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chapter 5 E-commerce

Lesson 5 E-Commerce and World Trade

Requirements 1.understand the meaning of EC 2.Remember the benefits of EC: international presence and access, lower cost, more convenient 3.Know

the common types of EC

Lesson 5 E-Commerce and World Trade



5.1 What is e-commerce? 5.2 Benefits of e-commerce 5.3 Types of e-commerce

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Electronic data interchange电子数据交换p349 Electronic funds transfer电子资金转账p349 Value-added network 增值网络p352 be bombarded with 被连续提问/提出 be left behind 被落下 a win-win situation一个双赢的局面

5.1 What is e-commerce? P342
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1. Try to list some e-commerce you know. 2. Definition of e-commerce In brief, e-commerce is the online exchange or sale and purchase of goods and services.

5.2 Benefit of e-commerce
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1.Global reach市场全球延伸 2.Lower internal cost降低内部成本 3.More convenient presentation of goods 更加便于产品展示 4.More convenient and easy buying and selling 更加便利于买和卖 5.Ubiquity普遍存在

5.3 Types of EC
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B2C B2B C2C P2P M-commerce

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