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历年高考时态单选题 (2)

时态历年真题 15 年 26.In the last few years,China_____great achievements in environmental protection. A.has made B.had made C.was making D.is making

27—Did you have diffficulty fingding Ann’s house? —Not really.She_____us clear directions and we were able to find it easily. A.was to give B.had given C.was giving 30.—Dr. Jackson is not in his office at the moment. —All right. I____ him later. A. will call B. have called C. call D will be calling D.would give

14 年 22. ---Hi, let ’s go skating. --- Sorry, I’m busy right now. I _______ in an application form for a new job. A. fill B. have filled C. am filling D. will fill 31. --- What time is it? --- I have no idea. But just a minute, I ______ it for you. A. check B. checked C. will check D. would check 32. I found the lecture hard to follow because it _______ when I arrived. A. started B. was starting C. would start D. had started 13 年 25. --- Do you think Mom and Dad late? --- No, Swiss Air is usually on time. A. were B. will be C. would be D. have been 28. Hurry up! Mark and Carl us. A. expect B. are expecting C. have expected D. will expect 12 年 22. By the time you have finished this book, your meal ______ cold. A. gets B. has got C. will get D.is getting 25. George said that he would come to school to see me the next day, but he ______. A. wouldn’t B. didn’t C. hasn’t D. hadn’t 11 年 23.Tom in the library every night over the last three months. A. works B. worked C. has been working D. had been working 27. —That must have been a long trip. —Yeah, it us a whole week to get there. A. takes B. has taken C. took D. was taking 32. —Bob has gone to Califonia. —Oh, can you tell me when he ? A. has left B. left C. is leaving D. would leave

历年高考时态单选题 (2).doc
历年高考时态单选题 (2) - 时态历年真题 15 年 26.In the la
历年高考动词时态和语态真题及答案_从业资格考试_资格考试/认证_教育专区。高二...动词时态语态历年高考题 10页 免费 2006--2011动词时态与语... 15页 2下载...
动词时态语态复习(2) 语法知识精讲 2018 年高考命题预测 动词的时态和语态是历年高考的重点,是高考的必考点。应特别注意以下几点: 要把握各种时态的特点,注意易...
历年高考时态与语态高考试题 - 历年高考真题时态和语态 1. Did yo
动词时态语态历年高考题_理化生_高中教育_教育专区。教师用高中英语时态和语态...2.既考查时态又考查语态; 3.考查动词的及物与不及物; 4.考查主动形式...
动词时态语态历年高考题_高考_高中教育_教育专区。动词时态语态历年高考题 ...2.既考查时态又考查语态; 3.考查动词的及物与不及物; 4.考查主动形式...
高考英语一轮复习 语法专题 动词时态语态复习(2)(讲)新....doc
高考英语一轮复习 语法专题 动词时态语态复习(2)(讲)新人教版必修4 动词时态语态复习(2) 语法知识精讲 2017 年高考命题预测 动词的时态和语态是历年高考的重点,...
动词时态语态复习(2) 语法知识精讲 2018 年高考命题预测 动词的时态和语态是历年高考的重点,是高考的必考点。应特别注意以下几点: 要把握各种时态的特点,注意易...
高考英语一轮复习 语法专题 动词时态语态复习(2)(讲)新....doc
高考英语一轮复习 语法专题 动词时态语态复习(2)(讲)新人教版必修4 动词时态语态复习(2)语法知识精讲 2017 年高考命题预测 动词的时态和语态是历年高考的重点,...
...高考英语一轮复习 语法专题 动词时态语态复习(2)(讲....doc
动词时态语态复习(2) 语法知识精讲 2017 年高考命题预测 动词的时态和语态是历年高考的重点,是高考的必考点。应特别注意以下几点: 要把握各种时态的特点,注意易...
2018年高考英语一轮复习语法专题动词时态和语态2讲含解析新人教版必修 - 动词时态语态复习(2) 语法知识精讲 2018 年高考命题预测 动词的时态和语态是历年高考的...
历年高考动词时态和语态真题及答案_高考_高中教育_教育专区。2010-2012 动词时态...makes D. has made 2(2011 全国卷 I) 24.I wasn’t sure if he was ...
2017年高考英语一轮复习语法专题动词时态语态复习(2)(讲)新人教版必修4 - 动词时态语态复习(2) 语法知识精讲 2017 年高考命题预测 动词的时态和语态是历年高考...
2017年高考英语-动词的时态和语态-专题练习 (2).pdf
2017年高考英语-动词的时态和语态-专题练习 (2) - 初中高中中考高考,历年总复习,联考模拟考试期末考试,综合检测试卷题
历年高考有关时态的考题_英语_高中教育_教育专区。历年英语高考错题选编 ...A
英语动词时态历年高考题精选_英语_高中教育_教育专区。1. Now that s
2012届高考英语语法精品学案:专题9 动词的时态和语态 (2).doc
精品 动词的时态和语态一直是历年高考的必考点。 主要考查考生在特定语境下对...
(24题) 1(16题) 1(24 题) 3 2 2000 1(25题) 1(13 题) 1(20题) 3 考查比例较大的几点 现在完成时过去进行时状语从句的动词时态 历年高考题练习 1...
1 专题7 动词的时态和语态 2 一、命题特点 ◆ 动词的时态和语态是历年高考英语测试的重中之重,每年试 题一般不低于两道。 命题思路有三种: 一是直接给出标志...

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