事。周末的 时候作者和孩子们去超市的路上遇到了一个站在寒风中寻求帮助的人, 他引导孩 子们奉献爱心,快乐自己。通过这次经历,作者诠释了“赠人玫瑰,手留余香” 的真谛。 1.A.Lost 答案 B.Changed C.Quit D.Finished

A [考查语境中动词的辨析。 联系下文内容及“Family to feed.”可知这个

人失业了,还要养活家人。故答案为 A。] 2.A.condition 答案 C B.place C.sight D.show


家人”的纸, 站在冷风中。 这种情景在超市外面并不常见。 condition 条件; place 地方;sight 情景,景象;show 展示。显然唯有 C 项符合题意。] 3.A.suggestion 答案 B.comment C.decision D.call

B [考查语境中名词的辨析。 十岁的儿子看到这个站在冷风中的求助者

十分感慨,发表评论(comment)。suggestion 建议;decision 决定;call 电话; 均不合句意。] 4.A.outside 答案 B.proudly C.by D.angrily

A [考查语境中副词的辨析。由“in the cold wind”所提供的信息可以判

断此人是站在超市外面的。] 5.A.draw 答案 B.say C.arrange D.pick

D [考查语境中动词的辨析。 根据下文所述可知, 我让孩子们挑选(pick)

某种他们认为这位朋友喜欢(appreciate)的东西。draw 绘画;say 说出;arrange 安排。均与语境不符。] 6.A.order 答案 C B.supply C.appreciate D.discover

[考查语境中动词的辨析。 见上一小题解析。 order 命令, 订购; supply

供应;discover 发现。均不符合语境。] 7.A.dollar 答案 B.job C.hot meal D.gift card

D [考查语境中名词的辨析。下一段“When I handed him the gift card...”

一句已有暗示。] 8.A.easy 答案 B.low C.soft D.loose

B [考查语境中形容词的辨析。根据前面“I thought about it.”以及接下

来的“but...well...”可知, 我们的现金也不多了。 easy 容易; low (数量等)不足的; soft 柔软的;loose 松散的。B 项显然符合句意。] 9.A.giving 答案 B.saving C.spending D.begging

A [考查语境中动词的辨析。 由全文内容不难看出, 作者和孩子们的举

动是将财物赠与需要帮助的人。故答案为 A。] 10.A.yet B.even C.still D.just


D [考查语境中副词的辨析。 有时, 从生活需用品中节省出来赠与别

人恰恰是(just)我们需要做的。其余选项不符合语意逻辑。] 11.A.declared 答案 B.shared C.ignored D.expected

A [考查语境中动词的辨析。 为了省出钱来去帮助别人, 孩子们纷纷

宣布自己这周可以舍弃不用的东西。 declare 公布, 宣布; share 分享, 分担; ignore 忽视,不理睬;expect 期待。由句意可知答案为 A。] 12.A.toys 答案 C B.medicine C.food D.clothes

[考查语境中名词的辨析。 联系上文“They got apples, a sandwich,

and a bottle of juice.”一句可知, 我们将这些食品递给这个人。 故答案为 C。 ] 13.A.sleepy 答案 B B.watery C.curious D.sharp

[ 考查语境中形容词的辨析。根据本段结尾一句中的 “...he burst

into tears.”可知,这个人眼含泪水向我们表示感谢。sleepy 困倦的;watery 含水的;curious 好奇的;sharp 锐利的。由语境可知 B 项为正确答案。] 14.A.whoever 答案 B.whatever C.whichever D.whenever

B [考查语境中代词的辨析。由句子结构可知,这是一个宾语从句。

从句谓语动词 need 之后缺少宾语,故可将 D 项排除。再结合句意“我告诉 他可以用这张卡为家人购买生活必需品”可知答案非 B 莫属。] 15.A.experience 答案 B.example C.message D.adventure

A [考查语境中名词的辨析。 由前文所述可知, 这是一次非常棒的经

历,给了孩子们莫大的鼓舞。experience 经历;example 例子;message 口信; adventure 冒险。显然答案为 A。] 16.A.rely on 答案 B.respect C.learn from D.help

D [考查语境中短语动词的辨析。帮助别人,快乐自己。接连几天,

孩子们都在寻找需要帮助的人。显然,D 项意思与语境相吻合。] 17.A.suddenly 答案 C B.vividly C.differently D.perfectly


帮助更多的人,事情可能会完全不同,他们可能就不会有这样的举动。 suddenly 突然;vividly 生动地;differently 不同地;perfectly 完美地。由句 意可知 C 项为正确答案。] 18.A.time B.power C.patience D.money

答案 19.A.fear 答案

D [考查语境中名词的辨析。见上一小题解析。] B.love C C.need D.memory


们帮助了一位处于困境中的人。in need 的意思是“患难;急需;处于困境 中”。] 20.A.strong 答案 B.sweet C.strange D.simple

B [考查语境中形容词的辨析。纵观全文,作者与孩子们的这一善举

让他们品尝到了帮助别人的甜蜜,正所谓“赠人玫瑰,手留余香”。故答案 为 B。] Cloze 3 体裁:记叙文 话题:父爱 词数:296 时间:17′

(2015· 陕西卷)Dad had a green comb.He bought it when he married Mum.Every night, he would hand me his__1__and say, “Good girl, help Daddy clean it, OK?” I was __2__to do it.At age five,this dull task brought me such __3__.I would excitedly turn the tap__4__and brush the comb carefully.Satisfied that I’d done a good job,I would happily return the comb to Dad.He would __5__affectionately at me and place the comb on his wallet. Two years later, Dad started his own__6__, which wasn’t doing so well.That was when things started to __7__.Dad didn’t come home as early and as much as he used to.Mum and I became __8__with him for placing our family in trouble.With __9__, an uncomfortable silence grew between us. After my graduation,Dad’s business was getting back on track.On my 28th birthday,Dad came home __10__.As usual,I helped him carry his bags into his study.When I turned to leave,he said,“Hey,would you help me __11__my comb?”I looked at him a while,then __12__the comb and headed to the sink. It hit me then: why, as a child ,__13__Dad clean his comb was such a pleasure.That routine(习惯) meant Dad was home early to __14__the evening with Mum and me.It __15__a happy and loving family. I passed the clean comb back to Dad.He smiled at me and __16__placed his

