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大学英语四级听力词汇Unit 1

Unit 1
Ability the ability to do (sth.) 从事(某事)的能力; Reasoning ability 推理能力 The organization says that animals must have food, water, shelter, health care and the ability to reproduce. (2006,6) 该组织说,动物必须有食物,水,栖身处,健康护理以及繁殖能力。 Absent adj. 缺席的,缺乏的;心不在焉的 be absent 缺席的,不在的 M: Jean missed the class again, didn’t she? I wonder why. W: Well, I knew she had been absent all week. So I called her this morning to see if she was sick. It turned out that her husband was badly injured in a car accident. (2007,6) 男: 简又没来上课,是吗? 为什么? 女: 嗯,我知道她已经整整缺席一周了,所以今天早上给她打了个电话,问她是不是病了, 结果是她丈夫在车祸中受了重伤。 Abuse vt./n. 滥用,虐待;辱骂 alcohol abuse 酗酒 Brain scans show alcohol abuse kills brain cells. (1996.6) 脑部扫描显示,酗酒会杀死癌细 胞。 Academic adj. 学院的;学术的 academic difficulty 学业困难 Just staying up late can cause increased academic difficulty and attention problems for otherwise health, well-functioning.(2006.12) 仅仅是熬夜就会给健康且身体技能良好的孩子造成更多 的学习困难及注意力不集中的问题。 Accept vt. 接受,认可 I would certainly have accepted the job if they had offered it to me. (1999.6) 如果他们让我来做那份工作,我当然会接受。 Accident n. 事故,意外 traffic accident 交通事故; a car accident 一起车祸 M: Jane missed the he class again, didn’t she? I wonder why. W: Well, I knew she had been absent all week. So I called her this morning to see if she was sick. It turned out that her husband was badly injured in a car accident. (2007,6) 男: 简又没来上课,是吗? 为什么? 女: 嗯,我知道她已经整整缺席一周了,所以今天早上给她打了个电话,问她是不是病了, 结果是她丈夫在车祸中受了重伤。 According adv. 依照 according to 根据 According to classroom teachers, elementary and middle school students who stay up late exhibit more learning and attention problem.( 2006.12) 据任课教师反映,经常熬夜的中小学生会 表现出更多的学习问题和注意力不集中的问题。 Accustomed adj. 惯常的,习惯的 be/get accustomed to 习惯于 Accustomed to seeing A’s and B’s on the high school report cards, parents may be upset when their children’s first semester college grades are below that level. (2007.6) 习惯了看到孩子的中 n. 能力,才能

学成绩报告单上写满 A 或 B 的父母,发现自己的孩子在进入大学后的第一个学期拿不到换 个样的成绩时,可能会感到不快。 Achieve vt. 实现,达到 vi. 成功 If someone asked me how to achieve happiness, Step One would be finding out what you love doing most. (2006,12) 如果有人问我如何让才能得到幸福,我会说,第一步就是要找到你的 兴趣点。 Achievement n. 成就;完成 What is the major achievement of Heifer International ? (2006,6) 国际小母牛项目组织的主要成 就是什么? Active adj. 积极的;活跃的;起作用的 M: We’ve got three women researchers in our group: Mary, Betty and Helen. Do you know them? W: Sure. Mary is active and sociable. Betty is the most talkative woman I’ve ever met. But guess what? Helen’s just the opposite.( 2006,6) 男: 我们研究小组中有三名女同事,她们是玛丽,贝蒂和海伦,你认识她们吗? 女:当然。玛丽活跃而善于交际,贝蒂是我见过的最健谈的女性,但你猜怎么着? 海伦却 恰恰相反。 Activist n. (政治活动的)积极分子 an activist in … 的积极分子 Susan was an activist in the women’s movement for equal rights. (1996.1) 等权利运动中的积极分子。


