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2016 厦门市质检英语 第二部分: 阅读理解(共两节,满分 40 分) A The Disney theme park, its first on the Chinese mainland and the second in Greater China, after Hong Kong Disneyland, will open in Shanghai on June 16,a Thursday Tickets on sale will begin on March 28, 2016. A standard single day ticket for the Shanghai Disney Resort costs 370 yuan ($56.2),while 8 peak-day ticket for festival and holiday periods will be sold for 499 yuan , the resort announced on February 3rd. Children between l and l.4 meters tall and seniors aged over 65 years old can enjoy a 25% discount on the ticket price. A two-day ticket will be available at a 5 percent discount. Tickets can be booked on the official website or through the hotline 400-180-0000. In comparison with the other five Disney parks around the world, a one-day ticket for the Hong Kong Disney costs 539 Hong Kong dollars ($69.2) for adults aged 16 t0 64 years old, while that for the theme park in Tokyo is being sold at 6,900 yen ($58). Disney says the park will also reflect Chinese culture. The combination of Disney and Chinese cultures will be seen in many classic Chinese designs, such as a teahouse-Wandering Moon. Celebrations of seasonal festivals and stage shows will also include Chinese language, performers, theatrics and acrobatics (杂技) . The resort is expected to bring 5 million new passengers annually to the Pudong International Airport after it opens. It is also expected to attract 10 million visits a year. 21. How much will a couple pay if they visit the park with a l.3-meter tall kid on National Day? A. About 830 yuan. B. About 1020 yuan. C. About 1120 yuan. D. About 1370 yuan. 22. According to the text, what makes the Shanghai Disney Resort special? A. Its ticket system. B. Its Chinese characteristics. C. The size of the park. D. The entertaining equipment. 23. Which is TRUE about the Shanghai Disney Resort? A. 10 million visits are expected a year. B. Its single day admission is the highest. C. Tickets are available only on the website. D. It is the first theme park on the Chinese mainland. B Harper Lee, whose 1961 novel To Kill a Mockingbird on the racial troubles of the American deep south, has died at the age of 89. Until last year, Lee had been something of a one-book literary legend. To Kill a Mockingbird sold more than 40 million copies around the world and earned her a Pulitzer prize, remaining a towering presence in American literature. Another novel, Go Set a Watchman, was controversially published in July 2015 as a "sequel" to Mockingbird, though it was later confirmed to be Mockingbird first draft. But from the moment Mockingbird was published to almost instant success, the author consistently avoided public attention. Lee had lived for several years in a nursing home near the house in which she had grown up in Monroeville, Alabama-the setting for Maycomb of her famous book. Her neighbor for 40 years, Sue Sellers, said, "She was such a private person. All she wanted was privacy, but she didn't get much. There was always somebody following her around." James Naughtie, BBC Books Editor, commented on the novels of Harper Lee: "I think she stands, particularly among American readers, as someone who shone a light into a very dark place. She was writing at a time when people were beginning to lift the lid on everything in the South which they'd chosen not to understand. That all changed in the 1960s. So I think her status for writing that book in its extraordinarily direct way will remain." 24. What does the underlined part in Paragraph 2 probably mean?

