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选修 6 Unit 3 Grammar

the use of it

学习目标:掌握 it 作代词,形式主语,形式宾语的用法 Step1 Review the following letter from Grandpa about the advice of quitting

smoking. Please pay attention to it and explain the underlined sentences. James’ grandpa wrote a letter to help James quit smoking . James’ grandpa once was addicted to cigarettes . But he finally managed to stop smoking. He believed smoking was harmful to health. He also told James that smoking did damage to heart and lungs and it was more difficult for smoking couples to become pregnant. It was time to give up smoking. So he gave James some advice and encouraged him not to be disappointed. Besides, he felt it important to take more exercise every day. If he kept trying, he would succeed eventually. 1.Question: How much do you know about “it”?

Step2.Look at the following dialogues and fill the blank. 1) Who’s it? _________ me.

2)Look at the picture. _____ is a picture of our school. 3)---Is this jacket yours? ---Yes, ______is. 小结 1:It 可作 _________ Step3. 用于指代上文提到的 _________

Point out the function of it It is December 12 today It is a sunny day. It is two miles away. It lies in the south of the Sheep Village. It is winter now It is 15° C. It's about 10 a.m. It is quiet in the park

小结 2:

It 可作非人称代词,可指代 _____,_____,_____, ______, ______, ______, ______, ______等等. Step4. Learn for discovery. 1)It was so comfortable to walk on the grass. 2)It is said that we will have a picnic this Sunday. 3)It is no good cheating in the exam. 小结 3 : It 可作 ___________ 位于 _______ 后接 be ,真正的主语由 _________ _________ _________ 来充当。

结构为:_____________________________________________ Step5. How do you think of studying English? I find it very interesting to study English, but he makes it clear that he is not interested in this subject. I think it no use arguing with him. I feel it our duty to study hard, so we make it a rule to read English in the morning everyday. From the above sentences, what can you find? 小结 4: It 可作 _________位于谓语_______,形容词、名词 _______ 真正的主语可以是_______ __________ _________ 结构为:_____________________________________________ Step6. Learn for use. Practice makes perfect.

1. 指出下面句子中的 it 的功能作用。 1)It is a beautiful day here and I am sitting under the big tree at the end of the garden. ( Line 1) 2)It seems amazing that at my age I am fit enough to cycle 20 kilometers in an afternoon. (Line2) 3)It's my birthday in two weeks' time... (Line 3) 4)Your mother tells me that you started smoking some time ago and now you are finding it difficult to give it up.(Line 7) 5) I know how easy it is to begin smoking and how tough

it is to stop.

(Line 8)

6)It was time to quit smoking. (Line 27) 7)It(the advice) might help you to stop and strengthen your resolve. (Line 29) 8)It is not easy to stop smoking. (Line 1,Page 19) 2. Correct the following sentences. 1). We found that impossible for us to finish our work in time. 2). It is no good laugh at others 3). I believe it importance to remember more words everyday. 4). He read a lot of books on farming and did well in them. 5). She make clear that she would leave office soon.

3. Today I would like to give a speech about my class ,can you help me ? Dear teachers and students, It is Friday today. It’s my honor to make a speech here. My topic is “I lov e you, Class6,Grade2. ”. My classroom is on the second floor and it is ten meters away from the playground.Therefore,___________________________________________________ ______(对我们来说去操场是非常方便的)we often go there to take exercise in our spare time. As we all know,_______________________________________________ (没有休息对学习是没有好处的)In a word, I like my classroom. Besides, I also like my classmates. _____________________

_____________________(我们认为互相帮助是重要的)we are hard-working .In class, ________________________________________________ (做笔记是有必

要的)it is at 6:30 every morning that we have been studying in the classroom. and___________________________________________ (直到晚上 10: 20 才我们离 开教室) In short, __________________ ( , 信不信由你) it is believed that class6,grade2 is one of the best classes in our school ,I think so too. That’s all . thank you.



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