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According to BT’s futurologist, Ian Pearson, these are among the developments scheduled for the first few decades of the new millennium(a period of 1,000 years), when supercomputers will dramatically accelerate progress in all areas of life. Pearson has __1__ together to work of hundreds of researchers around the world to produce a __2__ millennium technology calendar that gives the latest dates when we can expect hundreds of key __3__ and discoveries to take place. Some of the biggest developments will be in medicine, including an __4__ life expectancy and dozens of artificial organs __5__ into use between now and 2040. 1.[A]taken [B]pieced [C]kept [D]made 2.[A]complicated [B]delicate [C]subtle [D]unique 3.[A]breakthroughs [B]findings [C]events [D]incidents 4.[A]expanded [B]extended [C]enlarged [D]enriched 5.[A]being [B]becoming [C]carrying [D]coming Pearson also __6__ a breakthrough in computer human links. "By linking __7__ to our nervous system, computers could pick up __8__ we feel and, hopefully, simulate __9__ too so that we can start to __10__ full sensory environments, rather like the holidays in Total Recall or the Star Trek holodeck," he says. 6.[A]schedules [B]plans [C]predicts [D]designs 7.[A]directly [B]instantly [C]precisely [D]automatically 8.[A]that [B]how [C]what [D]all 9.[A]thinking [B]hearing [C]sight [D]feeling 10.[A]form [B]develop [C]find [D]undertake But that, Pearson points __11__, is only the start of man-machine __12__:"It will be the beginning of the long process of integration that will __13__ lead to a fully electronic human before the end of the next century."__14__ his research, Pearson is able to put dates to most of the breakthroughs that can be predicted. However, there are still no __15__ for when faster-than-light travel will be __16__, or when human cloning will be perfected, or when time travel will be possible. 11.[A]out [B]at [C]to [D]toward 12.[A]program [B]production [C]experiment [D]integration 13.[A]finally [B]ultimately [C]utterly [D]absolutely 14.[A]Through [B]Though [C]During [D]By 15.[A]forecasts [B]articles [C]stories [D]meetings 16.[A]advisable [B]affordable [C]available [D]valuable But he does __17__ social problems as a result of technological advances. A boom in neighborhood surveillance cameras will, for example, __18__ problems in 2010, while the arrival of synthetic __19__ robots will mean people may not be able to __20__ between their human friends and the droids. And home appliances will also become so smart that controlling and operating them will result in the breakout of a new psychological disorder-kitchen rage. 17.[A]solve [B]arose [C]exercise [D]expect 18.[A]confront [B]cause [C]witness [D]collect 19.[A]lovely [B]likely [C]lifelike [D]lively 20.[A]distinguish [B]differ [C]diagnose [D]deviate 答案: 1.B piece together 拼凑,结合 2.D complicated 复杂的;delicate 精致的,脆弱的;subtle 狡猾的,敏感的;unique 唯一的,独特的

3.A breakthrough 突破;finding 发现;event 事件;incident 事件,事变 4.B expanded 膨胀的,扩张的;extended 伸出的,延长的;enlarged 放大的,扩大的;enriched 浓缩的, 强化的;extend life expectance 延长寿命。 5.D come into use 开始投入使用 6.C schedule 确定时间;plan 计划;predict 预测;design 设计 7.A directly 直接地;instantly 立即;precisely 精确地;automatically 自动地 8.C 9.D 根据上文 what we feel,以及下文 full sensory environments,可知 D 符合文意。 10.B 11.A point to 和 point at 都是“指向”的意思,point out 指出,提出 12.D integration 综合,集成,此处指人机一体化 13.B finally 表示久等之后,有时表示在一系列因素的最后一个,eg:After putting it off three times,we finally managed to have a holiday in Greece. ultimately 指最后,终于,基本上,即达到最高界线。eg:Ultimately people rely on science to gain an understanding of biological phenomena. 14.A through 为连词,后应接句子;during 表示过程;by 表示方式、手段或借助某种工具。 15.A forecast 先见,预测 16.C available 可利用的,可行的 17.D 注意主语是人,不选 arose 18.B 19.C lovely 可爱的,有趣的;likely 可能的;lifelike 逼真的;lively 活泼的 20.A distinguish between;differ from;diagnose 诊断;deviate from 背离

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