Activity n. 行动,活动 solar wind activity 太阳风活动 When there’s more solar wind activity , less carbon-14 is produced on earth. (2002,6) 太阳风活 动越多,地球上碳-14 元素的形成量就越少。 Add vt. 添加;计算…的总和 vi. 增添 add to 增添 Good manners add to your image while an angry face makes the best-dressed person look ugly. (2004.1) 良好的举止会为你的形象添彩,而满面怒气则会令穿戴最优雅的人看起来丑陋不 堪。 Addition n.加;增加的人/物 In addition, non-readers are more likely to live in rural areas and have less contact with neighbors and friends. (2002.6) 另外,那些不看报的人更有可能住在农村地区,并且很少与邻里朋友接 触。 Admission n. 准许进入;进入权 M: Sarah, you work in the admission office, don’t you? W: Yes, I’ve been here ten years as assistant director. (2007.6) 男:莎拉,你在招生办公室工作,是吗? 女: 对,我在这里做了 10 年的副主管。

adj. 预先的 advance in 在…方面的进展 In advance 预先 M: Do we have to get the opera tickets in advance? W: Certainly. Tickets at the door are usually sold at a higher price. (2006.12) 男: 我们必须提前购买观看格局的门票吗? 女:当然。在剧院门口出售的票通常卖得比较贵。

Advance vi. 前进 n. 前进;进展

Advanced adj. 先进的,高级的 Some courses are for beginners and others are for intermediate or advanced students. (1995.6) 有些课程是为初学者准备的,而其他的则是为中级或高级学习者准备的。 Advertisement n.广告;宣传 run an advertisement 做广告 M: Excuse me, I’d like to place advertisement for a used car in this Sunday edition of your paper. W: OK, but you have to run your advertisement all week. We can’t quote rates for just Sunday. 男:你好,我想在贵报本周的周日版上刊登一则二手汽车的广告。 女:好的,但是你的广告必须打一个星期,因为我们不能仅报周日一天的价格。 Advise vt. 加你 vi. 提供意见,建议 advise sb. To do sth. 建议某人做某事 Doctors also advise some people to take aspirin to help prevent heart attacks. (2005.12) 医生还建 议一些人服用阿司匹林来帮助预防心脏病。 Affect vt. 影响 These developments have affected all aspects of society.(1997.1)这些发展已经影响到了社会的 各个方面。 Agency n. 代理,代理处 travel agency 旅行社 I worked in the travel agency for two years and then they watched to send me to South America. (1999.6) 我在这家旅行社工作了两年,然后他们想派我去南美。 Agent n. 代理人,经纪人;原因 Sleepily, I opened the door and saw our agent standing there with a couple from New York. (1991.6) 我睡眼惺忪地打开房门,看见我们的经纪人与一对来自纽约的夫妇站在门口。 agree with 同意(某人) 与…一致; ; agree to do sth. 同意做某事 M: I think it’s high time we turned our attention to the danger of drunk driving now. W: I can’t agree with you better. You see, countless innocent people are killed by drunk drivers each year. (1997.6) 男: 我认为我们现在应该高度重视酒后驾车的危险。 女: 我完全同意。 你看,每年都有数不清的无辜人士丧命于醉酒驾车的司机之手。 Agreeable adj. 令人愉快的;和蔼可亲的 M: How do you like the new physician who replaced Dr. Andrews? Agree vi. 同意;相符 vt. 同意,承认