comb on his wallet.But this time,I noticed something __17__.Dad had aged.He had wrinkles next to his eyes when he smiled,__18__his smile was still as __19__as before,the smile of a father who just wanted a good__20__for his family. 【语篇解读】 父亲的绿色梳子曾给我的孩提时代带来了许多的快乐,然而,父 亲开始做生意之后,这一切都悄悄地发生着变化,父亲不再早归,我也不再帮助 他清洗梳子。直到我 28 岁生日的那一天,我才知道,无论如何变化,不变的是 父亲的微笑,父亲希望带给我们幸福生活的心。 1.A.bag 答案 C B.wallet C.comb D.brush

[考查名词辨析。 本文首句说父亲有一把绿色的梳子, 所以每天晚上,

父亲会把他的梳子递给我让我去清洗。] 2.A.annoyed 答案 B.relieved C.ashamed D.pleased

D [考查形容词辨析。根据后文的 excitedly 可以看出,作者很乐意帮

父亲洗梳子。] 3.A.joy 答案 A B.sadness C.courage D.pain


乐。虽然单调,但是我很乐意这样做,从后文的 excitedly 可以看出。] 4.A.out 答案 5.A.stare 答案 B.over C.in D.on

D [考查固定搭配。我打开水龙头。turn on 打开。] B.smile C.shout D.laugh

B [考查名词辨析。我洗完梳子,会很开心地交还给父亲,而父亲会亲

切地朝我微笑,并把梳子放在他的钱包上。] 6.A.family 答案 B.business C.task D.journey

B [考查名词辨析。两年后,父亲决定开始自己创业,但是进展的并不

是很好。start his own business 开始创业。] 7.A.progress 答案 B.change C.improve D.form

B [考查名词辨析。就在父亲开始创业的时候,事情开始发生了变化。

父亲不再像往常一样回家早了。] 8.A.satisfied 答案 C B.delighted C.mad D.strict

[考查形容词辨析。 因为父亲创业的形势不是很好,我和母亲因为他

把我们的家庭陷入了困境中,所以变得快发疯了,此处表示我和母亲很生气。 不可能是满意的,高兴的或者是严格的。] 9.A.time 答案 B.patience C.speed D.ease

A [考查名词辨析。 随着时间的流逝, 我们之间有了一种令人不舒适的

寂静,这儿指我和父亲不大交流了。] 10.A.occasionally C.frequently 答案 B.early D.rarely

B [考查副词辨析。我毕业后,父亲的生意开始回到了正轨,在我 28

岁生日那天,父亲早早地回到了家。] 11.A.sharpen 答案 C B.repair C.clean D.keep


我:“你愿意帮我清洗我的梳子吗?”这是数年前的问法,当然是 clean。] 12.A.dropped 答案 B.took C.handed D.threw

B [考查动词辨析。看了父亲一会儿,我然后把梳子拿过来,去了洗

涤槽。take 拿;取。] 13.A.watching 答案 C B.letting C.helping D.hearing


父亲洗梳子是一件快乐的事情呢?] 14.A.find 答案 B.lose C.waste D.spend

D [考查动词辨析。那个习惯意味着父亲回家很早,与我和母亲一起

度过晚上。spend 度过。] 15.A.affected C.meant 答案 C B.broke D.supported [考查动词辨析。照应上一句的 meant,那意味着我们是一个快乐

有爱的家庭。] 16.A.firmly 答案 B.hurriedly C.casually D.carefully

D [考查副词辨析。我洗完梳子,还给父亲,父亲朝我微笑着,并小

心翼翼地把它放在钱包上。 firmly 坚定地; hurriedly 匆忙地; casually 随意地。 ] 17.A.different B.exciting C.interesting D.urgent


A [考查形容词辨析。但是这一次,我注意到一些不同的事情:父亲

变老了,当他微笑时,他的眼角出现了皱纹。] 18.A.for 答案 B.or C.so D.yet

D [考查连词辨析。然而,他的微笑却和以前一样温暖人心。] B.heartwarming D.innocent

19.A.convincing C.cautious 答案

B [考查形容词辨析。解析如上。heartwarming 暖人心的;convincing

令人信服的;cautious 小心的;innocent 无辜的;清白的。] 20.A.origin 答案 B.life C.reputation D.education

B [考查名词辨析。父亲的微笑仍然是一个想让自己的家人过上快乐

生活的父亲的微笑。] Cloze 4 体裁:记叙文 话题:人物故事 (2014· 北京卷) The Fitting-in of Suzy Khan The first time I saw Suzy Khan, I knew I had to help her.She was really small for her age of 12.The boys in my class often __1__ about her and laughed their 词数:375 时间:19′

heads off.She would open a book, pretending to read, with tears dropping on the open page. All I knew was that she was an orphan (孤儿) from Africa.She had just been adopted by a family in town who __2__ that the best way for her to learn __3__

American ways of life was to be with American kids.I looked down at this girl and promised myself that somehow I would help her. But how could I help her __5__. One day,when I went into the classroom,I saw that Suzy had __4__

in with us ? There had to be a


her geography book to a picture of a train,and in her notebook,she had made a(n) __7__ copy.

