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外研版(一起)第四册Module 7《Unit 2 We’re having a picnic》word教案

外研版(一起)二年级英语下册教案 Module 7 Unit 2 We’re having a picnic. Teaching Aims Review: do a play, sing a song, say a poem, do a dragon dance. Learn to say: have a picnic, fly a kite, sleep. Teaching important Review the activity 2 on page 27. points Learn to read the activity 1 on page 28. Teaching difficult Learn to say several new phrases: have a picnic, fly kite, sleep. points Activity 1 on page 28 is a very beautiful text. The sentences are Students Analysis not too difficult. And there are not too much new words. Try to get the Ss to read it. Teaching Aids CD-ROM, wall chart, cards, Teaching Procedures Step 1 Warming up Sing a hello song. Greetings each other. Step 2 Revision Review to say: It’s Children’s Day today. Review: Daming is doing a play. Blackboard: do a play Review: Linging is singing a song. Blackboard: sing a song Review: Sam is saying a poem. Blackboard: say a poem Review: Class 2 are doing a dragon dance. Blackboard: do a dragon dance Read these phrases. 21 世纪教育网 http://21 世纪教育网 Blackboard: doing a play, singing a song, saying a poem, doing a dragon dance. Review to say: Daming is doing a play with some children. Lingling is singing a song. Sam is saying a poem. The children from Class 2 are doing a dragon dance. Read: page 2 activity 3: Describe the Children’s Day. Step 3 Presentation Learn to say: have a picnic Read after T and drilling the phrases. Learn to say: fly a kite Read the phrase and drilling it. Learn to say: sleep Distinguish: sleep, sleeping.



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