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(春)五年级英语下册 Module 9 Unit 2《That will be fun》教案 外研版

That will be fun 教学内容 学 目 习 标 Module9 Unit2 That will be fun. 授课时间 1.Be able to listen, read and write the key words: history, question. 2. Be able to use 3 different tenses well. 3.Be kind and be nice to our friends and family. 重 难 点 点 1.Be able to use 3 different tenses well. 2.Be kind and be nice to our friends and family. 教学方法 教学具准备 任务型教学法、小组合作 tape recorder, photos, word cards, ppt. 教 学 过 程 Step1.Warm-up: 1. Say the chant. Review 3 different tenses. 2. Free talk. Weekend is coming. What will you do? Step2.Presentation: 1. Look at the picture of Simon. Why is he very happy? Watch the video and find out the answer. 2. If you are Simon, what will you do for Daming? 3. Read and find out “What did they do for Daming?” Write and stick the key words on the board. 4. Learn the new words: history, question 5. Imagine: What will Simon and Daming do? They will ?. That will be fun! 6. Listen and repeat. 7. Retell the letter. Step3. Practice: 1. Fill in the blanks. 2. Describe the pictures. 3. Talk about ourselves: What are we doing now? What did you do yesterday? What will you do tomorrow? 4. Mr. White is a foreigner. He will come to Pingdu. Let’s find a home stay host for him. What will you do for him? Have a competition in 2 groups. 5. Write a letter to the foreigner and tell him what you did and what you will do. Sum-up: Be kind and be nice to our friends and family. 板 设 书 计 Module 9 Unit 2 That will be fun! Now getting ready put another bed read a book ask questions



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