I was surprised and thought that she could do something in the coming


show.So,I took her to see the art teacher,Miss Parker,and showed her __9__.“Why,it’s wonderful,”said Miss Parker,who then __10__ the talent show.“I need more of

what Suzy had

showed us a poster she had painted these,but I just don’t have enough

__11__.Could you help me,Suzy?” __12__ were everywhere—all

On the day of the talent show,Suzy’s

over the hall and all over the school,each one different. “And finally, ”said Mr.Brown, the schoolmaster, at the end of the show, “we have a(n) __13__ award.I’m sure you’ve all noticed __14__ the wonderful them.” __15__

posters.”Everyone nodded.“One of our own students

I could hear everyone whispering.“Who in our school could draw well?” Mr.Brown waited a while before saying,“__16__ hard on the posters,she deserves a our new student—Suzy Khan!”

this student worked so

__17__,too.Our mystery(神秘的) artist is

Mr.Brown thanked her for all the wonderful posters and gave her a professional artist’s set.“Thank you,”she cried. I __18__,at that time when I was looking at her excited face,she’d probably never __19__ anything in her whole life. Everyone started to __20__ their hands.Suzy Khan gave them a shy smile and the applause was deafening.I knew then Suzy was going to be all right. 【语篇解读】 本文是一篇记叙文。讲述了一位新生 Suzy Khan 刚开始入学时不 适应,被班里的同学嘲笑,后来在老师的帮助下,通过自己独立给学校的达人秀 画海报而受到校长、老师和同学们称赞的故事。 1.A.joked 答案 B.cared C.forgot D.worried

A [考查动词辨析。大家都嘲笑她 laughed their heads off,可知其他同

学对她并不友好,班里的男孩子应该是常开她的玩笑,因此选 A,开??的玩 笑。care 意为“关心”;forget 意为“忘记”;worry 意为“担心”。] 2.A.reported 答案 B.decided C.complained D.questioned

B [考查动词辨析。 Suzy 被镇上的一个家庭收养, 她的养父母应是“决

定”:对于 Suzy 来说,学会美国生活方式的最好的方法就是和美国孩子待在 一起。report 意为“报告”;complain 意为“抱怨”;question 意为“质问, 疑问”。] 3.A.rich 答案 C B.proud C.tiny D.popular

[考查形容词辨析及上下文信息题目。由第一段“She was really small

for her age of 12”中的 small 可以看出 Suzy 的相貌不符合她 12 岁的年龄,太显 小了。small 一词给此处提供了答案信息,因此选择 C.tiny 小的。rich 意为“富 有的”;proud 意为“骄傲的,自豪的”;popular 意为“受欢迎的”。] 4.A.come 答案 C B.fall C.fit D.tie

[考查动词辨析。 结合句意以及标题可以看出现在作者在思考如何帮

助 Suzy 适应新生活,fit in with sb 和某人相处融洽;适应。因此选 C 项。come 意为“来到”;fall 意为“掉落”;tie 意为“系”。] 5.A.manner 答案 B.pattern C.choice D.way

D [考查名词辨析。 结合句意: 我怎么样才能帮助她适应呢?总会有一

个方法的。 因此 D 项 way 正确。 manner 意为“礼仪; 方式”; pattern 意为“图 案”;choice 意为“选择”。] 6.A.read 答案 C B.taken C.opened D.put

[考查动词辨析。 由空后 to a picture of a train 可以看出此处应该是打

开课本,翻到书上的一幅火车图片并在练习本上临摹这幅画,因此选择 C 项。 read 意为“阅读”;take 意为“带走”;put 意为“放”。] 7.A.free 答案 B.perfect C.final D.extra

B [考查形容词辨析。由空后作者惊讶的态度 I was surprised...来看,

Suzy 所画的东西应该是很逼真,结合句意,因此选 B 项。free 意为“自由的, 免费的”;final 意为“最后的”;extra 意为“额外的”。] 8.A.art 答案 B.talk C.quiz D.talent

D [考查上下文信息。由 10 空后面的 the talent show,看出 D 项正确。

art 意为“艺术”;talk 意为“谈话”;quiz 意为“测验”。] 9.A.colored 答案 B.written C.carved D.drawn

D [考查动词辨析。作者给 Miss Parker 看的应该是 Suzy 所画的东西,

因此选 D。 color 意为“上色, 涂色”; write 意为“写”; carve 意为“雕刻”。 ] 10.A.at 答案 C B.after C.for D.around

[考查介词辨析。结合句意,Miss Parker 此时展示的是她为这次达

人秀所画的海报,for the talent show。at 意为“在??”;after 意为“在?? 之后” ;around 意为“在??周围”。] 11.A.room 答案 B.time C.paper D.interest

B [考查名词辨析。 从空后来看, Miss Parker 此时向 Suzy 求助帮忙画

海报,此空应是没有足够“时间”画才向 Suzy 求助,因此选 B 项。room 意 为“房间,空间”;paper 意为“纸”;interest 意为“兴趣”。] 12.A.gifts 答案 B.books C.photos D.posters

D [考查上下文信息。根据下文信息,13 空后面的 I’m sure you’ve all

noticed the wonderful posters,应是 Suzy 所画的海报能够在各处看到,因此选 D 项。gift 意为“礼物”;book 意为“书”;photo 意为“照片”。] 13.A.special 答案 B.academic C.national D.royal

A [考查形容词辨析。 结合句意, 此时校长 Mr.Brown 应是想要给 Suzy

嘉奖,而这个奖应是一个“特殊的”荣誉,因此选 A 项。academic 意为“学 院的,学术的”;national 意为“国家的”;royal 意为“皇家的”。] 14.A.painted 答案 B.found C.printed D.collected