W: He may not seem as agreeable or as thorough as Dr. Andrews, but at least he doesn’t keep patients waiting for hours. (2006.6) 男: 你觉得代替安德鲁斯的那位新医师怎么样? 女: 他可能看起来没有安德鲁斯医生那么和蔼可亲或者一丝不苟, 但至少他不会让病人等上 好几小时。 Airport n. 机场,航空港 airport staff 机场人员 W: Excuse me, Sir, You are not supposed to be here. This are is for airport staff only. M: I’m sorry. I didn’t note the sign. (1999.6) 女: 抱歉,先生。 你不应该来这里,这里是机场员工专区。 男:对不起,我没有注意到提示牌。 Alarm n. 警钟;警报;闹铃 an alarm sound 警铃声; press the alarm 按警报器 No one pressed an alarm. No one pulled the gun. No one called the police. (2003.9) 没有人按警铃,没有人拔枪,也没有人报警。 Alcohol n. 含酒精的饮料;酒精 alcohol abuse 酗酒 give up alcohol 戒酒 I gave up tobacco and alcohol and searched for new hobbies. Now I am afraid of looking back since the past life seemed like horrible dream. (2003.6) 我戒烟, 戒酒并寻找新的爱好。 现在, 我害怕回忆过去那些噩梦般的日子。 Alike adj.同样的,相同的 adv. 相像地 look like 看起来相像的; be alike 相似的 W: I often mistake Jim for Bob. Can you tell them apart? M: No, they look so much alike that they even confused their mother sometimes when they were young. (1998.6) 女: 我常常把吉姆认为是鲍勃,你能分清他们吗? 男: 我不能,他们长得太像了,在他们小时候,甚至连他们的妈妈有时都分不清他们。 Allow vt. 允许,准许,容许 allow sb. To do sth. 允许某人做某事 Learner drivers are not allowed to work and ern money as drivers. (2002.1) 见习四级不允许以 开车为职业营生。 Ambition n. 抱负,决心 When I was at school, my ambition was to be a pilot in the Air Force.. (1999.60 上学时, 我的理 想是成为一名空军飞行员。 Amount n.数量,总额 v.总计 amount of …的总数; an amount of 许多 Reducing the amount of sleep students get at night has a direct impact on their performance at school during the day. (2006.12) 减少学生夜间的睡眠时间会直接影响他们白天在学校的 表现。 Ancestor n.祖先,祖宗;先驱 Why did the ancestor of Gypsies leave their home? (2001.1) 为什么吉普赛人的祖先要离开他 们的家乡?

Ancient adj. 古代的;年老的 M: How did you come up with the names of your characters? W: I invented some of them. But I also collected strange names. I’ve got some rom ancient saints, maps, dictionaries, plants, war memories and people I met. (2006.12) 男: 你是怎么给书中的角色起名字的? 女:有些是我虚构的, 但是我也收集了一些奇怪的名字。古代的圣人,地图,词典,植物, 战争回忆录以及我遇见的人都会给我起名字的灵感。 Ankle n.踝,踝关节 twist one’s ankle 扭伤脚 W: why didn’t you make an appointment to see the doctor last week when you first twisted your ankle? M: The injury didn’t seem serious then. I decided to go today, because my foot still hurt when I put my weight on it. (2001.6) 女; 为什么你上周刚扭伤脚的时候没有去看医生? 男:那时候伤势看起来似乎不重。我决定今天去,因为站起来的时候脚还是很疼。 Anniversary n.周年纪念(日) Last month was their tenth anniversary in Britain. And they had a dinner with their friends to celebrate. (2003.9) 上个月是他们在英国的十周年纪念,他们和朋友聚餐,庆祝了一下。 Annual adj. 年度的 n. 年报;一年生的植物 annual checkup 年度体检 W: Hello. This is Doctor Grey’s office, we are calling to remind you of your 4:15 appointment for your annual checkup tomorrow. M: Oh, thanks. It’s a good thing that you called. I thought it was 4:15 today. 女: 你好,这里是格雷医生的办公室,我们打电话提醒您,您预约了明天 4 点 15 分的年度 体检。 男:喔,谢谢。 真感谢您打电话来通知我,我原以为是今天的 4 点 15 分呢。 Apart adv. 分离,分开 adj 分离的 tell apart 分辨 W: I often mistake Jim for Bob. Can you tell them apart? M: No, they look so much alike that they even confused their mother sometimes when they were young. (1998.6) 女: 我常常把吉姆认为是鲍勃,你能分清他们吗? 男: 我不能,他们长得太像了,在他们小时候,甚至连他们的妈妈有时都分不清他们。 Apology n. 道歉,认错 Her lawyer said the department store sent an insincere apology and they insisted that she may have been stealing. (1998.6) 她的律师说,那家百货商场寄了一封并不诚恳的道歉信,并且坚持说 她可能有盗窃行为。 Application n.申请,申请书;应用软件 application form 申请表 Library application forms which are not picked up within 2 months will be discarded and you will have to reapply. (1995.6) 如果在两个月一捏图书馆申请表没有被取走就算作废,你必须重

