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Degrees of Comparison比较级_图文

Gramma r

应用题: 1. 甲的长度为10米,乙的长度是甲的两倍,请 问乙的长度是多少米? 10×2=20(米) 2. 甲的重量为100千克,而乙是其四倍重,乙的 重量是多少千克? 100×4=400(千克)

Degrees of Comparison
比 较 级

Math Test
1. If object A is 10 meters long, and object B is twice as long as object A, how long is B? ①A+be+倍数+as+adj/adv+as+B 2. If object A is 100 kilograms, and object B is four times heavier , how heavy B? ②A+be+倍数+adj/adv比较级 +than+B

Make sentences about the comparative sizes of the pairs. Use the words in the brackets (task 2).

Winter in Harbin -20℃


Winter in Beijing -5℃

___________________________________________ Winter in Harbin is 4 times as cold as Beijing. ___________________________________________ =Winter in Beijing a times quarter as cold asBeijing. Harbin. Harbin is 4 colder than

Mount Tai

Mount Qomolangma




Mount Qomolangma is about 6 times as high ________________________________________ as Mount Tai. ________________________________________ =Mount Qomolangma is about 6 times higher ________________________________________ than Mount Tai. ________________________________________

A dog’s house

My uncle’s apartment

8 square meters

The area of the dog’s house is 8 ㎡. __________________________________________ The area of my uncle’s apartment is 80 ㎡. __________________________________________ In other words, my uncle’s house is _______________ 10 times the area of __________________________________________ __________________________________________ the dog’s house.

80 square meters



length coldness height size weight depth age width [w?θ] …

high/tall large heavy deep old/young wide …

Tom’s weight: 3 kg

Jerry’s weight: 0.25 kg

Tom is twelve times the weight of Jerry. __________________________________________ Try Again __________________________________________ Yangtze River is about 3 times the length of Songhua __________________________________________ River. __________________________________________ Winter in Harbin is 4 times the coldness of Beijing . __________________________________________ My aunt’s house is twice the size of my house. __________________________________________

Geography Test:
Earth Diameter(直径) 4 Mars 2 Moon 1

1. Mars is _____________ half as large as the earth. (large)

2. Earth is _______________ four times longer than the moon
in diameter. (long)

3. The earth is 49 _______ times the size of the moon.

① 倍数(half, once, twice, …times) +as+形容词+as

②倍数+形容词比较级+than …

③倍数+the (size, height, length, weight, width, depth, age) +of …

1. What happened to Jerry after drinking the milk? _________________________________________ Jerry became stronger and stronger. 2. How to describe Tom’s feelings? _________________________________________ The more angry Jerry was, the more frightened _________________________________________ Tom became.

1. Jerry became stronger and stronger.

(1) “比较级+and+比较级”表示“越来 越……”

风车车越来越壮。 ____________________________________________
2. The more angry Jerry was, the more frightened Tom became.

风车车越生气,假老练越害怕。 ____________________________________________
(2) “the + 比较级(+主语+谓语),the +比较 级+ (主语+谓语)” 表示“越…,就越……”

Use the words below to write sentences as in the example(Task 2 on page 47).

1. hot metal/ get/ big
The hot metal is getting bigger and bigger.

2. magnesium/ get/ hot
The magnesium is getting hotter and hotter. 3. sun/ get/ strong during the morning The sun is getting stronger and stronger during the morning.

4. sea/ become/warm
The sea is becoming warmer and warmer.

Complete the passage.
In the National Day holidays, I went back to my hometown to see my uncle. He was very amused to see taller and taller (tall) . I me and said I was growing ______________ was amazed to see that my hometown was getting more and more attractive ________________________(attract) and the farmers were richer ______________ and richer(rich) . Seeing my astonished look, my uncle smiled and said ,“The more money you make , _______ the more you spend” (much). After lunch, I decided to return. My uncle asked me to come to him a bit closer and added , “The harder you work at your lessons, _________ the better (well) you will do in them.”

1. 表示 “更…, …得多”:much, far, a great deal,
any, still, even, a lot, by far等。 ①This book is much better than that one. ②Hearing the praise, the children worked even harder. 2. 表示“有点儿”:a bit, a little,any(疑问否定句) ③It is a little colder today than yesterday. ④We can’t walk any further.

①not as/so …as = 甲不如乙 ②not more…than no more…than 两者都不…

e.g.: 1.Winter in Beijing is not as cold as in Harbin.
=Winter in Beijing is not colder than in Harbin.

2. Moon in the West is no more round than the

one at home.
3. It snows less often in Beijing than in Harbin.

Pair work:Underline the correct expression.
Example: Math is rather/much easier than English.

1.This metal is very more/a bit heavier than steel. 2.Lead is a lot/lots heavier than steel. 3.This chemistry experiment is rather/any complicated. 4.It is a little/lots longer than before.

1.The sooner you give up smoking, the good you will be. better 2. This story is interesting than that one. ∧ more 3. My pen is the more expensive of all the pens. most 4. Her English is gooder than Lily. better 5. Jerry was much more stronger than before.

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