A [考查动词辨析。结合句意,them 指代海报,我们自己的一位学生

画了海报。因此选 A。find 意为“找到”;print 意为“打印”;collect 意为 “收集”。] 15.A.very 答案 B.that C.quite D.too

B [考查副词辨析。结合句意,此处学生们好奇谁能够画的那么好,

that=so 意为“那么”,因此选 B,very 意为“非常” ;quite 意为“十分”; too 意为“太”。] 16.A.If 答案 B.Though C.Unless D.Since

D [考查连词。结合句意,既然 Suzy 在海报上花了很大功夫,她应该

受到嘉奖。因此选 D。if 意为“如果”;though 意为“尽管,虽然”;unless 意为“除非,如果不”。] 17.A.prize B.rank C.rest D.place


A [考查名词辨析。结合句意,deserve a prize 应受嘉奖,因此选 A。

rank 意为“排名”;rest 意为“休息”;place 意为“地方”。] 18.A.replied C.remembered 答案 B.realized D.regretted

B [考查动词辨析。结合句意,当我看到她兴奋的脸时,我意识到,

Suzy 也许一生中从未拥有过这样的时刻。因此选 B。reply 意为“回复”; remember 意为“记得”;regret 意为“后悔,遗憾”。] 19.A.offered 答案 C B.valued C.owned D.controlled

[考查动词辨析。结合句意,对于 Suzy 来说,她应是从未拥有过这

些, 因此选 C。 offer 意为“主动提供”; value 意为“珍惜”; control 意为“控 制”。] 20.A.clap 答案 B.wave C.raise D.shake

A [考查动词辨析。结合句意,此处其他学生开始为 Suzy 鼓掌,从空

后 applause 能够看出此处应为 clap,因此选 A。wave 意为“挥舞”;raise 意 为“举起”;shake 意为“摇晃;颤抖”。] 题组二 尝试模拟

Cloze 1 (2016· 石家庄高三年级调研)There once was a poor and frustrated salesman complaining every day that there was no platform for him to display his ability and the fate was often pulling his legs. On Christmas Eve,every family __1__ their house with lanterns and it was very __2__ everywhere.But he was __3__ in a park,drinking his Christmas day away,without new clothes,new shoes,__4__ a new car and a new house.

“Damn! I have to spend this Christmas day with these __5__ shoes again, ” he __6__ and began to take off the old __7__ shoes.Suddenly, he glanced at a young man in a forward.It

passing by him with his hands arduously __8__ the wheels

dawned on him that he was so __9__ to have shoes to wear __10__ that man did not even have the chance.Afterwards,the salesman did anything __11__ and cherished every opportunity to __12__ himself.He worked hard and tried his best to make

progress every day.Several years later,he became a millionaire.

eventually succeeded in __13__ and

If you look all around,you’ll find there are so many people who were born disabled but they are __14__ in life and never complain about the __15__ destiny ( 命运 ).They are also not to __16__ others’ sympathy.Instead , they constantly

__17__ to make themselves stronger and better to serve the society.By contrast,we should feel __18__.We are born healthy,but we are fed up with life.We always dissatisfy with our jobs and place the blame on our __19__.Maybe all of us would

feel afraid when we realize we have fallen into such frustrating state of life,__20__ worse is that you even do not situation. 【语篇解读】 本文讲述了一个失意的销售员从一个残疾人身上得到启迪,从而 在事业上获得成功的故事。 1.A.painted 答案 B.decorated C.shared D.loaded realize you have fallen into such an adventurous

B [根据“On Christmas Eve”和“their house with lanterns”可知, 家家户户

都用灯笼来装饰房子,准备过节,decorate...with...意为“用??装饰??”。] 2.A.festive 答案 B.crowded C.messy D.noisy

A [由“On Christmas Eve”和“lanterns”可知,此处表示到处都洋溢着节

日的气氛。festive“节日的,喜庆的” 。] 3.A.awake 答案 C B.afraid C.alone D.asleep


一人。alone“单独,孤身一人”。] 4.A.leave off C.let out 答案 B.leave behind D.let alone

D [根据语境可知, 此处表示他没有新衣服和新鞋子, 更不用说新车和

新房了,故选 D。leave off“停止”;leave behind“留下”;let out“泄露”; let alone“更不用说”。] 5.A.cheap 答案 B.shabby C.heavy D.big

B [由下文的“began to take off the old shoes”可知,主人公的鞋子很破

旧。shabby“肮脏破旧的”,符合语境。] 6.A.smiled 答案 C B.added C.sighed D.argued

[根据第一段中的 complaining 和第二段的内容可知,主人公在圣诞

前夜独自一人,自然是很失落,故此处表示他感叹时运不济。sigh“叹气”。] 7.A.wheelchair 答案 B.bike C.bus D.car

A [由下文的“the wheels forward”可知,那个年轻人坐在轮椅上。] B.pulling C.pushing D.putting

8.A.holding 答案 9.A.lucky 答案 C

[根据“forward”可推知,此处表示将轮椅向前推。] B.stout C.pitiful D.miserable

A [与“that man did not even have the chance”形成对比可推知,主人公

是幸运的,有鞋可穿, 故选 A。lucky“幸运的”;stout“结实的”;pitiful“可 怜的,令人同情的”;miserable“悲惨的”。] 10.A.unless 答案 B.since C.though D.while