A. Lee became successful with stories on American south. B. People owe Lee's success to luck to some degree. C. Mockingbird makes Lee a wonder in American literature. D. Mockingbird was a bestseller by selling 40m copies. 25. What does "Maycomb" in Paragraph 3 probably refer to? A. A nursing home. B. Lee's hometown. C. A fictional place. D. A main character. 26. Which best describes Americans' attitude towards racial troubles before the 1960s? A. Tolerant. B. Unconcerned. C, Sympathetic. D. Dissatisfied. 27. What can we learn from the text? A, Lee based all her stories on her life. B. Lee had to avoid being followed by her fans. C. Lee wrote Go Set A Watchman before Mockingbird. D. Lee lived in the house where she grew up for the whole life. C These days, young people in some English-speaking countries are speaking a strange language, especially when communicating on social media. Look at these words chosen by The Washington Post: "David Bowie dying is totes tradge: and "When Cookie hugged Jamal it made me totes emosh ." Or this sentence: "BAE, let me know if you stay in tonight." What on earth do they mean? Well, "totes" is a short form of "total if Similarly, "tradge" means "tragic" and "emosh" means "emotional". It seems that, far millennials (千禧一代) , typing in this form is not only time-saving but fashionable. As you can see, many millennial slangs (俚语) are formed by so-called "totesing"-the systematic abbreviation (缩写 ) of words. The trend might have started with "totally" becoming "totes", but it now has spread to many other English words. The origins of other millennial slangs are more complex than "totesing". "Bae", for example, has been widely used by African-Americans for years. It can be an expression of closeness with one's romantic partner or, like "sweetheart", for someone without romantic connection. After pop singer Pharrell used the word in his work, "bae" became mainstream. Some people might think millennial slangs lower the value of the English language, but Melboume University linguist(语言学家 )Rosey Billington doesn't agree. She says when people are able to use a language in a creative way, they show that they know the language rules well enough to use words differently. Two other linguists, Lauren Spradlin and Taylor Jones. share the same view. The two analysed hundreds of examples of totes-speak and discovered totesing has complex roots It isn't simply an adult version of baby talk, nor a clever way to minimize your word count. Rather, it is a highly organized system that relies on a speaker's mastery of English pronunciation. It is about sounds, follows sound system of English and has strict rules. 28. Why do young people like using e-slangs? A. They are time-consuming. B. They are in fashion. C. They are complex. D. They are in order. 29. What's the author's purpose of mentioning "Bae" in Paragraph 5? A. To suppon that totesing is no baby talk. B. To analyse the usage of millennial slangs. C. To inform people how it became mainstream. D. To explain the complex origins of milleruual slangs. 30. Which statement may Rosey Billington agree with? A. Totesing is a loosely organized system.

B. Millennial slangs lower the value of English. C. It's simply a clever way to reduce the word count. D. Totes-speak requires a good command of English. 31. What's the best title of the passage? A. E-slangs Catch on Among Youth B. Linguists Disapprove of Totesing C. Millennial Slangs Take the Lead D. English Has Greatly Changed D About l.3 billion years ago, two massive black holes hit each other and formed a new one. The energy set free by the collision created a ripple(波纹) in the space-time structure and spread outward in gravitational waves ( 引力波 ) . Then, on September 14, 2015, a group of scientists discovered the waves. On February 11, an announcement came from the Laser Interferometer Gravitational-Wave Observatory (LIOO) in the US that, for the very first time, a gravitational wave was directly observed and recorded. "We discovered gravitational waves. We did it," David Reitze, the director of LIGO, said in the press conference on February 11. "It's exactly what Einstein's theory of general relativity predicted:' Einstein's 1915 theory re-imagined the framework for the universe. According to Einstein, the framework for the universe-or the space-time structure-is not fixed, but changed by matter and energy "in a way a heavy sleeper causes a mattress to sag (床垫下凹) , producing the effect we call gravity", explains a New York Times article. "A disturbance in the universe could cause space-time to become larger, break into pieces and even move up and down, like a mattress shaking when that sleeper rolls over, producing ripples of gravity: gravitational waves," explains the article. Compared with the other three forces in the universe (electromagnetism, the weak nuclear force and the strong nuclear force), gravity is relatively weak, making gravitational waves hard to discover. The discovery by LIGO would open a new chapter in astronomy. "Everything else in astronomy is like the eye," Szabolcs Marka, a Columbia University professor, told The New York Times. "Finally, astronomy grew ears. We never had ears before." 32. What is a gravitational wave according to the text? A. It's a disturbance in the universe. B. It's the crash of the two black holes. C. It's a ripple in the space-time structure. D. It's an effect caused by energy. 33. Why is the discovery by LIGO important? A. It proves Einstein's 1915 theory. B. The waves were hard to discover. C. The waves changed the universe. D. It reshapes the space-time structure. 34. What can we learn from the text? A. It took LIGO 4 months to confirm the discovery. B The framework for the universe can be changed C. One produces gravity because he sleeps heavily D. There are more than four forces in the universe. 35. What is the last paragraph mainly about? A. Astronomy calls for more attention. B. Never before has astronomy achieved much. C Astronomy is more about what we can hear in space. D.A better understanding of the universe is made possible.

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