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术语题目(with keys)

1. Which of the following sentences does not include an independent genitive construction? A. The hunter came in, his face red with cold. B. He was lying on the grass, his hands crossed under his head. C. Without any hesitation, Rebecca refused his invitation directly. D. She ran up to me, her hair flying in the wind. 独立主格结构 C 2. Which of the following modal verbs doesn’t express ability? A. Andy can speak French even though she’s bad at English. B. There were so many things to do that no one could finish them. C. I can persuade him to take part in the sports meeting. D. The hunters could starve as they have been lost for days. 情态动词 D 3. The clause “that he has gone to Shanghai” in the sentence “It is said that he has gone to Shanghai” is ___________. A. the subject clause B. the attributive clause C.the object clause D. the adverbial clause 主语从句 4. Which of the following sentences expresses an opinion? A. Tom is taller than his brother B. Cats are better pets than dogs. C.The earth goes round the sun. D. China has more people than USA. 事实与观点 事实可以证实对错 B 5. In the sentence “All the tasks having been fulfilled ahead of time, they decided to go on holiday for a week”, the italicized phrase is ____________. A. an independent genitive construction B. a preposition-predicate construction C. A predict-object construction D. a subject-predicate construction 独立主格结构,可以还原为原因状语从句 A 6. In which of the following sentences, “it” is used for emphasis? A. It is everybody’s duty to obey the law. B. I found it difficult for me to stay up at night. C. It is amazing that I can run so fast. D. It is the book that she gave me. 强调句 D 7. Which of the following sentences contains subjunctive mood? A. If it rains tomorrow, we will stay at home. B. Jim speaks as if he knew everything. C. I had finished it when she came back. D. He borrowed 10 dollars from Nick. 虚拟语气 B 8. In “having spent all day reading, I was very exhausted”, the –ing form gives information about __________. A. time B. reason C. purpose D. result 原因状语 B

9. In “What do you think she said just now”, what is the ________ of the sentence. A. subject B. complement C. object D. formal subject 宾语成分 C 10. Which of the following italicized parts indicates a CAUSE? A. He succeeded by hard work. B. He talked his wife into buying a car. C. They went out for a walk. D. He lives over the mountain. 句法功能分析 A 11. Which of the following sentences includes a subject clause? A. A prosperity that had never been seen before appears in the country. B. He must answer the question whether he agrees to it or not. C. He told me that he had told Mary about the meeting already. D. It is suggested that the work should be done with great care. 主语从句 D 12. In “I saw Steve reading under the tree”, the -ing form is used as _______. A. attribute B. adverbial C. object D. object complement 句法成分分析,宾语的补语 D 13. Which of the following sentences consists of subjunctive mood? A. Hardly he begun to speak when the audience interrupted him. B. If you have finished reading the book, please return it to me. C. She told us that she would not go with us, if it rained. D. If she had worked harder, she would have succeeded. 虚拟语气 D 14. In “Who do you think the principal will vote for?”, do you think is the ________

of the sentence. A. adverbial

B. predicate

C. appositive

D. parenthesis

句法成分分析,插入语 D 15. which of the following adjectives is used as a noun?

A. The judge found the man innocent. C. Leaves turned yellow in autumn.
形容词用法,用作名词 B

B. Let’s pray for the injured. D. It seems easy to solve the issue.

16. Which of the following past participles is used as predictive?

A. His wound became infected with the new virus. B. The terrified people calmed down gradually. C. The endangered animals may even die out. D. It came from the river polluted by the dirty water.
句法成分分析,表语 A 17. Which of the following sentences is NOT a command?

