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高一英语上册 Unit 1 练习与巩固 ( ) (一) 一、单选 1 .All passengers could get ________ as soon as they got onto the ship. A. food for free B. for free food C. for food free D. food freely 2. If most breadwinners ________ a day’s pay to the Hope Project, then it will be hopeful. A. gift B. donate C. present D give 3. ---I’d like to book a room for tonight. ---Sorry, sir, but we don’t have any rooms________ right now. A. unable B. comfortable C. available D .suitable 4. For the young, ______ should be showed to their parents, teachers and old people. A. respect B. seriousness C. laugh D.laziness 5. This kind of exercise is most _______, and therefore is a good test of your students’ ability. A. surprising B. encouraging C. exciting D. challenging 6. Only by hard working can you _______ the goal. A. achieve B. receive C. make D. take 7. She _______ me ______ her parents as I met them for the first time. A. showed; to B. drove; to C. brought; to D. introduced; to 8. When we are doing an experiment, we usually spend two hours with a short in the middle. A. break B. resting C. breaking D. broken 9. In order to earn more money for his new car, the young man has to work for three ______ hours in the evening. A. extra B. many C. else D. another 10. --- Would you like to go to the cinema by car? --- No. I _______ walking, for it is not far from here. A. like B. am fond of C. prefer D. enjoy 11. After Yang Li Wei succeeded in circling the earth, ______ our astronauts desire to do is to walk in space. A. where B. what C. that D. how 12. Hand in hand with reading, Dave _______ the habit of making notes. A. caused B. brought C. created D. developed 13. Although the boy came back to life, _______ he remained weak. A. but B. yet C. however D. so 14. We will wait for further information, you should keep us ________. A. heard B. informed C. realized D. recognized 15. Marie Curie paid no attention _____ the prize that she won because of her achievements in physics. A. to B. of C. about D. from 16. More than 5,000 people _______ the important meeting. A. took B. attended C. took part D. joined 17______ for some time after a tiring day is very enjoyable and exciting for me in summer. A. Swim B. Swimming C. Go swimming D. To swim 18.Last month I came to Britain. My English has improved a lot _______ I use it all the time. A. since B. while C. when D. as 19.. How do you like the cake? It’s quite different from I had last month. A. hat B. which C. the one D. what 20. All the flowers smelling swee

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高一英语上册unit 1练习与巩固_从业资格考试_资格考试/认证_教育专区。高一英语上册 Unit 1 练习与巩固 ( ) (一) 一、单选 1 .All passengers could get __...
高一英语上册unit1练习题及答案 - 姓名___ 班机___ 学号___ 高一
高一英语上册unit1练习题及答案 - 姓名___ 班机___ 学号___ 高一
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高一英语上学期unit 1 练习与巩固_从业资格考试_资格考试/认证_教育专区。高一英语上学期 Unit 1 练习与巩固 () (一) 一、单选 1 .All passengers could get...
高一英语上学期Unit 1 练习与巩固 ().doc
高一英语上学期Unit 1 练习与巩固 ()_教学案例/设计_教学研究_教育专区。高一英语上学期 Unit 1 练习与巩固 () (一) 一、单选 1 .All passengers could get...
牛津英语模块一Unit1练习与巩固(1) - 高一英语练习与巩固 (Unit 1
高一英语unit1知识点巩固练习 - 高一英语 Unit 1 知识点巩固练习 I
人教版高一英语必修1-UNIT1巩固练习 - 一. 单词拼写 (10 分) UN
必修一unit1基础词汇巩固练习 - 高一(上)英语必修一 Unit1 Friendship 基础词汇巩固 一.词性转换 1. ignore vt. ___ n. 2. Germa...
人教版高中英语必修一Unit1基础巩固练习 - 必修一 Unit1 基础巩固练习 Ⅰ.单词拼写 1. ___adj. 心烦的; 不安的; 不适的; vt. 使心烦;使不安 2....
谓语动词与 rather than 前的成分在人称和数上保持一致,故谓语动词用 are;be ...高一英语Unit1_1_巩固练... 暂无评价 5页 免费 高一英语Book1 Unit1巩固....
高一英语Unit1_1_巩固练习 - Unit1 巩固练习 细节决定成败,请认真
人教版高一英语必修2_UNIT_1_巩固练习 - 人教版高一英语必修二 UNIT ONE 巩固练习 参考时间 70 分钟 一. 单词拼写 (10 分) 1. As is known, the G...
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高一英语Book1 Unit1巩固练习 - 直接引语变间接引语练习题 1.The
必修二 Unit 1 知识梳理与巩固练习.doc
必修二 Unit 1 知识梳理与巩固练习 - 吐血整理,热痛割爱。知识点总结全全全,巩固练习棒棒棒!(重要的事情说三遍)
人教版高中英语必修三Unit1与 Unit2基础巩固练习.doc
人教版高中英语必修三Unit1与 Unit2基础巩固练习_英语_高中教育_教育专
人教版高一英语必修1-UNIT1巩固练习 - 人教版高一英语必修一 UNIT ONE 巩固练习 参考时间 70 分钟 一. 单词拼写 (10 分) 1. His friend has ___...

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