D [根据语境可知, 前后句表示对比。 while“但是, 而”, 符合语境。 ] B.calmly C.hurriedly D.curiously

11.A.excitedly 答案

B [根据“and cherished every opportunity”可推知,主人公不再抱怨而

是镇静下来,开始好好生活。calmly“镇静地”。] 12.A.control 答案 C B.enjoy C.improve D.protect

[由下文的“He worked hard and tried his best to make progress every

day”可知,主人公很努力地提高自己。] 13.A.business 答案 B.education C.medicine D.charity

A [根据上文可知,主人公是一个销售员,并结合本句可知,主人公

工作勤奋、努力,最终在事业上成功了,成了一个百万富翁。] 14.A.interested C.absorbed 答案 B.confident D.strict

B [根据“and never complain about the __15__ destiny(命运)”可推

知,这些人对生活充满信心。confident“有信心的”。] 15.A.unusual C.uncertain B.unbelievable D.unfair


D [此处表示从来不抱怨命运不公,与上文所列举的那个坐轮椅的人

的例子呼应,故选 D。] 16.A.beg 答案 B.acquire C.forget D.question

A [由上文的“and never complain about the __15__ destiny(命运)”可

知,这些人也不乞求别人的同情,故选 A。] 17.A.quarrel 答案 B B.struggle C.remind D.quicken


但是他们仍旧努力让自己变得更强、更好。struggle“挣扎,努力”。] 18.A.sorrowful C.ashamed 答案 C B.regretful D.awkward [ 与这些人相比,我们这些健康的人应该感到惭愧,故选 C 。

sorrowful“悲伤的,伤心的”;regretful“后悔的”;ashamed“惭愧的”; awkward“尴尬的”。] 19.A.schoolmates C.friends 答案 B.relatives D.colleagues

D [由“our jobs”可推知, 此处表示对工作不满, 把责任归在同事身上。

colleague“同事”。] 20.A.but 答案 B.so C.though D.for

A [根据“even”可推知, 此处前后句表示逻辑上的转折关系, 与“worse”

呼应,故选 A。] Cloze 2 (2016· 日照高三模拟)The number one thing people think you miss out on if you don’t have arms is a hug.At least,that’s what Jessica Cox says. The world’s first __1__ pilot gets the same question over and over again from __2__:“How do you hug?” Last week,a 3-year-old girl named Ruth Evelyn(RE) Pranke __3__ that question for her.The girl,who also didn’t get the __4__ from God,embraced(拥抱) the 32-year-old in a __5__ not many had seen before. “You can __6__ give someone a hug without arms, ” the motivational speaker

Cox told CBS News.“It encourages people to believe that anything is __7__.” RE’s mother,Karlyn Pranke,hoped her daughter would also be __8__. When Pranke was 20 weeks pregnant,she __9__ RE would be born without arms.“I started googling ‘without arms’ , ”Pranke __10__. “ That’s when Jessica’s __11__ popped up(突然出现).I wanted one day my daughter to be able to __12__ her.” Two months ago, her dream came true: they came across Cox.And RE __13__ if she could see the airplane Cox flies with her feet.With a big smile,Cox led the way. Cox said, “I wanted to __14__ her there’s someone else who doesn’t have arms who is happy.”__15__ there’s one thing RE focuses on,Pranke hopes it’s her “__16__”,not her “disability”. She thinks her daughter is now beginning to __17__ that she can do things like everyone else—it just might be __18__. “She’s __19__ 3-year-old,so looking out to the __20__ is not something in her thinking,”Cox said.“But I want her to know she can do anything.” 【语篇解读】 本文是一篇记叙文。母亲为了鼓励自己无臂的女儿,便带着她

去见了 Jessica Cox——世界上第一位无臂飞行员。 1.A.legless 答案 B B.armless C.footless D.hairless

[ 根 据上 文中 的 “don’t have arms” 和 下 文中 的 “gets the same

question”“without arms”可知,此处说的应是 Jessica Cox 是世界上第一位无臂 飞行员。] 2.A.colleagues C.strangers 答案 C B.relatives D.acquaintances [一遍又一遍地被问及同样的问题,发问者应该是陌生人

(strangers)。] 3.A.prepared 答案 D B.raised C.provided D.answered

[ 根据后文中的 “embraced(拥抱 ) the 32 - year- old” 可知此处用

answer“回应,答复”。] 4.A.gift B.protection C.message D.forgiveness


A [根据语境可知, 此处用 RE 也没有得到上帝的礼物(gift)来表示她也

没有双臂。] 5.A.case 答案 B.manner C.hurry D.sense

B [根据语境可知,此处指这个女孩以许多人没有见过的方式(manner)

拥抱了 32 岁的 Cox。] 6.A.hardly 答案 C B.carefully C.absolutely D.eventually

[此处指没有手臂,你也绝对(absolutely)能够拥抱别人。] B.rewarding D.possible

7.A.interesting C.challenging 答案 D

[ 根据上文讲述的是两个没有双臂的人把看似不可能的事情 (拥抱 )

变成了可能的事情可知,此处指这鼓舞着人们相信任何事情都是有可能的。] 8.A.interviewed C.inspired 答案 C B.admired D.impressed [根据上文中的“It encourages people to believe that...”以及本句中的

“also” 可知答案应为 C 项,指 RE 的母亲希望自己的女儿也能受到鼓舞。 inspire“启发,鼓励,鼓舞”。] 9.A.worked out C.gave out 答案 B.found out D.called out

B [当 Pranke 怀孕 20 周时,她发现 RE 天生没有手臂。work out“算

出,锻炼”;find out“发现,查明” ;give out“分发”;call out“命令??出 动,请求??出动”。] 10.A.explained C.interrupted 答案 B.decided D.responded

A [根据上下文可知,此处指 Pranke 解释道(explained),当她发现 RE

天生没有手臂后,她开始用谷歌搜索“无臂”。] 11.A.friend 答案 12.A.meet 答案 C B.address C.name D.idea

[此处指 Pranke 开始用谷歌搜索“无臂”时出现了 Jessica 的名字。 ] B.resemble C.phone D.follow

A [根据下文中的“her dream came true:they came across Cox”可知

此处应用 meet,指 Pranke 希望 RE 有一天能见到 Jessica Cox。] 13.A.suspected C.considered 答案 B.demanded D.wondered