A. Hold that elevator! C. Say that again!
句子功能,请求 or 命令 D

B. Go and buy some milk! D. Show me again, please.

18. Which of the following present continuous tenses expresses future action?

A. Mike is dancing with high passion. B. Mum is cooking a fish in the kitchen. C. I’m going out this evening. D. He is reading an interesting novel.
时体用法,位移动词的进行体表将来 C 19. In “Standing at the door, I saw some girls chatting at a table”, the italicized part is used as ______. A. an adverbial B. an attribute C. an appositive D. a complement 句法功能分析,状语 A 20. Which of the following sentences DOES NOT include passive voice? A. I saw him being taken away by the police. B. Given more time, we could do the work much better. C. Not being able to speak English, he just kept silent. D. Mum had the broken bike repaired last weekend. 被动语态 C 21. Which of the following italicized parts is a predicative clause? A. The trouble is that I have lost her address. B. I don’t believe that John killed that man. C. Do you remember the day when you joined us? D. I thought that she disliked playing football. 表语从句 A 22. Which of the following italicized parts is NOT used as an attribute? A. The bridge, built in 2000, broke down last night. B. There comes some uninvited guests. C. She sat by the window, lost in thoughts. D. He was shocked by the unexpected happening. 句子成分分析,定语 or 状语 C 23. Which of the following italicized parts is NOT an object clause? A. I found it necessary that we practice English every day. B. She stood up and smiled as the headmaster came in. C. Let’s see how we can raise our efficiency. D. I’m not sure when she will leave for San Francisco. 句法功能分析,宾语从句 or 状语从句 B 24. In “I think it impossible for man to live on the Mars”, “it” is the ______ of the sentence. A. real subject B. real object C. formal subject D. formal object 句子成分分析,形式宾语 D 25. In “It is no good crying over spilt milk”, the italicized part is used as ______. A. a subject B. an object C. an adverbial D. a complement 句子成分分析,主语 A 26. In “It is easy for him to lose temper”, “it” is the ______ of the sentence. A. real subject B. object C. formal subject D. object complement

句子成分分析,形式主语 C 27. Which of the following italicized parts indicates a result? A. Her husband died, leaving her a lot of money. B. Hearing the news, he jumped to his feet. C. The blind man stood there begging for a meal. D. He sat by the window, thinking of the problem. 句法功能分析,结果状语 A 28. In “He has had his hair cut”, cut is used as ____________. A. a predicate B. an adverbial C. an object complement D. an attribute 句子成分分析,宾补 C 29. Which of the following adverbs in italic is NOT used to modify another adverb? A. I interviewed rather too many people B. I don’t know him well enough to lend him money. C. This apple isn’t so sweet as that one. D. He translates this passage quite well. 句法功能分析,副词修饰语 C 30. In “I found it difficult to adapt myself to things around here”, “difficult” is the _____ of the sentence. A. object B. attribute C. object complement D. adverbial 句子成分分析,宾补 C 31. In “Educated to be honest, that boy never cheats in the exam”, the past particle is used as ______. A. an attribute B. an adverbial C. a complement D. an appositive 句法功能分析,状语 B 32. Which of the following italicized parts is NOT a nominal clause? A. That light travels in straight is known to all. B. What matters is when we shall hold the sports meeting. C. I though they could have completed the project D. The sun heats the earth, which is very important to us. 句法功能分析,名词性从句包括表语从句、主语从句、宾语从句和同位语从句,不包括 定语从句 D 33. Which of the following italicized parts is an appositive clause? A. He made the suggestion that we go there by train. B. It is yesterday that little Tom broke the glass. C. We depend on the land that we get our food from. D. The fact is that he has not been seen recently. 句法功能分析,同位语从句 A B 为强调句,C 为定语从句,D 为表语从句 34. Which of the following adverbs in italic is NOT used to modify adjective? A. This cake is much better that that one. B. The soup is a bit too salty for me. C. Mary is old enough to get married. D. The bus is too crowded to get on. 句法功能分析,形容词修饰语 or 副词修饰语 B

35. Which of the following sentences is NOT an indicative mood? A. She never tells a lie. B. Come and help me, son. C. It’s quite a good idea. D. The weather gets hotter. 句子类型考查,陈述语气 or 祈使语气(imperative) B 36. In “Please show me the picture you drew just now”, “me” is the of the sentence. A. indirect object B. formal object C. direct object D. real object 句子成分分析 间接宾语 A 37. Which of the following italicized parts is a subject clause? A. I’ve an idea that she likes him better than anyone else. B. It is quite clear that the whole project is doomed to failure. C. He told me that he would go to college the next year. D. The school that he once studied in is very famous. 句法功能分析,主语从句 B A 为同位语从句,C 为宾语从句,D 为定语从句 38. In “ I hope never to see you from now on”, the adverb never is used to modify . A. the subject B. the predicate C.the infinitive D. the preposition phrase 句法功能分析,状语修饰谓语 B 39. Which of the following sentences is NOT a subjunctive mood? A. I wish I were ten years younger. B. It’s time we ordered dinner. C. He insisted that I had read his letter. D. I’d rather he hadn’t told me about it. 句法语气, 虚拟语气 C 40. Which of the following italicized parts in NOT an attributive clause? A. Tomorrow I will bring here the magazine you asked for. B. This is the reason why I refused his invitation. C. He won’t change his mind, whatever I say. D. This is the place where I spent my holiday. 句法功能分析,定语从句 or 状语从句 C



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