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2010高考英语《语法》 专题复习系列课件


倒装语序分为“全部倒装”和“部分倒 装”。 在全部倒装的句子中,整个谓语都放在主 语的前面; 在部分倒装的句子中,只是谓语中的一部 分(如助动词、情态动词或系动词be等) 放在主语前面,其余部分仍放在主语后面。 下面将常见的倒装情况分述如下:

一、由there, here 或now 等引起, 谓语为come(或go)的句子,例如: There comes the bus! There goes the bell! 注:如果主语为人称代词,仍用自然

There he comes!

Here she comes!

二、由then 引起,谓语为come(或 follow)的句子,例如: Then came a new difficulty. Then followed eight years of the Anti-Japanese War.

三、由here(或there)引导,谓语为be 的句子,如: Here is China’s largest tropical forest. Here are some picture-books. 注:如果主语为人称代词,仍用自然语 序,如: Here you are. / Here it is.

四、由so引起的,表示前面所说的情况也适用 于另一个人(或物)的句子,如: “We must start for the work-site now.” “So must we.” He has been to Beijing, so have I. 注:如果一个句子只是重复前面一句话的意思, 尽管so用开头,语序也不要倒装,如: -- It was cold yesterday. – So it was! -- Tomorrow will be Monday. – So it will.

五、由neither或nor引起的,表示前面 所说的情况也适用于另一个人(或物) 的句子,如: -- I won’t do such a thing. – Neither / Nor will I. If you won’t go, neither shall I.

六、在if引导的非真实条件句中,如有 助动词had, should或were时,可以省 略if,进行倒装,如: Should anyone call, tell him to wait for me here. Were I ten years younger, I would be able to climb to the top of the hill.

七、在描写情景时,有时为了生动,可以把 out, in, up, down, away等副词放在主语前, 同时主谓倒装,如: Up flew the red balloon. Following the roar, out rushed a tiger from among the bushes. 注:如果主语是一个人称代词,谓语仍放在后 面,如: Away they went. / Down it flew.

八、当as引导让步状语从句时,可以把 表语提到前面来,采用“形容词(或副词、 名词)+ as +主语+谓语”这种形式,如: Old as my father is, he keeps up with his English study. Child as he is, he knows something of electricity.

九、当always, often, well, many a time等 词放在句首时,后面常用倒装语序,如: Always did the soldier go to help the villagers. Often did we warn them not to do so. 注:上述所说的词不放在句首,不用倒装语 序。

十、only所修饰的副词、介词短语或状语从句 放在句首时,其后面的主语部分要进行倒装, 如: Only in this way can you hope to improve the situation there. Only after he came back was I able to see him. 注:only修饰主语,仍用自然语序,如: Only socialism can save China.

十一、含有否定意义的副词、连词或短语构成的状语放在句首 时,常用倒装语序。 这些词和词组有:not, never, hardly, seldom, little, rarely, scarcely, not until, not only…but also…, neither…nor…, no sooner…than…, hardly…when …, scarcely…when等, 例如: Never shall I forget the day when I joined the League. Not only did he read the book, but also remembered what he had read. 注:上面所说的词和词组如果不在句首,句子不必用倒装语序。 另外,not only…but also连接两个主语时,不用倒装,如: Not only the students, but also the teacher wishes for a holiday.

十二、当so(或such)…that…结构中的so或such 用于句首时,要采取倒装语序,如: So loudly did he speak that he was heard upstairs. Such was the force of the explosion that all the windows were broken. 注:such和be连用作表语时,也常用倒装语序,如: Such was the result. Such were her words.

十三、在下列结构中也常用倒装语序: On a hill in front of them stood a great castle. On the bed lay a sick old man. Under the tree was sitting one of the biggest men I have ever seen. Seated on the ground are a group of young men playing cards. Lying on the floor was a boy aged about seventeen.

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