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Changeling 电影英文影评 400字

The movie tells a real story of a single mother in order to look for her missing son constantly fight with police and authorities under the help of local residents in about 1930s Los Angeles. The tone of the movie is heavy, depressive and provoking. In the 200 minutes, we can found something still in contemporary even they happened in 20s or 30s of last century America. The police station in collusion with various doctors and mental hospital. In front of these, the vulnerable woman beseeched again and again and she would make an apology if the mood out of her control, all of these for the common people still trust the country and is full of hope, how sincere the feelings is! In all the dialogue, the one impressed me deeply is that Carol Dexter told Collins that everybody knows women are fragile, they're all emotions, no logic, there's nothing going on upstairs. Sometimes women are like these, but when they are enraged, they would be strong and brave to straggle for their right and benefit. Though the apartment was full of violence, abuse, murder and corruption in order to do whatever they want, they couldn’t stand contradiction even embarrassment, we can see Collins never admit she is wrong, she fought with authorities not only for her missing son, but also for the weather she traped and human’s nature. All she did reflects she refute the words Carol Dexter said—women are not fragile. In Changeling we can exclude the scene, the film score and Angelina Jolie’ acting, I think all the audience focus their attention on the mother’s love, which is powerful and never change, the fragile and strong of human’s nature, the power of people, the prerequisite of hope and the important of faith, all of these depicts in the movie are impressive and shocked. In the end, it said that she never stop looking for her son for her life. From the movie I find something about the truth--all that against the authorities, who are a mental illness, about family--love makes perseverance to be full of hope. This is a contest of will and patience, after pay all, we will obtain honor and peace. The open-ended give us suspense and it likes our life, we don’t know what will happen

next time, but only have hope and faith can we be strong enough to survive.


Changeling+《换子疑云电影中英对照剧本_英语学习_外语学习_教育专区。分享!Changeling换子疑云换子疑云》 -Christine: Walter, honey. Time to wake up....

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