新申请。 Apply vi. 申请;应用 apply…to 将…应用到…上 However, the scientists warn that before you get too excited about applying this method to your math test, you should remember that brain exciting effects last only 10 to 15 minutes. (1999.1) 但是,科学家警告说,在你惊动地将此方法运用到数学测试中之前,应该记住,大脑的兴奋 作用只能持续 10 到 15 分钟。 Appointment n. 约会;任命 make/have an appointment with sb. 与某人约会 W: Here is the week’s schedule, Tony. On Monday, there is the board meeting. Your speech to the Lion’s Club is on Tuesday afternoon. Then on Wednesday you have an appointment with your lawyer and … M: Wait, you mean the business conference on Tuesday is cancelled? (2006.6) 女: 托尼,这是本周的时间安排表。 星期一召开董事会;星期二下午您要在名人俱乐部讲 话;星期三您约了律师并且…… 男: 等等,你的意思是说周二的商务会议取消了? Arrange vt. 安排;布置 arrange sth. for sb. M: I’d like to have a talk with your director sometime this week. Could you arrange it for me ? W: He’s rather busy these days. But I’ll see what I can do. (1998.1) 男: 这个星期我想找个时间和你们主管谈谈。你能帮我安排一下吗? 女:他最近很忙,但我会试试的。 Arrest vt. 逮捕,拘留 n, 拘留 Another policeman arrived, and together , we arrested three of the men; but the other four ran away. (1997.6) 另外一名警察感到,我们一起抓获了其中三人,但是另外四个逃走了。 Artificial adj 人工的,人造的 artificial fog 人造烟雾 Dry ice first manufactured in 1925. It can be used for making artificial fog in the movies. (1995.6) 干冰于 1925 年首次被制造出来,它可以用来在电影中制造人造烟雾。 Asleep adj. 睡着的 fall asleep 入睡 M: It’s so hot today. I simply can’t work. I wish there were a fan in this room. W: So do I. I’ll fall asleep if I stay here any longer. (1998.6) 男: 今天太热了,我简直无法工作。真希望屋子里有台电扇。 女: 是啊,如果再待下去我就要睡着了。 Assess vt. 对..进行估价;评价 After a number of different tests and interviews with people who are familiar with different cameras being assessed, our researchers recommend the Olympic BY model as the best auto-focus camera available at the moment. (2005.1) 经过了多项测试并走访了了解各种被评估照相机 的人后,我们的研究员推荐奥林匹克 BY 款 为目前市面上最好的自动对焦照相机。 Association n. 协会;联合,交往 the National American Women’s Association 全美妇女协会

