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(春)五年级英语下册 Module 6 Unit 2《It was amazing》教案 外研版

It was amazing. 课 题 New words and drills. 课 时 Talking about a place with past tense. Drawing their interests and training their habits. 德育教学目标 教学重点 教学难点 教学准备 教学板块 前置性作业 培养孩子们兴趣;拓展孩子国际视野 New words and drills Past tense. Cards , CD-ROM , tape, book 教与学预设 (师生活动) 一.Listen and follow to the tape. Find out the following questions. 听磁带并跟读 二.Find out the knowledge points about page 24. 找出 24 页文中的知识点。 教学过程 教学重构 (修改意见) It was amazing. 教学目标 第一课时 课前 3 分钟内容: 一.自学本科单词,熟读,并会拼写 二.熟读课文。 1. Greeting. T: Hello, boys and girls. S: Hello, teacher. 2. Revision. Answer some questions about the text in unit 1. T: How is Stonehenge? S:… Ⅱ. Presentation The title: We’ll see lots of stones. Ⅲ. Practice 1. Activity 1. Listen and find the new words. Then teach the words. Circle the past tense words and write out their formal form. Compete to say the words. Listen and repeat. Then read after teacher. 2. Activity 2 Read the text in their groups. And answer some questions. Where did they have the picnic? What did Mr Smart say? Then what did they see? What did they do? Ⅳ. Production. Say the poem after the tape. Play a game. Group survey. Do some exercises on their activity books. 1. 圆________ 2.解答________ 3. 希望 _______ 4. 令人惊讶的 _______ 5. 地方 _____ 6. 建造______ 7. 认为(过)________ 8.损坏的_______9. 归还________10. 季节______ V. Summary 1. The main points. 2. Dictation. Ask the children to sum up the main points. Have a dictation about the new words and sentences. 3. Homework. 板书设计 教后随记 Module6 Unit2 It was amazing


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2015外研社一起_五年级下册M6U2 Itwas amazing_英语_小学教育_教育专区。Module 6 Unit 2 It was amazing. 【教材分析】 语言功能:运用一般过去时态谈论事件。 ...

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