D [根据语境可知, 此处指的应是 RE 想知道(wondered)自己是否可以

看看 Cox 用脚驾驶的飞机。] 14.A.teach 答案 15.A.If 答案 B.show C.promise D.warn

B [此处指 Cox 想向 RE 表明(show)有些人没有手臂也很快乐。] B.While C.Since D.Unless

A [如果 RE 要专注于一件事,Pranke 希望那是她的能力(ability)而不

是她的残疾。根据语境可知,此处应用 If 引导条件状语从句。] 16.A.dream 答案 17.A.admit 答案 B.ability C.ambition D.goal

B [参见上题解析。后面的“not her ‘disability’”亦是提示。] B.doubt C.expect D.realize

D [根据语境可知, 此处指她认为她的女儿开始意识到(realize)她能够

像其他人一样做事情,只是可能有点与众不同(different)。] 18.A.different 答案 B.difficult C.strange D.funny

A [参见上题解析。] B.merely C.mainly D.completely

19.A.obviously 答案

B [她仅仅(merely)是个 3 岁的孩子, 所以展望未来(future)并不是她能

想到的事儿。] 20.A.life 答案 C B.view [参见上题解析。] Cloze 3 (2016· 郑州一中模拟)One rainy afternoon I was sitting at home feeling so bored.__1__ feeling sorry for myself, I wanted to meet people and have new __2__ so I decided to start volunteering.I found a website where I could volunteer on a farm in France. Volunteering __3__ so many opportunities to have fun and share __4__ stories.It was the first time for me to work on a farm.It was almost a(n) __5__ C.future D.success

holiday as food and accommodation were provided.It was not one __6__ holiday, however, as I had to __7__ fifteen horses and sheep! I soon discovered that I was a(n) __8__ farmer but it did not matter because I made some great friends and also improved my __9__. However,you do not __10__ go abroad to volunteer.I have had plenty of

adventures at home as volunteering can become a __11__.For example,I love __12__ so I had a good laugh waving my arms in order to __13__ my local choir(合 唱团).At university,I organized a concert for charity with my friends.It was really __14__ to find bands and raise money for a cause. It is true that you feel good volunteering but there are also other __15__.I once volunteered as a steward (干事) at a charity sports event where the organizers __16__ gave me cupcakes from an expensive London bakery to thank me for my __17__.I also volunteered in a charity shop so I found loads of nice cheap clothes to my wardrobe. While this is all fun,my favourite aspect of volunteering is __19__ and sharing stories.My terrible __20__ at farming has given me funny stories to tell! 【语篇解读】 本文是一篇记叙文,讲述了作者从事志愿工作的经历及志愿工作 的优点。 1.A.Apart from C.Instead of 答案 C B.Due to D.But for __18__

[下文提到作者决定做志愿工作, 故这里应是“我想见别人并有新的

经历,而不是自怨自艾”。Instead of“而不是,取代”,符合语境。] 2.A.experiences C.opportunities 答案 B.discoveries D.changes

A [参见上题解析。experience 意为“经历”,符合语境。] B.demands D.seizes [此处指“志愿工作提供很多能让人玩得愉快并分享精彩的故事的

3.A.recommends C.offers 答案 C

机会”。offer“提供”,符合语境。] 4.A.popular B.fantastic

C.familiar 答案


B [参见上题解析。fantastic 意为“美妙的,精彩的”,符合语境。] B.free D.special

5.A.impressive C.cheap 答案

B [根据下文的“as food and accommodation were provided”可知,农场

提供食物和住宿,故此处表示它几乎是一个免费的(free)假期。] 6.A.unique C.typical 答案 C B.regular D.convenient [根据上文的“work on a farm”及下文的“as I had to __7__ fifteen

horses and sheep”可知, 这不是一个典型的(typical)假期, 因为作者在农场工作, 而且必须照顾十五匹马和羊。] 7.A.attend to C.hunt for 答案 B.research into D.communicate with

A [参见上题解析。attend to sb/sth 意为“照顾某人/某物”。] B.suitable D.awful

8.A.skillful C.hard-working 答案

D [根据下文的“but”及最后一段中的“My terrible __20__ at farming”可

知,此处指“不久我就发现我是一个糟糕的(awful)农民”。] 9.A.English 答案 B.French C.Russian D.Chinese

B [根据第一段中的“on a farm in France”可知,作者在法国的农场从事

志愿工作,所以应是提高法语。] 10.A.normally 答案 B.basically C.naturally D.necessarily

D [根据下文的“I have had plenty of adventures at home...”可知,作者

在国内有许多冒险经历,故可推知 “ 你不一定要去国外从事志愿工作 ” 。 necessarily 意为“必要地”,not necessarily“不一定”。] 11.A.hobby 答案 B.trend C.job D.reality

A [下文提到的志愿工作显然是作者的爱好,关键词“love”就是暗示,

故用 hobby。] 12.A.dancing B.writing C.singing D.performing



[根据下文的“my local choir(合唱团)”和“I organized a concert for

charity...”可知,作者喜欢唱歌(singing)。] 13.A.greet 答案 B.control C.organize D.conduct

D [根据上文的“I had a good laugh waving my arms...”及后面的“my

local choir(合唱团)”可推知, 此处指挥动胳膊来指挥(conduct)当地的合唱团。 ] 14.A.powerful C.meaningful 答案 C B.hopeful D.successful

[找乐队并为慈善事业筹钱真的很有意义。meaningful 意为“有意

义的”,符合语境。] 15.A.adventures C.factors 答案 B.advantages D.achievements

B [根据下文的“gave me cupcakes...”“so I found loads of nice cheap

clothes”可知,这里说的是“你确实能感受到志愿工作的好处,但是它还有其 他的优点(advantages)”。] 16.A.generously C.equally 答案 B.cautiously D.proudly