Susan Anthony and the National American Women’s Association wanted all women to have the right to vote. (1996.1) 苏珊。安东尼和全美妇女协会希望能够所有妇女都享有选举权。 Assume vt.假设,臆断;就职;采取 Since people assume that accidents are bound to occur, they want to know how cars can be built better to protect the drivers. (2001.1) 既然人们断定车祸必然会发生,那么他们想知道,汽车 如何改进才能更好地保护司机。 Atmosphere n. 大气(层) ,空气;气氛 The feeling and the emotions of a man beneath the sea will be much like those of a man beyond the atmosphere. (2005.12) 人在海底的感觉和情绪与在太空中非常相似。 Attention n.注意,留心 pay attention to 注意 turn one’s attention to 将某人的注意力转 向 Now that the fires are out, scientists are turning their attentions to yet another threat: the oil that didn’t catch fire. (2000.1) 既然大火已被扑灭,科学家们就把注意力转向另一个威胁:没有 起火的石油。 Audience n. 听众,观众,读者 a target audience 目标读者 W: Did you attend Alice’s presentation last night? It was the first time for her to give a speech to a large audience. M: How she could be so calm in front of so many people is really beyond me! 女: 昨晚 你参加爱丽丝的报告会了吗?那是她第一次在那么多听众面前发表讲话。 男:她能在那么多人面前镇定自若,实在出乎我的意料! Authority n. 权力; 【pl.】当局;当权者;权威 Different attitudes to religion, authority and tradition generally have also greatly contributed to changes in family life. (1997.1) 对待宗教,权力和传统的不同态度,也常常会极大地改变 家庭生活。 Automatically adv. 自动地,机械地 The computer will sound the alarm when a problem arises, and will automatically stop the car if the driver ignores the warming. (1999.1) 计算机将会在出现问题时发出警报,如果司机没有 理会,它就会自动停车。 Available adj. 现成可使用的,可得到的 available to sth. 让.. 可以得到某物 W: Do you have the seminar schedule with you? I’d like to find out the topic for Friday. M: I gave it to my friend, but there should be copies available in the library. I can pick one up for you. (2006.6) 女:你有研讨会的安排表吗? 我想看看周五的主题是什么。 男:我的已经给朋友了,但是图书馆里应该有复印件,我可以帮你拿一份。 Awake adj. 醒着的 vi.醒 vr. 唤醒 keep/stay awake 醒着的 W: Mrs. Long’s briefing seemed to go on forever. I was barely able to stay awake.

M: How could you sleep through that? It was very important for the mission we were going to carry out .(2002.1) 女: 朗那是的简要报告似乎没完没了,我都快要睡着了。 男: 你怎么能睡觉呢?这对我们即将开展的任务非常重要。 Award vt. 授予 n. 奖,奖品 award degrees 授予学位 Examinations are held and degrees are awarded by the university .(2003.6) 大学举行考试并授予 学位。 W: I won the first price in the National Writing Contest and I got this camera as an award. M: It’s a good camera! You can take it when you travel. I had no idea you were a marvelous writer. (2007.6) 女: 我获得了全国作文大赛的一等奖,奖品是这部照相机。 男:真是一部不错的相机!你旅行的时候可以带上它。没想到你的文笔这么好。 + Aware adj. 知道的,意识到的 be aware of 知道,意识到 While I was sitting there, drinking my coffee and reading the paper, I was vaguely aware of a woman and her child coming to sit at the next table. (1997.1) 当我坐在那儿喝咖啡,看报纸 的时候,模模糊糊地意识到一个妇女带着孩子过来坐在了旁边的座位上。 Baggage n. 行李 M: What’s the time for departure? W: 5;30. That only leaves us 15 minutes to go through the customs and check our baggage. (1997.1) 男: 什么时候起飞? 女: 5 点半,我们只剩下 15 分钟过海关和安检了。 Ban vt. 取缔;禁止 n.禁令 ban sb. from doing sth. 禁止某人做某事 Four months later, Pania reluctantly but courageously decided to try to educate the public and to fight for laws to ban drivers from using cell phones while a car is moving. (2006.12) 四个月 后, 帕尼亚虽很勉强却勇敢地决定要尽力去教导公众, 并为禁止司机哎开车时使用手机的法 律而战。 Bare adj. 赤裸的;光秃的;勉强的 vt. 露出 The ice is so cold that, if you touch it with your bare fingers, it will burn you. (1995.6) 干冰太冷了,如果你直接用手摸它,会被冻伤的。 Barely adv.仅仅;几乎不 be barely to do 几乎不能做 W: Mrs. Long’s briefing seemed to go on forever. I was barely able to stay awake. M: How could you sleep through that? It was very important for the mission we were going to carry out .(2002.1) 女: 朗那是的简要报告似乎没完没了,我都快要睡着了。 男: 你怎么能睡觉呢?这对我们即将开展的任务非常重要。

