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family members (2)

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family members (2)_三年级英语_英语_小学教育_教育专区 暂无评价|0人阅读|0次下载 | 举报文档 family members (2)_三年级英语_英语_小学教育_教育专区。 ...
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Family Members课件_法学_高等教育_教育专区。Unit 3 Family members Unit 3 ...2. 结合你的family photo,向同组 同学介绍家庭成员。 3. 听磁带,跟读B部分...
雅思口语范文:family members.doc
智课网 IELTS 备考资料 雅思口语范文:family members 摘要:
知识目标 2. 技能目标 3. 情感目标 教学重点:介绍他人的句型Who is he/she?...man a boy he a woman a girl she family photo family members Who is he...
family members 家庭成员_图文.ppt
family members 家庭成员 - Family Members Ins
family members.doc
family members - 家庭成员 grandfather sister
集体备课Family members.doc
集体备课Family members - 常州市虹景小学集体备课记录 时间 主持
Unit 3 Family members 第二课时.doc
Unit 3 Family members 第二课时 - 我要说课的内容是牛津小学英语 3b 教材中的 Unit 3 Family members 第二课时。 在课改的背 景下,本套教材避免了传...
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family members - 家庭成员单词及相关句型教学ppt... family members_英语_小学教育_教育专区。家庭成员单词及...2 6 cousin 9 7 E G H A C D I B F father...
Unit3 Family members.doc
Unit3 Family members - Unit3 Family members 第二课时 教学目标:1、能听懂、会说单词 son, daughter, friend。 2、能听懂、会说日...
Family Members.ppt
Family Members - Topic 1 Family Members ? 1.How many people are there in your family? ? 2.Who a...
Unit 3 Family members.doc
Unit 3 Family members - Unit 3 Family members (第一教时)3.19 Mon. 11 一 教学内容 《牛津小学英语》3B 第三单元第一教时 A...
my family members_图文.ppt
my family members - Do a guessing game.
family members_图文.ppt
topic of this unit is “family tree” which related to our daily life. ...of their partners 2. Introduce their family members to their friends. Black...
年级英语上册Unit 1 My Family教案.doc
(grandma), man, woman Teaching difficulty: Recognize and read the words of family Teaching materials: 1.Pictures about family members 2.Words cards 3....
family_members_handouts_英语学习_外语学习_教育专区。Identify Family Members ...2. Your aunt’s daughter is your ___. 3. Your father’s brother is...
my family members.doc
my family members - 大学英语口语对话 我和小伙伴自己写的哦 希望对你们有帮助... my family members_英语学习_外语学习_...B:Only 2 people, father and me. ...
family members_图文.ppt
family members_三年级英语_英语_小学教育_教育专区。Thursd
Jenny's Family members_图文.ppt
Jenny's Family members_初一英语_英语_初中教育_
Family members_图文.ppt
Family members - 为方便儿子学习英语,我自己做的PPT,方便成组记忆。... Family members_少儿英语_幼儿教育_教育专区。...Unit 3 Family members 11页 2下载券 ...

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