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2012~2013 学年第一学期调研试卷 答案卷
一、 听力原文及答案 A) 回答问题 1. M: I can’t decide whether to buy a new car or an old one . W: If you buy an old car , it will probably cost you a lot of money in the end . 2. W: How will you go to Shanghai ? M: I prefer taking a train to taking a bus . 3. W: What do you think of Kitty ? M: She loves her home and family and likes to take care of others . 4. W: What beautiful sunshine we have today ! M: Right . It’s wonderful , isn’t it ? 5. W: New Year’s Day is coming next week . What gift shall we buy for our parents ? M: Let’s make a New Year’s Day card and write down our best wishes on it . 6. W: Do you like your new house ? M: It’s nice to have enough place for all my things . But I miss my friends , neighbours and the beautiful view. 7. W: What time is it now ? M: It’s twenty-five past seven . The witness will arrive in five minutes . 8. W: I heard that your new bike was stolen . M: Mine wasn’t but Peter’s . 9. W: Hi , Tony . I didn’t see you at Jack’s party the other day . M: I got a bad cold and had to stay in bed . 10. W: I like history better than Chinese . How about you ? M: l like neither . My favourite is music. 1—5 AA C B A 6—10 C B C B B B) 对话: 对话一 W: Can I help you ? M: Yes , please . I am looking for a raincoat . W: What size do you want ? M: Small . W: And what colour ? We have three colours at the moment , yellow , blue and red . M: Yellow , please . W: OK, let’s see… a small yellow raincoat . Here you are . M: Thanks. 对话二 W: May I speak to Mr. Green ? M: I’m sorry . He isn’t here right now . He is having a meeting . W: I see . Will he be back to office soon ?

M: He won’t be back until this afternoon . May I ask who’s calling ? W: This is Mary Green . M: Do you want to leave a message ? W: No , thanks . I’ll call him again when he comes back . 11—15 B C C C B C)短文理解 George Dawson wrote a book called Life is So Good . The book is full of stories from George’s life . He wrote it in nineteen ninety-eight when he was one hundred years old. The most amazing part is that George learnt to read just two years before he wrote the book . When he was eight , his father sent him to work . Life was hard for the poor American family . Food became more important than school . When George was ninety-eight , he heard about adult classes near his home . He still had a dream that he would lean to read . He went to class . His teacher helped him , and in two years he wrote the book . 15—20 B C A C C 笔试部分 一、 单选 1-5 B B B A B 6-10 C A A B B 7-15 C A A A C 16-20 B A D A D 二、完形填空 21—25 ADDB C 26—30 CCBBB 三、阅读理解 31—35 C BAB D 36—40 C A B D C 41—45 DDADC 四、单词填空 1. decision 2. sadness 3. difficulty 4. available 5. dentist’s 6. serious 7. diary 8. active 9. humorous 10. free 五、句子翻译 1. She will keep calling us when she is in a bad mood . 2. The little boy was patient enough to wait for us for 2 hours . 3. The song always reminds me of my English teacher . 4. What makes him different from other students ? 5. Children should be educated to share their toys with each other . 六、书面表达 Dear Tom , How are you recently ? Now I’ll tell you about my English teacher Mr. Lee. Mr. Lee is forty years old . He lives a happy life . He’s outgoing and gets on well with us students . He is good at teaching , he makes his class very interesting . After class , he often helps us with our English . He never smokes . He is good at sports , especially playing chess . Most of my classmates like him . We think he is not only a good teacher , but also a good friend . I’m looking forward to hearing from you . Yours. Li Ming

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