Basement n. 地下室 M: Allen is in the basement, trying to repair the washing machine. W: Shouldn’t he be working on his term paper? 男: 艾伦在地下室,正设法修洗衣机。 女:他不是应该在写学期论文吗? Basis n. 基础;主要成分;原则 the basis of sth.某事物的基础;某事物的主要成分 Eventually, tomatoes and potatoes became the basis of a lot of popular food. (1996.6) 最终, 西红柿与土豆成为了许多流行食品的主要原料。 Bath n.洗澡,浴室 take a bath 洗个澡 Some people take hot bath and drink warm liquids. Other people take medicines to relieve various symptoms of colds. (2006.12) 一些人洗热水澡, 喝温开水; 其他人则服用药物来环节各种感 冒症状。 M: Hello, my name is Carlson. I believe you have a room booked for me. W: Carlson? Oh, yes, Mr. Carlson. It’s a single room with a bath, on the second floor. I hope it will suit you, sir. (1999.1) 男: 你好,我是卡尔森。 我在这里预订了房间。 女: 卡尔森? 喔,是的,卡尔森先生。 您的房间是带浴室的单人房,在二层。希望您能 满意,先生。 Bathroom n.浴室,盥洗室 As I retreated in to a bathroom to comb my hair, I heard the man say something to his wife. (1991.6) 当我回到盥洗室梳头时,听见那个人对他的妻子说了些什么。 Bear vt. 忍受 n.熊 M: I don’t think we can find a better hotel around here at this time. W: Let’s walk a little further to see if there is another one. I just can’t bear the traffic noise here. (1997.1) 男: 我觉得这个时候在附近找不到更好的旅馆了。 女: 我们再走远一点儿看看还有没有旅馆。我简直无法忍受这里的汽车噪音。 We watched the bear enter the tent and heard him upset everything inside. (1993.6) 我们看着那头熊钻进帐篷,随后听见它打翻了里面所有的东西。 Behalf n. 利益;支持 on behalf of 代表 It is my great honor to present this gift to you on behalf on the company. (1998.6) 非常荣幸我能 代表公司呈上这份礼物。 Believe vt.相信;认为 vi.相信 believe in 相信,认为 believe it or not 信不信由你 M: Can you believe it? Jessie told her boss he was wrong to have fired his marketing director. W: Yeah. But you know Jessie. Ih she has something in mind, everyone will know about it. (2006.6)

男: 你相信吗? 杰茜告诉她老板说,他不应该解雇销售总监。 女: 是啊,不过你了解杰茜。如果她想到什么事情,就会让每个人都知道。

Part Two 体会音变

My father woke me up ?early one morning when ?I was fourteen ?and announced, “Get ? up , you are going with me to cut grass.” I felt proud ?and excited because my father thought I was responsible enough to help ?him ?in his business. Still, that first day was very hard. From sunrise to sunset, my father, my younger brother and ?I cut ?and trimmed very large yards ?in well-to-do part ?of the city. By the end ?of the day I was ?exhausted, but I felt good. I put ?out ?a hard day’s labor and earned six dollars.

Part Three 技巧提示
容易混淆的词 在四、六听力考试中,常会出现许多读音相同或相近、但意义却完全不同的单词,很容 易给考生造成干扰,使考生产生多余的联想。所以,我们总结了以下容易混淆的词,帮助考 生清楚地辨析。 all together altogether:一起 完全地 heal heel:治愈 脚后跟 band banned:乐队 禁止的 hour our:小时 我们的 bare bear:赤裸的 熊;忍受 heroin heroine:海洛因 女主人公 brake break:刹车 打破;休息 past passed:过去 已经通过的 ceiling sealing:天花板 海豹捕猎 rose rows:玫瑰 排,行 fourth forth:第四个 往前,向外 wait weight:等待 重量 compliment complement:称赞 补助,补足 floor flaw:地板 缺点

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