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Shawshank Redemption When I first heard "The Shawshank Redemption", I thought Shawshank was a name, maybe it was chief character's name. So when I were watching it, I were waiting for Shawshank to appear. But I later fought out Shawshank was the name of a prison, then it made me confused about the title. What is the redemption of a prison? I watched this movie with doubts. After the movie was finished, I started thinking about the reasons for Andy's success. As far as I’m concerned, it is hope, persistence, knowledge and wisdom that sets Andy free. First is the hope. To be honest, at the very beginning, I didn't understand why Andy can remain hopeful all time and where did his hope come from. After the movie was finished, I believed Andy's hope comes from his longing for freedom. Although he was condemned to life imprisonment, he still hoped that he could leave Shawshank one day. So he once said to Red, "Fear can hold you prisoner. Hope can set you free. " That's why he didn’t cry when he was thrown into prison though he was innocent. That's why he kept him alive after he was bullied so badly. After he got out of Shawshank, he wrote to Red, "Remember, hope is a good thing, maybe the best of things and no good thing ever dies." Hope is indeed a good thing. If one is without hope, one has nothing to look forward to in life. So Brook ended his life. He had no hope in the invisible prison, his life becomes meaningless. On the contrary, Andy's letter gave Red hope and encouraged him. It was hope that changed Red's rest of life. Next is persistence. Persistence is the result of hope. I am surprised when I saw the hole in the wall which was big enough for Andy to get through. It is hard to imagine that Andy spent twenty years tunneling a big hole in the wall with a snall rock hammer. Finally, he made a path to freedom for himself. Andy's persistence also reflected in he kept on writing letters to State Senate for six years. Due to his own persistence, his friends had a new library. Last is knowledge and wisdom. I am deeply impressed by Andy's knowledge and wisdom. Knowledge and wisdom are different. Andy's knowledge helped make tainted money for the prison governor. But Andy's wisdom helped put these money in his own pocket. His escape plan was so extensive and perfect! When Andy finally got out of Shawshank, he extended his arms in front of him in the heavy rain. He were welcoming the freedom which he had been longing for twenty years. He finally leave Shawshank, a hell in the world. I am deeply moved. I even wanted to get up and clap for Andy. After the movie was finished, the most impressive thing I observe is knowledge. Knowledge really can changed one's fate. "There is something inside , that they can't get to , that they can't touch. That's yours." Yes, knowledge is the only thing that nobody can take away. "A strong man can save himself. A great man can save another." With the help of knowledge, we can become strong men. Maybe we can't save other people, but at least we can protect ourselves.

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