A [根据下文的“...cupcakes from an expensive London bakery to thank

me...”可知组织者很大方地给作者很贵的杯形蛋糕。 generously 意为“慷慨地, 大方地”,符合语境。] 17.A.services C.determination 答案 A B.patience D.choices

[根据上文的“I once volunteered as a steward(干事) at a charity

sports event...” 可 知 , 组 织 者 给 作 者 杯 形 蛋 糕 是 为 了 感 谢 作 者 的 服 务 (services),故选 A 项。] 18.A.decorate C.beautify 答案 B.replace D.update

D [根据上下文可知,作者在慈善商店找到许多漂亮、便宜的衣服来

更新自己的衣橱。故选 D 项。] 19.A.creating B.imagining C.choosing D.completing




享故事”。] 20.A.offence 答案 C B.shame C.attempt D.annoyance


和尝试让作者有了可以分享的有趣的故事。attempt 意为“努力,尝试”,符 合语境。] Cloze 4 (2016· 太原模拟)A couple of weeks ago,I made a trip to Toronto with my granddaughter who just turned three years old.The two of us were on our way to __1__ her parents, and my wife—her __2__—who had been gone for over a week.We were all __3__ to get together again and as I pulled out of Mamere and Papere’s driveway in Chelmsford,Hailee and I could hardly __4__ our excitement about the trip and couldn’t wait to arrive at our __5__. When we __6__ the “SEVEN”-hour trip to Toronto later that day,the

__7__ was absolutely wonderful and I can __8__ say I enjoyed every single minute of that long journey. Hailee is at that “I want to do it myself” __9__ of her life.And if you can just

get over the “hurry-up syndrome” we __10__ as adults,it is wonderful to witness it.Who knew that __11__ a straw into the hole in a juice box,or being

__12__ enough to actually open the fridge door,or putting on your own __13__ on the right feet for the very first time would be so __14__? I’ll never forget the __15__ look on her face the day she was able to climb

into my truck by herself.She finally stood up on my seat,holding onto the steering wheel and declared __16__,“I did it!” And when she could actually put her own seat belt on—what a(n) __17__! Have you ever watched a three-year-old __18__ to sip (吸食) a McDonald’s milkshake through a straw?It is __19__ enough for an adult,too.And yet every time the icy solution touched her lips, I could see the you can’t hurry a child through a milkshake. __20__ in her eyes.I learned that

【语篇解读】 本文是记叙文。作者三岁的孙女海莉一直坚持自己动手做事情, 每完成一件“小”事都会很满足,她的生活充满着乐趣。 1.A.look after C.help out 答案 D B.pick up D.call on [由下文中的“get together again”得出,我们两个人正在去看望(call

on)她父母的路上。pick up“开车去接”;help out“帮忙”。] 2.A.driver 答案 C B.guide C.grandma D.aunt

[从上文中的“granddaughter”和本空前的“my wife”判断, 此处指的是

她奶奶(grandma)。] 3.A.anxious 答案 B.nervous C.lucky D.ready

A [根据下文中的“our excitement”“couldn’t wait”可知,我们都渴望

(anxious)再次相聚。] 4.A.explain 答案 B.control C.relieve D.evaluate

B [由下文中的“couldn’t wait”“enjoyed every single minute”可知,我

们两个都几乎抑制不住兴奋之情。control 意为“控制”,符合语境。] 5.A.destination C.airport 答案 B.hotel D.hometown

A [根据文章首句中的“Toronto”和第二段中的“Toronto”可知,此处表

示我们此行的目的地(destination)。] 6.A.organized 答案 B.completed C.decided D.prepared

B [此处指当我们在七小时后到达多伦多的时候。故用 complete 表示

“结束,完成”。] 7.A.conversation C.reunion 答案 C B.view D.party [那天的团聚(reunion)非常棒,我可以很真诚地说我喜欢这次旅程的

每一分钟。上文中的“get together again”是提示。] 8.A.naturally 答案 B.especially C.briefly D.sincerely

D [参见上题解析。] B.pattern C.stage D.balance




[ 根据下文中的内容可知,海莉正处在什么事都想自己做的阶段

(stage)。] 10.A.acquire C.understand 答案 A B.gather D.treat

[如果你能克服我们作为成年人获得 (acquire)的匆忙综合症,看着

海莉在那儿慢慢捣腾真的是一种享受。] 11.A.making C.sticking 答案 C B.purchasing D.finding [由本空后的“the hole in a juice box”可推断,此处指第一次把吸管

插(sticking)在果汁盒的插孔里。] 12.A.clever 答案 B.strong C.speedy D.confident

B [根据常识可知,此处指小小年纪就足够强壮(strong),能把冰箱门

打开。] 13.A.shoes 答案 B.socks C.jewellery D.trousers

A [从本空后的“the right feet”可知,此处指第一次把鞋子(shoes)正确

地穿在脚上。] 14.A.convincing C.useful 答案 B.satisfying D.simple

B [上文所列举的事都是令人高兴的(satisfying)。] B.blind C.elegant D.content

15.A.authentic 答案 D

[我永远忘不了她自己爬上我的卡车那天她脸上满足的 (content)表

情。authentic“真实的”;blind“茫然的”;elegant“优雅的”。] 16.A.carefully 答案 D B.bravely C.politely D.proudly


这件事。”] 17.A.coincidence C.example 答案 B.moment D.goal

B [她做这些事是让我感到温馨的时刻(moment)。] B.expect C.offer D.promise



A [根据本空前的“a three-year-old”可判断,此处指你见过一个

三岁大的孩子奋力(struggle)用吸管从麦当劳的奶昔中吸食吗?] 19.A.painful C.troublesome 答案 C B.practical D.dangerous

