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1 2 A:So 引导的倒装句的条件 ○肯定句。○不同的人或物 结构:so +be/助动词/情态动词+主语 Eg: I have been to Beijing. So have I .(so 译为“也、同样”) =Me,too 如果人或物相同就不倒装:结构:so +主语 + be/助动词/情态动词 Eg: He has been to Beijing. So he has. (so 译为“的确、真正”) 2 B: neither/nor:引导的倒装句的条件 ○否定句。○不同的人或物 引导的倒装句的条件 1 结构:Neither/nor +be/助动词/情态动词+主语 Eg: I have never been to Beijing. Neither/nor have I .(so 译为“也不、同样也不”)=Me,neither. 如果人或物相同就不倒装:结构: Neither/nor +主语 + be/助动词/情态动词 Eg: He has never been to Beijing. Neither/nor he has. (Neither/nor 译为“也没有、也不”)

C. Not only 放在句首时的倒装

Not only ... but also "链接两个句子时,“前倒后不倒”!即:Not only 部分倒装,but also 部分不倒装。 例如: Not only are you wrong but also he is wrong.

倒装句练习题 新目标初中阶段 so, neither 倒装句练习题
( ( )1 Mary never does any reading in the evening,__________ . A, so does John B, John does too C, John does not to D, nor does John )2 --Well, I do think the rabbit is a beautiful ,gentle animal which can run very fast. -- __________. A, So it is B, So is it C, So does it D, So it does )3 --Father ,you promised! --Well ,________.But it was you who did not keep your word first. A, so was I B, so did I C, so I was D, so I did )4 --I will never come to this restaurants again. The food is terrible ! -- _____________. A, Nor am I B, Neither will I C, Same with me D, So do I )5 If you don't go,neither __________. A. shall I B. do I C. I do D. I shall )6 --Your father is very strict with you. -- _________. He never lets off(放过) a single mistake of ours. A. So he is B. So is he C. He is so D. So does he )7 -- Thomas won the first prize in the competition. -- _______! A. So he did B. So did he C. So he did, too D. So had he )8 —In modern times,girls like beautiful clothes. -- Yes, ________ and_________. After all, our life has greatly improved. A. so do they, so do we B. so they do, so we do C. so do they, so we do D. so they do, so do we )9 --You have an English class every day except Sunday. --___________. A. So we have B. So we do C. So have we D. So do we


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)10 --I wonder if your wife will go to the ball. --If your wife ________,so ________ mine. A. does,will B. will,does C. will, would D. does,do )11 Her answer is not acceptable, and _____. A. neither am I B. either is mine C. neither is mine D. mine is neither )12 -David has made great progress recently. --_______, and _______. A.So he has ; so you have B.So he has ; so have you C.So has he ; so have D.So has he ; so you have )13 --I cannot see the picture well from here. -- ________. A. Neither can’t I B. Neither I can C. I can't neither D. Neither can I )14 She did not see Smith .________. A. Neither did I B.Nor didn’t I C. Neither I did D. So didn’t I )15 She’s passed the test.______ A, So am I. B. So have I C. So I have D. Also I have )16 -- You like football very much. --________. A. So do I. B. It is me. C. I do too. D. So I do.

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