[从本空后的“an adult,too”可知,用吸管从奶昔中吸食就连大人

都觉得麻烦(troublesome)。] 20.A.delight C.calmness 答案 B.determination D.enthusiasm

A [当奶昔流进她的嘴里时,我可以看到她眼中的开心(delight)。] Cloze 5

(2016· 西安高三模拟)That night we lay on the floor in the room and I listened to the silkworms eating.The silkworms __1__ on shelves of mulberry(桑树) leaves and all night you could hear them eating and a dropping sound in the leaves.I myself didn’t want to __2__ because I had been living for a long time with the __3__ that if I ever shut my eyes in the dark and let myself go,my __4__ would go out of my body.I had been that way for a long time,__5__ since I was sleepless at night and felt it go out of me and go off and then __6__.I tried never to think about it, but it had started to go since,in the nights,just at the __7__ of going off to sleep,and I could only stop it by a very great __8__.So while now I am fairly sure that it would not really have gone out,yet then,that summer,I was unwilling to make the __9__. I had different ways of __10__ myself while I lay awake.I would think of a trout(鳟鱼) stream I had fished along when I was a boy; and fish its whole length very __11__ in my mind;fishing under all the logs,all the turns of the __12__,the deep holes and the clear shallow stretches,sometimes __13__ trout and sometimes losing them.I would stop fishing at noon to eat my lunch;sometimes on a log __14__ the stream; sometimes on a high bank under a tree; and I always ate my lunch very slowly and __15__ the stream below me while I ate.Often I ran out of bait(诱饵) because I would take ten __16__ with me in a tobacco tin when I started.When I had used them all I had to find __17__ worms and sometimes it was very difficult digging in the bank of the stream __18__ the cedar trees kept out the sun and there was no grass but

only the __19__ wet earth and often I could find no worms.Always I found some kind of bait,but one time in the swamp I could find no bait at all and had to __20__ one of the trout I had caught and used him for bait. 【语篇解读】 本文是一篇记叙文,讲述了作者在那年夏天患上了失眠症,在清 醒时他的脑海中所想到的事情。 1.A.lived 答案 2.A.eat 答案 B.fed C.moved D.carried

B [根据常识可知,蚕以桑叶为食,feed on“以??为食”,故选 B。] B.sleep C.talk D.leave

B [根据语境可知,“我”不想去睡觉(sleep),“我”这样生活已经很

长一段时间了。“我”知道如果“我”闭上眼睛“我”的灵魂就会出窍。故选 B。下文的“sleepless”是提示。] 3.A.purpose C.knowledge 答案 4.A.soul 答案 5.A.even 答案 D。] 6.A.come back C.get away 答案 7.A.risk 答案 B.come up D.get off C B.imagination D.excuse

[参见上题解析。with the knowledge that“知道”,故选 C。] B.idea C.sense D.temper

A [参见 2 题解析,故选 A。] B.yet C.still D.ever

D [自从“我”晚上失眠,“我”就这样了。ever since“自从”,故选

A [根据空前的“go off”可知,此处应该是回来(come back),故选 A。] B.moment C.sight D.request

B [此处指在晚上要睡觉的时候。at the moment of“在??时候”,故

选 B。] 8.A.intention 答案 C B.regret C.effort D.focus

[“我”只能通过很大的努力(effort)来阻止这件事的发生。 故选 C。 ] B.encouragement D.experiment

9.A.achievement C.entertainment



[“我”现在知道灵魂不会出窍,但那年夏天 “我”不愿去做试验

(experiment)。故选 D。] 10.A.occupying C.concerning 答案 A B.devoting D.equipping

[ 当 “ 我 ” 躺着但 却清醒的时 候 “ 我 ” 有不同的方 法 来占据

(occupying)自己。故选 A。] 11.A.casually 答案 D。] 12.A.root 答案 B.bank C.jungle D.coast D B.aimlessly C.painfully D.carefully

[ 当“我 ”是一个孩子时“ 我 ”认真(carefully)钓鱼的情形。故选

B [根据 14 空后面的“sometimes on a high bank under a tree”可知,这

里应该指在河岸的拐弯处,故选 B。] 13.A.spotting C.killing 答案 B.approaching D.catching

D [根据后面的“losing them”可知,前面应是“catching them”与之相对

应,故选 D。] 14.A.beyond 答案 B.over C.through D.beneath

B [根据 15 空后的“the stream below me”可知,圆木应在小溪的上面

(over),故选 B。] 15.A.watched C.crossed 答案 A B.conducted D.measured [“ 我 ” 吃饭的时候看 (watched)“ 我 ” 下面的小溪。 conduct“ 实

施”,cross“穿过”,measure“测量”,均不符合语境,故选 A。] 16.A.weeds 答案 B.worms C.insects D.leaves

B [根据下一句中的“When I had used them all I had to find __17__

worms”可知,这里应该是带来 10 条幼虫,故选 B。] 17.A.better 答案 18.A.when C B.larger C.more D.heavier

[当“我”带来的幼虫用完了, “我”还得找更多的幼虫。 故选 C。 ] B.how C.why D.where


D [the bank of the stream 指地点,后面句子成分主谓宾齐全,不缺成

分,故应用 where 引导定语从句。] 19.A.bare 答案 B.pure C.holy D.vivid

A [没有草只剩下光秃秃的(bare)湿地,故选 A。] B.cut down D.cut in

20.A.cut up C.cut off 答案

A [“我”找不到诱饵,只能把“我”捉住的鳟鱼切成小块(cut up)用。

cut down“砍倒”, cut off“切断”, cut in“插嘴”, 均不符合语境, 故选 A。 ]


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